4 Things to Think About When You Can’t Keep Up With Everything

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There is always a rush and panic at work, at home, on vacation, while going somewhere, doing something… Every day, we hear or say the sentences “This work will not end, this will not happen, it will not arrive on time” . Worry about not being able to grow things spreads fast. This anxiety, which takes control in a short time, negatively affects the quality of life. Some experts call this situation as concentration disorder, some as workaholism, and some as hyperactivity. Now let’s examine the way of thinking we should adopt at such moments in a few items.

1) Do we have to keep up with everything?

In fact, we create such an obligation ourselves. Because the work we all want to do daily, the situations we are responsible for, maybe many things we enjoy doing. When we try to do it all, we begin to feel regret for not being able to do anything properly. At the same time, we can attribute to this why the occupations that bring pleasure to others turn into inner restlessness in you.
A person wants to do many jobs and tasks, but when he starts a job, something else immediately comes to mind and he thinks that it should be completed as well. This makes it difficult to plan. These people experience disorganization, restlessness, and leaving the work they have started unfinished. The increase in distraction increases with the use of visual aids.
The person needs to gather his mind and focus on what he has to do. In this respect, a goal should be set, such as finishing the work that he started. In situations where you have to undertake too much work in your daily and business life, you cannot say no or you want to show yourself competent in every field, the conditions you put yourself into can make your life unbearable and lead to a blockage in terms of productivity. At this point, consider that you don’t have to keep up with every job and you shouldn’t take on more responsibility than necessary.

2) Why not tear ourselves apart?

There may also be things that many of us do not want to do. It may even seem like it’s an obstacle to our way of life. It is necessary to determine the right time while doing these tasks that we do not like but bring responsibility. Avoid hypothetical work! Wait for the appropriate time while completing the tasks you have to do. If you try to squeeze in other works while completing the works you enjoy doing, it may turn into an anxiety and fear of not being able to complete your work at a time when you want to keep up with everything.
If it were possible for us to be divided into parts, we could really experience the great pleasure of having done many things at the same time, but by spreading them over time. For example, you have three tasks that you will do as a daily routine and that you feel obliged to do. Is it possible to reach them at the same time from one hand? Or is it possible to do it at different times in varying degrees until the day is complete?
You should have already given the answer. Because the anxiety of not being able to complete these jobs we live in often stems from trying to do the jobs we have to do in one hand and at the same time, not at different times. In addition, if you do the things that you enjoy doing and that you have to do even if you don’t like it, you will not have spent the whole day happy or unhappy.

3) It is not possible to show full proficiency in every field.

If you are someone who is happy to help people and you are worried about catching up with everyone, sooner or later you will realize how difficult it is to reach and help everyone. Because nobody is perfect. Nobody has superpowers. That’s why, instead of showing proficiency in every field, you often need to focus on jobs where you can fully devote yourself. Doing certain jobs fully instead of doing many things half-heartedly makes you both a more productive employee and a happier person. Unfortunately, we can’t be great in every area, no matter how much we want to.

4) Every different activity is not a waste of time.

Perfectionists never accept incompleteness. They value every minute to do their job well. They feel guilty if they take a little break.
People who feel guilty when they take a break are often lonely because they do not fulfill even their most human needs such as sleep, food, conversation, entertainment and rest. They seem crowded around them, but they are alone in their inner world because they do not spare time for real friendships. They even distance themselves from their own families.
The feeling of forgetting something makes them anxious. They perceive every activity done to listen to their head as a waste of time. For those who say that I am not a perfectionist, but sometimes they think like that, unfortunately, they both come to the same point. Neglecting to enjoy life, seeing activities that make you happy as a waste of time and missing the beauties of life make you an unhappy person, even if it seems like it makes you professionally successful.

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