Isolation at Work May Be More Dangerous Than Loneliness

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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Feeling forgotten or excluded may not make you feel safe where you are. This insecurity can also become a complex over time. According to the CIGNA (Global Health Service Organization) Loneliness Index Research, people who work remotely or do individual work are more isolated, which affects their occupational health and living standards.
It is observed that the feeling of loneliness for people who work far from a certain segment is interpreted as the ability to make decisions on their own. Although the person can make individual decisions about their work, not interacting with people can have a negative impact on productive development.
It is difficult to say that social media is also a cure for loneliness. Although virtual work environments are created to reduce loneliness during work, it cannot provide the expected motivation because there is no physical interaction. Although interaction and communication are provided from the virtual environment, it is observed that in an environment where mutual relations take place, it is not as comfortable to act and communicate as in the virtual environment.
In Maslow’s Theory of Needs, a person cannot stay away from the third-level need for belonging and love. Because this means staying away from love and the opportunities it creates for people. As Maslow also mentions, human is an entity that is open to interaction. It can be said that most of the steps in the theory of needs of the employee in an office with a workforce are likely to be met.

What Do We Isolate?

Shares of people who interact physically are different compared to the virtual environment. The questions posed by people who see each other are aimed at examining. As a result of these interactions, a door of opportunity can be opened.
For remote workers, achieving this situation will not be easy, especially in the virtual environment. As a solution suggestion, Skype conversations can make virtual communication more powerful.

“The workplace is a high-performance business tool to connect people and quickly capture and develop new ideas that will keep companies going for a long time.” – Bob Fox

Although the differences in the way of working provide advantages or disadvantages, it should not be forgotten that unity is strength. Even if we work individually, being together with other ideas and people is a great source of motivation .

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