A 21-Point Life Lesson Written by a 50-Year-Old Man on His Birthday

Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas

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“Every day I realize how stupid I am. It’s normal to be stupid. But when I was 18, I thought I was a genius. Now I realize that I am a complete idiot.”

1) “Experience is more valuable than any material possessions.”

Experience opens new doors for many good things, especially money.

2) “The most important career choice you will make in your life is your choice of spouse.”

3) “There are three abilities associated with money: earning, holding and growing it. All three of these are very different abilities.”

Controlling your financial situation is more difficult than you think.

4) “Having a child is a terrible thing. But having children is a wonderful thing.”

5) “Leaving aside all the scientific studies on this subject, I can say that eight hours of sleep is very important.”

No matter what anyone says. Getting enough sleep is very important!

6) “Be mindful of what you eat and drink, and cut your portions a little smaller each year. As you get older, no matter how much you do sports, it doesn’t help.”

7) “Make an effort not to care what people think of you. It is still very difficult for me, but I am learning.”

It is impossible to be perfect. Everyone’s perfect criteria are different. The best thing you can do is be the best version of yourself.

8) “Imagine everyone you come in contact with as if they were your own child and would die tomorrow. So you learn to listen and be kind.”

9) “Anger is not actually a real feeling; It is fear that creates it. Before you get angry, think about what frightens you.”

He is the one who can face his fears and control his anger.

10) “Make radical changes in your life every five years. Otherwise, life can be pretty boring.”

11) “Allocate a certain amount of time to your creativity every day. Creativity is like a muscle and you need to develop it.”

Creativity is not just for your business, it is a need of your soul.

12) “Conditions such as gratitude and complaining/blaming cannot exist in a person at the same time. Choose which one you want to reflect.”

13) “Reading makes it possible for you to learn more than you can fit into one life. Read a lot.”

Books are the legacy left by the past centuries to the world. Read…

14) “List the 25 things you most want to do in life and single out the 5 that are most important to you. Then throw away the remaining 20 and forget about it; because they only confuse you.”

15) “Success is 99% work and 1% talent. If talent is the driving force, work is the fuel.”

Don’t expect anything to change before you start.

16) “Watch comedy often; even watch it every day if you can. Because laughter has the power to heal diseases.”

17) “Isaac Newton invented calculus; but he also believed in alchemy. You can’t be smart and successful without doing lots of stupid things.”

Mistakes and failures are steps to success.

18) “Know how to let it flow. Don’t try to solve all your problems today.”

19) “The less things you own, the less things own you.”

And you will be so happy… Spend money on experiences rather than on objects.

20) “When you meet people you know hate you, look at them, shake their hands, and respond with a genuine smile.”

21) “Being rude never gains anything. Try to understand those around you and tell them that they can achieve whatever they want.”

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