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8 Movements That Can Get Your Body In Shape In A Short Time By Taking 10 Minutes Every Day

I have brought together 8 different exercises that you can do not only while preparing for the summer, but also when you feel tired. You can spread your movements over 6 days a week. Ha...

22 September
6 Reasons Intelligent People Aren’t Happy

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I find.” -Ernest Hemingway When everything is going perfectly in our lives, we can suddenly feel lonely, sad and helpless. We ca...

21 September
Hemingway, the Author of the World’s Shortest Story, Which Has Only 6 Words

Ernest Hemingway, who stands out with his simple writing technique, is a writer, researcher and journalist. According to a memoir, Hemingway makes a claim while having lunch with his fr...

06 February
5 Effective Tips for Those Who Say ‘I Do Not Remember the Book I Read’

They say reading a book is a gateway to different worlds. Understanding these worlds, which are not limited to the number of pages and that cannot be selected according to the covers, m...

04 January