Stress Stone: Is a Stress-Free Life Naturally Possible?

Is it possible to relax a little during the stressful days with the stress stone? From the moment you wake up in the morning, the responsibilities you have to do during the day begin to circulate in your mind. It is quite possible that you will start planning the day without washing your hands and face yet. In the rapidly developing world, our responsibilities are increasing without stopping.

It is very difficult to stay away from stress in such busy days. However, it is not impossible. Let’s say you can stay away from stress by getting help from stress stones. Let’s look at natural stones that are good for stress together.

Stress Stones

Were you aware of the existence of natural stones that are good for stress? You can disperse the stressful air you are in with natural ways. By using crystals, we can also benefit from the energy emitted by the earth. Let’s take a look at which stress stones are:

1) Amethys

stress stone

Amethyst is one of the natural stones that many of us have heard of. Amethyst, a healing crystal, is one of the stress stones you can always carry with you. It helps you maintain a calmer structure by controlling the change in your mood. Reducing stress and tension, amethyst keeps fear and anger away from your body.

Ametis also helps your sleepy soul to stay away from stress. If you are someone who has nightmares very often, has a hard time falling asleep and cannot sleep soundly, you should have amethyst with you. This magical crystal that you carry with you both at night and during the day will increase your quality of life.

2) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

The origin of lapis lazuli dates back to Ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs used lapis lazuli as jewelry. The stone, which is dark blue in color, is semi-transparent and opaque. Known as the stone of wisdom, strength and peace since ancient times, lapis lazuli will be your supporter in your spiritual journey.

Do you sometimes feel vulnerable at certain moments in life? In those moments, you may not know what to do and feel lost. At such moments, you may be frozen, and this bothers you. In order to minimize these moments, you can have lapis lazuli stone with you.

3) Black Tourmaline

stress stone

Another natural stone known as a stress stone is black tourmaline. Having it with you in situations of stress and anxiety will relax you. This stone, which has a high frequency, provides a neutral environment by absorbing the negative energy around it with the energy it emits. It allows you to live in a clean environment by clearing the bad energies around you.

You can place black tourmaline in your work environment and home, or you can take advantage of its energy by carrying small pieces with you. If you are a panic attack sufferer, keeping black tourmaline with you during the attack will reduce the severity of the attacks.

4) Blue Agate

blue agate

Blue agate, also known as a stress stone, is also a chakra stone. Being blue allows you to talk to your own mind.

It calms you in fearful situations where conflict exists and helps you get out of that situation unharmed. Do you think you are working in a very stressful job? If this situation reduces your quality of life, you should try to take the least damage from that stress. In such a case, you can change your energy by hosting blue agate around you.

You can use blue agate as a coaster in your office. If you want to carry it with you all the time, you can wear earrings or necklaces made of this stone. In addition to these, carrying tiny pieces of stone in your pocket all the time will keep you away from stress.

5) Crystal Quartz

stress stone

When it comes to stress stone, one of the first stones that comes to mind among natural stones is crystal quartz. Think of situations where you are trying to find the right one among so many options that it is difficult for you to decide. You are likely to feel under intense stress. At such moments, you can get help from natural stones that can help clear your mind.

Crystal quartz is a natural stress stone that helps you clear your mind. As it reduces stress, it also minimizes the damage to our body from the radiation we are exposed to almost everywhere today. Therefore, it is important for your health to always carry it with you as a necklace.

6) Obsidian


Obsidian, another stress stone, helps you relax in stressful environments and be least affected by stress. In addition, obsidian is a kind of balance stone that helps to balance female hormones. Your emotions can be very intense at times. However, intense emotions can be harmful in some situations. At such moments, obsidian helps balance your intense emotions.

By meditating, it is possible to relax your mind and get rid of the busy situation you are in. However, having obsidian with you while meditating helps you relax more comfortably. If you want to improve your psychic abilities and improve yourself in this regard, it is recommended to have obsidian around you.

7) Shungite Stone

stress stone

Shungite is both a stress stone and a kind of shield. We are exposed to intense electromagnetic fields in every part of our lives. The alarm we set on the phone to wake up in the morning, the computer that we press in the first minute when starting work, the television we watch to watch the news in the evening to see what happened and more… We use an electrical device every hour and we are in a used place. These devices emit quite large electromagnetic waves around. Shungite stone acts as a shield against these waves and protects our body from these waves.

