15 Quotes From Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist That Will Make Your Dreams Run

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Edanaz Aksoy

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We can find a piece of ourselves in the story of the Alchemist , who devoted his life to finding gold, written by Paulo Coelho. The steps he took to not give up have been both a guide and a source of inspiration for us. There is a lot we can learn from this novel of Paulo Coelho, who has also made a name for himself in the literary world!
Paulo Coelho
1) I am just like everyone else. I look at the realities of the world not as they are, but as I want them to be.
2) Whoever you are, whatever you do, when you truly want something with all your heart, that desire occurs in the Spirit of the Universe. This is your special mission on earth.
3) No one should be afraid of the unknown, because anyone can seize what they want and need.
4) When you really want something, the whole universe cooperates to make your wish come true.
5) Listen to your own heart. Your heart knows everything, because it comes from the Spirit of the Universe and will one day return there.
6) If you leave by promising something you don’t have yet, you lose the desire to get hold of it.
7) I live neither in the past nor in the future. I only have the present and it only interests me. If you can always live in the present, you will be a happy person.
8) I am afraid of fulfilling my dream because then I will have no reason to live.
9) He knew that shepherds, like sailors and traveling salesmen, could stop by a city inhabited by someone who would discourage them from wandering the earth.
10) If we are not what they want to see us, they will not be pleased, they will be bored. Because, sir, everyone believes that he knows how we should live.
11) At a certain moment in our lives, we lose control of our lives, and as a result, the control of our lives falls into the hands of destiny. This is the world’s biggest lie.
12) Sheep are more instructive than books.
13) Everything is one and the same thing.
14) The boy was jealous of the freedom of the wind and realized that he could be like him. Nothing but him stood in the way.
15) Deciding on something is nothing but the beginning. When a person decides on something, he is swept away by a strong current in a direction that he had never foreseen at the time of decision, and that he had not even dreamed of.

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