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Mileva Einstein: Albert Einstein Wife and a Physicist Overshadowed by His Wife

Mileva Einstein Maric and Albert Einstein met at Zurich Polytechnic and got married while working in the Patent office. As Albert Einstein formulated his theories and gained worldwide r...

22 September
The Story of Afife Teyze, who traveled the world despite all obstacles and devoted herself to books

“Never give up. Remember, the last key on the keychain is always the key that opens the door.” —Paulo Coelho To be positive, to set goals, to never give up… I will tell ...

22 September
A Short Summary: The Place and Importance of May 1 in History

In many parts of the world, including Turkey, May 1 is celebrated as Workers’ and Workers’ Day. Celebrated with enthusiasm and joy by emphasizing once again the importance o...

22 September
Analyzing a Scientist by His Habits: Einstein

We know that scientists, whom we call the smartest in the world, have all kinds of habits and obsessions. For example, interesting habits such as Tesla’s obsession with dirty surf...

21 September