How Do You Get Over the Feeling of Emptiness After Reaching Your Goals?

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Set a goal! Set a goal! Set a goal! If business had an alphabet, these two words would probably be the letter A. You would expect to feel like a rockstar when you did what you decided to do, right? If crossing the finish line makes you feel like someone is missing your dog, is it your problem?
Actually not. Why does success drive you into an emotional void?
Psychologically, setting a goal gives us a strong sense of direction and order; we can feel good as we satisfy the urge to do something and check the steps to move forward.

So what happens when you realize that the goal you’ve worked so hard for so long for is suddenly left behind? All links are lost. We cannot define ourselves as we did before. All of a sudden there is a huge void of time that we don’t know how to fill.
5 ways to start over and avoid future boredom:

1) Deal with multiple jobs.

There is a saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” (put all your resources in the same business). This is often associated with money and investment, but it also applies to our goals. If you have other things to work on at the same time, when you complete a project or goal, you can shift gears and refocus instead of sitting idle.

2) Make a sequence.

If you can’t invest time or logistics in more than one project at a time, create a logical sequence. You will learn to mentally associate the end of the first project with the beginning of the next. So when you complete the initial project, you feel like you’ve passed a milestone, rather than feeling that something is completely over. Gather information or material as quickly as you can to transition between projects as quickly as possible.

3) Stop, think and reflect.

Sometimes when you’ve finished something big and you really have no other goals, you may wonder if you’ve reached the top or if it’s worth your time. Look back and look at what you learned and how you grew. Next, take your progress and your learning list and make way to apply it to your new knowledge and skills. As with the ranking above, the idea is to clarify that there is a link from the past to the future.

4) Take time for yourself to find yourself.

Yes, your target was a part of you. But it’s only a part of you. If you were overly focused on the goal, you could probably reach other parts of yourself as well. Think about the principles you believe in, think about what you would do if you didn’t have to work again or if you were too excited.

5) Become a mentor.

Productivity is a psychological idea where you can tell someone what you’ve learned. When you pass it on to others, they can be just as successful as you. When you consult with someone who is chasing a great goal by sharing your experiences, you will easily feel that the work you do is permanent and effective.

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