Works by Salvador Dali: 10 Awesome Works by an Artist Beyond Dreams

salvador dali eserleri

Salvador Dali is considered to be the pioneer of the surrealist movement with his works. He is one of the most popular painters of the 20th century. We have compiled for you the most famous works of the painter, who created a world beyond reality and brought his dreams to the fore.

1) Girl at a Window (1925)

salvador dali eserleri

‘Woman Looking Through Glass’, one of the oldest paintings among Salvador Dali works, is actually his sister Anna Marie. The artist, who draws attention with his surreal paintings, has very few realistic paintings. Although one of the rare paintings shows that Dali felt affectionate while drawing his beloved sister, you would be wrong.

After a long time, the artist interpreted his own work. It will be an interesting comment that the peaceful environment in the painting turns into a suspicious environment. Dali stated that he was happy by spitting on it as he looked at the picture he had drawn. Is it hate? Is it love?

2) The Persistence Of Memory (1931)

salvador dali eserleri

The work, made in 1931, may be the work you come across most among Salvador Dali’s works. There are many different interpretations for the work, which evokes the flow of time. Of course, his interpretation of his own work is important.

Dali talks about some time before drawing the work in the sources. He mentions that in a phase between sleep and wakefulness, he meets the eyes of the melted cheese and the wall clock at home. For Dali, who mostly uses his dreams in his works, this kind of work is not interesting. But for us it is.

Due to the objects in the picture, different meanings were also deduced for the Persistence of Memory. It is mentioned that the ants in the orange clock in the lower left corner of the picture talk about birth and death.

3) Soft Construction With Boiled Beans (1936)

salvador dali eserleri

We can also say that it is a forecast table prepared before the civil war that will take place in Spain. In the painting prepared six months before the war, you will see the ‘internal’ conflict of the boiled beans with itself. His arms and legs cover the painting as separate symbols.

4) The Burning Giraffe (1937)

salvador dali eserleri

Dali, who remained close to the psychoanalysis technique and genres throughout his life, constructs the female figure in the painting for this reason. Thinking that it is possible to access unconscious elements with the psychoanalysis method, the painter also depicts the human body as consisting of hidden drawers. For this reason, drawers are lined up behind the figure.

The skeletal structure placed behind the female figure speaks of the weak points of the people. The burning giraffe, which is the title of the work, is positioned at the back. According to Dali, the burning giraffe is known as a kind of ‘masculine cosmic apocalypse beast’.

5) Swans Reflecting Elephants – Swans Reflected in the Net (1937)

Considered one of the most important paintings of Surrealism, the work emerged when Dali was experiencing paranoia within himself. That’s why you can see many different interpretations for this table.

The three swans in the picture are reflected in the lake as elephants. The trees behind the swans look like the feet of elephants. The gloom at the bottom of the lake and the serenity of the swans above present an interesting contrast.

6) The Dream Caused by the Flying Bee Around the Pomegranate One Second Before Waking up (1944)

salvador dali eserleri

It is known that the area where the work is depicted is the view of Port Lligat, which is found in many of Dali’s works. The painter, who portrayed his wife Gala, did not hesitate to add symbols that you may not notice at first glance.

In the picture, Gala lying on the ground in a sleepy state and the rifle approaching her arm draw attention. As the name of the work suggests, the buzzing and sting of the bee is covered with a rifle. The starting area of the dream is the large pomegranate seen in the background.

The pomegranate represents subjects such as Christianity, love and resurrection in the work. The red fish found in the work, standing between a pomegranate and a tiger, was placed there due to its species. The scorpion fish pulls out its poisonous fin when it senses danger. In the work, this poisonous fin is a tiger.

7) Portrait Of Picasso (1947)

Picasso Portresi

Expressing that he is influenced by dreams and mental states in his works, Dali also expresses his admiration for Picasso. Picasso and Salvador Dali spent a lot of time together. Even though there were resentments in between, the good feelings they felt for each other were mutual and expressed.

In his painting of Picasso, he wanted to show his admiration for his intelligence and language in the foreground. The stern facial expression that stands out in the portrait is dedicated to Picasso’s toughness in politics.

8) The Temptation of St. Anthony – The Temptation of St. Anthony (1946)

The Temptation of Saint Anthony is one of the best known of Salvador Dali’s works. The symbols and signs, which are indispensable for Dali and found in almost every painting, are ‘St. It is also present in ‘Anthony’s Seduction’.

In the work St. Anthony gives up his possessions and takes on his own solitude. Thereupon, he gave up everything and went on a journey in the Arabian deserts. During this trip, St. Anthony is seduced by the devil. He tries to resist this deception for his beliefs and values.

Dali in this work of St. It presents Anthony’s rejection of worldly sins. The work, which was made in 1946, is a pioneer work for Salvador Dali in the name of “Classical Period” and “Renaissance Period”. Trying to explain the phenomenon of courage and seduction by including the horse figure, Dali supports his drawing with objects that arouse different desires. In addition, the prominent elephants show that there is a kind of religious criticism in the work.

9) Leda Atomica – Atomic Leda (1949)

The famous painter includes his wife Gala in most of his paintings. It can be said that it has become an obsession for him. Gala’s face is depicted in the prominent Leda figure in the picture. At the time the work was painted, the discovery of atom and subatomic particles was in question. This subject, which attracts the attention of the artist, blends the legend of Leda mentioned in mythology and the discoveries of science.

10) The Swallow’s Tail (1983)

The Swallow’s Tail

The Swallowtail, which is the last painting of our Salvador Dali works list and Dali’s last painting, is a work that emerged as a result of his experimentation with different styles. It is known to be an inspiration for the catastrophe theory developed by the mathematician Rene Thom.

He also stated that Rene Thom’s theory is ‘the most beautiful aesthetic in the world’ theory. The elegant geometric representation of the Swallowtail is also Dali’s latest work.

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