Wellness: Reaching a State of Complete Wellness

If we need to define wellness briefly, we can define it as “flexibility”. This term is Dr. It is used in the book “High Level of Wellness” written in 1961 by a doctor named Halbert Dunn. Dunn believes that flexibility can be developed both physically and psychologically. Let’s see what wellness is together.

What is Wellness?


Everyone has a different priority in their life. Some people connect their lives to their work, some to their family or something else. This differs according to the individual’s own choices. Wellness begins with acknowledging the existence of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. After accepting the existence of such a life, it is a process that starts with choosing your preferences in order to live this life. It is the desire to live a healthy life by positioning your existence on happiness and success.

“Wellness” is not just not being sick and weak, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” – World Health Organization

According to worldwide studies, the most common health problem worldwide is depression. Stress, unhealthy and malnutrition, obesity, heart diseases and insomnia are the leading symptoms of depression.

Your appearance and age don’t matter. Wellness determines how you interact with those around you, your success at work and how you are seen by others.

Wellness Principles

1) Balance


Nobody’s life is ordinary and ordinary. The life that goes on around the person against his will is in a constant change. For example, which of us would like a pandemic to have such a long-term impact on our lives? We must be prepared for the innovations that life will bring us at every moment. Adhering to a single order results in long-term unhappiness. Therefore, we should always keep the adaptation period short by being ready for innovation.

2) Integrity


Life is not one dimensional. There are many dimensions that we are aware of and that we are not aware of yet. These dimensions are highly interrelated. There is definitely an interaction between each of them. You need to define yourself as a whole and be aware of your personality. In order to live your life happily, you must take care to live to the fullest and embrace your integrity.

3) Self Awareness

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Individuals who have adopted wellness do not shy away from taking responsibility because they define good health and happiness as their life goal. They make their own decisions and do not allow others to have a say in their lives. While making their own decisions, they act by considering the consequences. Therefore, they consider their causes and consequences before each action.

4) Positive and Proactive


The philosophy of wellness is to be happy. A positive perspective is essential for happiness. Isn’t life too short to see the bad side of everything? Maintaining our short life with a positive perspective allows you to live that life more happily and efficiently. But in doing so, you must have a purpose. To this end, you must act with conscious and determined actions. How important is it to take steps for happiness.

Types of Wellness


Wellness is not a one-sided thing. It is a philosophy in which many dimensions are carried out together. Wellness types with a wide range of activities include:

1) Physical Wellness

Having a healthy body keeps us one step ahead in every aspect of life. It helps you be more productive in your working life. At the same time, a healthy body leads to a healthy relationship. We all know very well what needs to be done to stay healthy. But let us remind you, what needs to be done in order to have a healthy body:

  • do regular exercise
  • Maintaining an ideal weight
  • sleep productively
  • avoiding harmful substances
  • Eating healthy and regular

What needs to be done to have a healthy body is also what is needed for physical wellness.

2) Emotional Wellness

Do you think you know yourself? Are you aware of exactly how you feel and your limits? Within the scope of emotional wellness, you need to know yourself fully. You must be aware of your limits and emotional stability. In short, we can say that emotional wellness is responsible for your own personal behavior.

People who are emotionally self-aware and can express their feelings comfortably are open to development. Individuals who are open to development are those who can communicate well with their environment. Communication between these people is based on trust, honesty and respect.

3) Environmental Wellness

In order to be a healthy individual, the more important our personal preferences are, the more important are the environmental factors. Clean air, a safe environment are two indispensable factors for a healthy life. In addition to these factors, quality food, healthy relationships, and good housing conditions are also essential for a healthy life. Environmental wellness includes all these requirements.

4) Intellectual Wellness

Just as physical development is important for a healthy life, intellectual development is just as important. Learning something new supports your intellectual development. Intellectual wellness shows that you want to learn more and take new steps in this direction at the point where you can apply the new information you have learned to your life.

5) Social Wellness

Humans are social beings. Social wellness is the ability to establish healthy communication between individuals. In order to have a healthy environment, we should take care to establish healthy communication with the people around us. Each new individual supports a different development. New information is the pioneer of intellectual accumulation.

6) Spiritual Wellness

The life we live is not one-dimensional, as we have said before. It also has a spiritual dimension. Spiritual wellness is the search for the meaning and purpose of life, trying to balance the life we live in ourselves with the worldly life. Finding inner peace is one of the most important factors for living a healthy life.

Religious beliefs of individuals occupy a large place in their inner world. In order to live these beliefs, they need a free environment. This environment of freedom is very important for a person to live himself.

7) Professional Wellness

Starting a business life is a very difficult process for many people. Jumping into obscurity and intense tempo is quite a difficult transition. If the individual steps into a business life that he enjoys, he can maintain a healthy work pace. Working life is not a one-sided life. Having a healthy communication with the people you work with is indispensable for a healthy and happy life.

Relationship between Wellness and Business Life


Wellness starts with adopting a healthy and fulfilling life. In order to live this life, we need to reflect some things at different points in our lives. In order to reflect wellness to your business life, the items you need to apply are as follows:

1) Determine your main goals in your business life.

What position do you want to reach in your business life? You should plan ahead for the location you want to reach. If you set a goal for yourself, working in this direction will motivate you a lot. It will help you lead a happier life.

2) Take care to establish healthy communication with your working partners.

The hours you will spend at work are much more than the hours you will spend awake at home. In fact, sometimes you may be exposed to your colleagues more than your family. The better your relationship with your colleagues, the better the hours you spend in your business life.

3) Try to enjoy the field you work in/ Work in the field you enjoy.

If a person enjoys his work, he will work more efficiently. It also leads to a happier life.

4) Strike the balance between your personal life and your work life.

You have to find the right balance between the two most intense parts of your life.

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