The World’s Largest Animals List: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Astonishing with their size in many parts of the world, animals have survived for centuries. There are, of course, those that are much more majestic than every living thing when compared to their size. But some animals are very developed within their own kind and exceed the expected dimensions. Here in this list, we will introduce you to the largest animals in the world !

1) Green Anaconda

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The green anaconda is known as the heaviest and largest snake species in the world. This giant creature, which can grow up to 10 meters in length, can weigh up to 250 kilograms! This species is non-toxic and harmless to humans. But the fact that it’s so big and powerful makes it pretty scary.

The green anaconda, which lives in Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia and Colombia, recently gave birth to 19 cubs in Mexico. Of course, we cannot know how happy this situation, which is a first for Mexico, has made the people there.

2) Saltwater Crocodile

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Crocodiles also make a magnificent entrance to the list of the largest animals in the world, with their 7-meter gigantic length. Famous for the strength of their jaws, crocodiles can reach a weight of 1500 kilograms. Saltwater crocodiles are superb hunters, preying on almost anything. Everything from small reptiles to birds, from fish to wild boar is its food. In fact, it would not be wrong to add humans to their prey.

3) Blue Whale

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Blue whales are the largest living creatures. Their lineage is thought to have continued for almost 50 million years. Their weight can reach 200 tons and their length can reach 30 meters!

Here’s a quick example to make this clearer in our minds: Blue whales only have a heart the size of a car, while their tongues are nearly the weight of elephants!

4) Bird-Eating Goliath

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Although these gigantic spiders are called “bird eaters,” they are not actually their main food. They even hunt birds very rarely.

Goliath can be seen at night in the rainforests of South America. They have large teeth. And these fangs are filled with a deadly venom that paralyzes small animals. In this way, they poison the prey they catch and drag them to the nest. They liquefy the food thanks to the digestive enzymes they inject in the nest. They easily consume liquefied food.

Although they are the largest spider in the world at 28 centimeters in length, the bird-eating goliath species is not classified as the “most dangerous”, at least for humans.

5) Ostrich

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The speed of ostriches, which are nature’s runners, almost exceeds 70 kilometers per hour. Adults of this species with long necks and long legs can reach 140 kilograms. Ostrich eggs are larger and heavier than any living bird species. This species usually feeds on plants, but sometimes consumes invertebrates as food.

6) Sunfish

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This fish weighs almost 1 ton! Sunfish, which are on the list of the largest animals in the world, can jump out of the water. It has no commercial value due to its tasteless meat and the bad smell it emits. The skin of the sunfish is 15 cm thick. With this feature, it carries the title of “the creature with the thickest skin” among all living things after the sperm whale.

7) Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

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The lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish. The largest recorded specimen was found washed up in Massachusetts Bay in 1870. The body of this specimen is 2.29 meters and its tentacles are 37 meters long.

This type of jellyfish is quite deadly. So much so that it has been the subject of one of the Sherlock Holmes stories because of this feature!

8) African Elephant

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Elephants are perhaps the first animals that come to mind when it comes to the largest animals in the world. Their gigantic size does not prevent their speed. The normal walking speed of African elephants is almost 7 kilometers per hour. Their length is between 3 and 4 meters and their weight is around 7 tons.

9) Leatherback Sea Turtle

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Leatherback sea turtles can reach 2 meters in length and 600 kilograms in weight. For this reason, it is the largest tortoise species. Leatherback sea turtles are not only known for their size. Their shells are made of connective tissue, and they have a metabolic rate that’s about three times faster than a reptile of this size.

The main food of this species is jellyfish, but it also eats other sea creatures.

10) Coconut Crabs

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They are known as the largest arthropod living on land. It is actually a different member of the hermit crab species, but they make a difference with their size. This species, named after its fondness for coconuts, lives up to 60 years. They can reach 1.5 meters in length and 5 kilograms in weight.

These creatures break the coconut very easily. They are also good climbers.

11) Flying Fox

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Another creature on the list of the largest animals in the world is this bat species. They get their name from their fox-like faces. Its scientific name is Pteropus Vampyrus, but the “vampire” in its name should not be deceived. Because these bat species feed on fruit.

Bats are known for their echolocation abilities, but this species’ eyes are sharp enough and do not need it.

Flying foxes carry viruses that are very harmful to humans. Therefore, they are dangerous to humans. This gigantic winged species is only 30 centimeters long, while its wings are about 1.5 meters!

12) Giant Weta

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The name weta for this gigantic insect comes from the Maori “wetapunga” meaning “god of ugly things”. This insect, which is really ugly, can reach 18 centimeters in length and 71 grams in weight.

Good news for our readers with entomophobia ! This species is native to New Zealand.

13) Japanese Spider Crab

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It is a type of crab that lives at a depth of approximately 700 meters in the Pacific Ocean. It has 10 legs and the length of each leg can reach 4 meters. Their weight is almost 20 kilograms!

A single claw of a Japanese spider crab is stronger than a crocodile’s jaw! These crabs, which are endemic species, can live up to 100 years.

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