You can use shungite stone, which is a crystal, alone or together with black tourmaline. You can put a piece of shungite and black tourmaline at the points where you are most exposed to stress and electromagnetic field. Together, they protect your body against the negative energies you will be exposed to around you.

8) Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

Another stress stone is smoky quartz. Especially recently, many of us feel ourselves in a dead end. Dealing with the anxiety of the future is getting a little harder every day. The helplessness we experience alongside this anxiety leads to depression. In this case, the way to relax a bit is through natural stones.

Smoky quartz absorbs the negative energy around you, protecting you with a wall of protection. Also working with your solar plexus chakra, this stone helps you to calm down. It helps women in the PMS period to calm down in the intense emotional state they are in.

9) Sodalite

stress stone

Sodalite is both a stress stone and a peace stone. It helps you relax in moments of intense stress and keeps you calm. When you think that you cannot express yourself well, sodalite with you helps you to trust yourself and speak more easily. It increases your self-confidence. When used with black tourmaline, it minimizes stress.

10) Rose Quartz

pink quartz

Although emotional relationships are full of happiness, they also bring intense stress. In these situations, wouldn’t it be better to minimize stress instead of ignoring happiness and trying to deal with it? Rose quartz works with the heart chakra and is also a powerful healer.

It protects you by transforming negative energies into love energy. It allows you to open up and relax instead of suppressing feelings of anger and resentment. Rose quartz can be used alone, or it can be used together with black tumaline to increase its strength. With the combined use of these two stress stones, forgiveness is encouraged and stress is minimized.

11) Aventurine

stress stone

Aventurine, another stress stone, contains chromium. It is green in color. Aventurine stone helps people to revive by spreading positive energy. It is a natural stone that individuals who want to lead a more active life should acquire. It prevents the negative energy around from being absorbed by people.

It is physically empowering as well as absorbing negative energy. It helps people to be more mobile.

12) Bornite


Bornite stone contains a large amount of minerals. Thanks to its dense mineral structure, it opens the chakras. Bornite is found in our country, especially in the Black Sea Region. Bornite, which is a stress stone, helps people to increase their energies. High energy removes negativity. It reduces the stress in the environment by minimizing the intense delusion, uneasiness and similar negative thoughts.

13) Jade

stress stone

Jade, which we now know as a stress stone, is considered an auspicious stone by the Maoris, natives of New Zealand. Jade is considered a lucky stone not only by the Maoris but also in China. It was believed that the stone thrown on the foundations of the houses built in ancient times protected the house from natural disasters.

If you are a person with anxieties, having a jade stone with you will help you get rid of your worries. It allows you to think more clearly and make sound decisions. It also has an antioxidant structure. In this way, it helps to remove toxins from your body and clean your blood. In addition to all these beautiful effects, one of the most beautiful effects is the positive effect it has on labor pains. The jade stone present in the environment during childbirth reduces labor pains and ensures an easy delivery.

14) Unakit Stone

Unakit Stone

Among the natural stones, one of the rare stones that contains many colors together is unachite. Unkitted stone, also known as a stress stone, removes the excess electricity in the human body from the environment by grounding. It takes the excess electricity from the body and sends it to the ground. During stressful moments, electricity is stored in the body. It also causes intense emotions. However, unachite removes these and similar negative effects from the environment.

Meditation with the Stress Stone

stress stone and meditation

No matter what field you work in, even if you are still a student, we are always exposed to moments of stress in our lives, big and small. Even when we go on vacation to relax, we get into an intense tension while making plans. Meditation is a very productive method to get away from stress in every part of life.

To further increase the power of meditation, using natural stress stones helps you get more efficiency from the moment. Natural stones create a calm environment for you thanks to the vibrations of peace. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow while meditating with natural stones:

  • Choose a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed by those around you.
  • Do you feel more comfortable sitting or lying on your back while meditating? The answer to this question is personal. Get into the position where you feel comfortable.
  • Take your natural stress stone in your energizing hand. Now we start with a deep breath. Take care to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let your body relax with the breath.
  • Imagine yourself being cleansed as you breathe. Imagine a white and clean energy entering your body with every breath you take. As you exhale, the bad energy and distress inside you go out with black or gray color.
  • Continue this breathing for at least 15 minutes. Focus on cleansing yourself. You can also stay longer at that moment. But remember, you must have your stone in your hand while you are doing these.

After performing this ritual, you should wash your stone immediately. It will be cleansed of the bad energy that has come out of you. After washing, let your stone dry overnight in the moonlight. While your stone is waiting in the moonlight, it will store energy again.

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