Why is hemp grown? In Which Fields Is It Used?

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Hemp is the plant that everyone knows is mostly used for pleasure. Until the former US President Nixon , hemp was easily used in almost every sector. So much so that until this period, agriculture was also encouraged; Otherwise, severe penalties were applied. But as you know, medicine and various other sectors were not the only uses of cannabis. At the same time, this plant, which is one of the most common drugs in the world, could not get rid of the prohibitions. Why is hemp grown together and what are its uses? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to your question.

Why Was Marijuana Banned?

Richard Nixon

It was a preferred raw material for many sectors due to its rapid growth and low cost. Moreover, due to its rapid dissolution in nature, it did not harm nature. But it also began to disrupt the income sources of some wealthy people:

  • Media mogul WR Hearst owned a forest where he used to produce paper.
  • Rockefeller’s oil company was in danger from biofuels.
  • Andrew Mellon was the patent owner of plastic made from petroleum. Cannabis was disrupting his business, too.

These wealthy men used their power to make cannabis a boogeyman in the eyes of the people. The decisions they made in line with their own gains increased the use of today’s petroleum-based products. Its use continued, albeit diminished, until the Nixon era. It was not a crime to use it especially for pleasure and it was consumed quite a lot.
The use of cannabis was his only leverage against blacks and the anti-war left groups (the generation we know as the Flower Boys). Nixon was intent on using this as propaganda: the fight against drugs.

In 1972, he set up the Shafer commission of scientists for the purpose of prohibition. But things did not turn out as Nixon expected. When the commission stated that it was not harmful enough to be banned, Nixon ignored the commission. It was evaluated in the first degree banned drug category. Today, black market sales have started to become legal in most countries in order to avoid taxation and gang fights involved in the sale.

What Exactly Is Cannabis?


Cannabis (Cannabis Indica), which is used as a pleasure, has a high THC content. The cannabis used today is a hybrid of sativa and indica species. Its height does not exceed two meters and its flowers are used for its psychoactive effects. Its production and use is prohibited in our country.

Cannabis Sativa Legaris, known as Hemp, is an industrially used cannabis strain. Unlike Cannabis Indica, which is known as marijuana, it is quite low in THC. Therefore, it cannot be used as a pleasure. Therefore, it does not pose a problem in industrial use. The stem, fiber, and seed of this plant, which reaches up to five meters in height, have been used quite a lot. So how?

What Are the Uses of Cannabis?

cannabis uses

1) Paint and Ink

Inks and dyes obtained from its seeds are very cheap compared to chemical ingredients. It is also a solid source of raw materials for manufacturers because it does not have toxic content and is inexpensive.

2) Fuel

The oil obtained from its seeds has another use. Although it is not yet made in our country, hemp is one of the first preferred plants in bio-diesel production.

3) Paper

The paper we use everywhere, every day, can also be produced from hemp. The paper on which the American Declaration of Independence was signed was also made from hemp fibers.

4) Plastic

Plastic, which we are familiar with from petroleum, can also be obtained from plants. It is quite possible to recycle plastic made from hemp.

5) Cosmetics

The oil obtained from the seeds of hemp is also used in the field of cosmetics. It is especially preferred for products such as hemp and nail polish, which are used in skin care products.

6) Medicine

The CBD substance used in the pharmaceutical industry is obtained from hemp. In our country, THC-containing drugs derived from cannabis are prohibited.

7) Flour

It is used as an alternative to wheat flour, which is especially avoided by celiac patients.

8) Oxygen

Oxygen production, one of the most important elements of life, is also quite high in hemp. The oxygen produced by the twenty-five-acre forest can also be obtained from one acre of hemp.

9) Textile Products

The fabric produced from hemp fibers and stems is known to be quite durable. It is preferred in the textile industry due to its flexibility and durability. Besides the fabrics of our daily clothes such as T-shirts; It is also noteworthy that it is used in shoes and sailing.

10) Cheese

Soy-derived tofu cheese can also be made from hemp. As a matter of fact, hemp can be obtained cheaper than soy.

11) Animal Feed

When used as animal feed, there is no need for hormone supplementation thanks to the oils and protein it contains. Its seeds are known to be preferred by many poultry.

12) Shampoo

Shampoos made from hemp do not pollute the water and nourish the hair with the oils they contain.

As with everything in excess, it is not as clean as our mother’s white milk. Types with high THC content have some disadvantages in long-term use.
It has been observed that it can increase their discomfort in people struggling with anxiety and depression. When used together with tobacco, it causes lung cancer.
Cannabis production and consumption is illegal within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

What is Recycling?

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