Christopher Nolan Movies: By IMDb Ratings and Chronological Order

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Christopher Nolan is one of the most talked about and most admired directors of recent times. He made films such as the Batman series, Memento, and Interstellar, and was highly appreciated by the authorities.

The director, whose name we started to hear frequently, especially with the Batman series, highlighted the dark side of superhero movies. In fact, it was so successful that it can be said that even the Batman movies that came out after it never caught up with the series directed by Christopher Nolan.

In the movie Interstellar, he worked with physics professors and tried to make his science fiction work based on logic. This was the biggest step in putting science fiction movies from the past to the present in a logical system. Most authorities found the film scientifically adequate.
In the movie Prestige, we joined the adventure of mysterious magicians with two great actors, Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale .
In Memento, we tried to unravel the mystery behind the plot behind a person with amnesia.
In Dunkirk, we felt that foggy atmosphere during the war until the end.
Regardless of the subject, we can say that whatever Christopher Nolan is making a movie about, he becomes his expert. This is the most important difference between him and other directors.
Our list contains many movies including chronological, short movie, imdb ratings. Let’s start our list of Christopher Nolan movies:

Christopher Nolan Movies by Release Date:

1) Follow (Following, 1998)
2) Logbook (Memento, 2000)
3) Sleepless (Insomnia, 2002)
4) Batman Begins (Batman Begins, 2005)
5) Prestige (The Prestige, 2006)
6) The Dark Knight (Dark Knight, 2008)
7) Inception (Inception, 2010)
8) The Dark Knight Rises (The Dark Knight Rises, 2012)
9) Interstellar (Interstellar, 2014)
10) Dunkirk (Dunkirk, 2017)

Short Films of Christopher Nolan:

1) Tarantella (1989)
2) Larceny (1995)
3) Doodlebug (1997)
4) Quay (2015) [Belgesel]

Best Christopher Nolan Movies by IMDb Ratings:

1) The Dark Knight (Dark Knight, 2008) IMDb rating: 9.0
2) Inception (Inception, 2010) IMDb score: 8.8
3) Interstellar (Interstellar, 2014) IMDb score: 8.6
4) Prestige (The Prestige, 2006) IMDb score: 8.5
5) Memento (Memento, 2000) IMDb score: 8.5
6) The Dark Knight Rises (The Dark Knight Rises, 2012) IMDb rating: 8.4
7) Batman Begins (Batman Begins, 2005) IMDb rating: 8.3
8) Dunkirk (Dunkirk, 2017) IMDb rating: 8.0
9) Follow-up (Following, 1998) IMDb score: 7.6
10) Sleepless (Insomnia, 2002) IMDb score: 7.2

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