10 Chess Quotes from Garri Kasparov Reflecting Human Nature in Chess

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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Gary Kasparov is a famous chess master who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, who achieved great success at a young age. Kasparov, who made a lot of talk about himself in the matches he played with his opponents, was also at the forefront with his thoughts.
For the first time, he played and beat chess with artificial intelligence. Later, the return matches were held and some claims were made about these matches. We have compiled quotes about chess and life from this master, who never gave up for success and continued tirelessly despite starting this business at a young age.

1) Ultimately, at the grandmaster level, it is the will to do the unthinkable that separates the winner from the loser. A brilliant strategy is a product of intelligence, but intelligence is not enough without boldness. If given the opportunity, I must have the courage to explode the game, to disrupt the game and nerves of my opponent. Here’s the thing: You can’t be successful with classical methods. If your opponent can predict the moves you will make, you will not get results, your strategy will not work.
2) Being able to work for days without losing attention is a skill. Being able to acquire new knowledge through long studies is a skill.
3) Making intuition applicable to the board and using it skillfully is an important factor that cannot be measured with analysis or a device.
4) Chess is mental torture.
5) You cannot disturb the neighbors while your house is on fire. Or as we say in chess, if your king is under attack, you don’t have to worry about losing a pawn on the queen’s side.
6) The best chess masters of all ages were closely associated with the values of the society in which they lived and worked. All changes in a cultural, political and psychological background were reflected in the style and ideas of his plays.
7) Winning is not a secret for the few, it is something we can learn by working harder, studying the environment, and preparing ourselves for whatever challenge lies ahead.
8) The chess player’s most efficient tactic is to not let your opponent show you what he can do.
9) What I see – both within myself and in my competitors – is how satisfaction can lead to a lack of carelessness, mistakes and missed opportunities later on.
10) If you want to be successful, you must encourage the risk of failure.

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