Making a Spotify Playlist in 5 Steps


1. Assemble the Pieces That Fit Your Mood


Accumulating songs in a random playlist may not be very accurate for later.

Users should prepare future playlists suitable for their different modes. Of course, the pieces that will give the energy to start the day when you wake up in the morning and the pieces that can accompany a melancholy atmosphere at night will be different from each other.

Therefore, preparing a playlist according to the mode is the right first step in terms of using Spotify.

Pieces to accompany working hours, pieces suitable to be played when guests arrive, lists to be prepared for celebrations can also be chosen in accordance with the modes.

2. Make Separate Lists for Foreign and Domestic Songs

While the desire to listen to foreign songs is more at different times, sometimes users may want to spend a day with popular local songs.

For this reason, a playlist that keeps local and foreign songs together separately from other playlists should be prepared.

Foreign and local pieces may not be heard together at any time of the day. Playlists to be prepared separately for this will be very good.

3. Create a List for Your Favorite Artist

The artists who own those songs are as important as the songs. Some people like to listen to only one artist’s songs for a day or a few hours.

Apart from the mixed playlists, there will definitely be a need for playlists that will bring together songs that belong to only one artist or group.

A playlist can also be created from several artists that appeal to the same styles. 


4. Bring together the Most Frequently Played Tracks

There are some songs that are listened to often even after a long time.

A separate playlist may be suitable for pieces that adapt to every mood in daily life and that make you feel the need to be listened to all the time.

In this way, users can reach the tracks they listen to the most in a shorter time.

Trying to listen to these pieces every time by searching for them will not be very pleasant and practical.

5. Classics, Legends and Unforgettables

Everyone loves to listen to old but timeless pieces.

Playlists that will consist of legendary songs in different styles will be very good.

Users who are tired of listening to the same songs all the time can access new songs to listen to, thanks to playlists they will prepare to remember old songs. 

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