15 Quotes About The Perspective of Leonardo Da Vinci, The Genius of Science and Art

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Edanaz Aksoy

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Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most influential names of the Renaissance period, has been active in the field of science and art and has shaped the history of humanity with his works. Painter, philosopher, architect, engineer, inventor, sculptor, and writer of the Italian Renaissance.
Working in different fields sometimes forced him to gain a different perspective in the field of art. His struggles in life have brought him step by step closer to being the best at what he does.

1) Those who do not value life do not deserve it.

2) Nothing can be loved without being recognized. And nothing can be hated without knowing it.

3) As I began to understand how I should live, I saw how I was dying.

4) As one’s knowledge increases, so does his love.

5) Approach life with an insatiable curiosity and constantly seek to learn without interruption.

6) Obstacles cannot stop me, each obstacle strengthens my determination.

7) One day, the killing of animals will be viewed as killing people.

8) Science and art; Develop a balance between logic and imagination.

9) Be willing to embrace uncertainty, inconsistency, contradiction, and indecision.

10) Love arises from knowledge. The deeper we know, the more we love.

11) Courage risks life, fear protects.

12) If you call a painting ‘dumb poetry’, the painter calls poetry ‘blind painting’. Tell me, which is a worse apology; being dumb or being blind?

13) Stupidity is the shield of shame, and unwillingness is the shield of glorified abstinence.

14) The land lords will eat those who plow their land.

15) Every bad thing, except death, leaves a sadness behind; death is the one who destroys this sorrow with life.

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