15 Inspirational Quotes From Umberto Eco For Those Who Want To Write Their Own Story

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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Umberto Eco, who made his name known in historiography; scientist, writer, critic and thinker. The author, who brought us together with the magic of the Middle Ages with his novel The Name of the Rose, has recently passed away. His words left to us will be the brightest illuminators of the dark path, as he wishes.
1) “ You have to tell stories to survive.”
2) “I believe the world is a mysterious reality, I think our attempts to interpret the world are harmless.”
3) “True heroes are those who unintentionally become heroes. They think they are cowards like everyone else.”
4) “Learning is not just about knowing what we should or can do. It is also knowing what we can and should do.”

5) “Love is wiser than wisdom.”

6) “The fact that more and more people today have the opportunity to see a huge amount of books is cause for optimism.”
7) “Some things are felt by the heart. Let your heart speak; question faces, don’t listen to tongues.”
8) “You will never feel cold in the lap of your library. In any case, you are safe from the freezing dangers of ignorance.
9) “Any information becomes meaningful the moment it connects to another.”
10) “Nothing gives a fearless person more courage than the fear of others.”
11) “I think the power of literature is that a text can produce different readings without ever being completely exhausted.”
12) “We live for books. It’s a nice mission in a world of chaos and corruption.”
13) “There comes a time when something breaks inside a person; neither energy nor desire remains.”
14) “The problem with my life is that I always confuse what I see with what I want to see.”
15) “ Truth is an indivisible whole; it shines brightly in its own transparency and does not allow itself to be diminished by our interests or our shame.”

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