5 Ted Talks That Will Open Your Mind in Just 10 Minutes

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Do you set aside 10 minutes for yourself during the day and think about how to spend it most efficiently? There are Ted talks that last less than 10 minutes that you can double your horizons with what you learn. If you are in a hurry to become more intelligent and intellectual, welcome to the content. 🙂

1) Ray Kurzweil – Get Ready to Think Hybrid

Futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil starts this talk by explaining our brain and the way we think, and then makes a big claim. According to Kurzweil, within 20 years the human thought system will be a mixture of biological and non-biological processes. We will be able to get help as soon as we get stuck in a cloud that is connected to our brains with nanobots.

2) Julian Treasure – How Do We Talk So People Want to Listen?

This talk, which you must watch in order to have more powerful and impressive speeches, is dedicated to those who complain that no one listens when speaking by professional speaker Julian Treasure. According to him, there are 7 sins and 4 cornerstones of speech.

3) Neil Harbisson – I Listen to Colors

Born completely colorblind, the gray world of Neil Harbisson changed completely in 2003, thanks to the antenna he added to his head. With a sensor at the end of the antenna, he turned colors into sound waves and began to hear them and learn over time. Now Picasso can listen and paint conversations. You can take a look at his futuristic life with his impressive speech.

4) Ron Gutman – The Hidden Power of Smile

Wanting to save the world and make everyone happy as a kid, Ron Gutman discovered when he grew up that he didn’t need superpowers, just a smile was enough. Did you know that smiling is an indicator of how long you will live and a simple smile has a remarkable effect on your quality of life?

5) Dan Gartenberg – Our brain benefits from deep sleep – and how can we increase it?

Gartenberg, a sleep researcher, underlines the fact that our brains need sleep and gives tips on how we can improve our sleep with technology. You can sleep better by playing sound waves at the same frequency as the sound waves your brain creates while you sleep. Gartenberg also says his research will lead to devices that will help you sleep better in the future.

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