3 Subliminal Suggestions That Increase Your Confidence And You Can Do Any Time

“Watch your thoughts. Every thought that is accepted as true will be sent to the subconscious brain structure by the conscious cortex and will be reflected in your world as a reality.” Joseph Murphy

Our brain is a constantly working machine. This machine has layers and different tasks are performed in these layers. Our subconscious mind is; has the power to control our thoughts and emotions without us realizing it. It’s not just a layer, it’s an incredible information nest that stores everything unwittingly. Information that I do not know when it will appear is stored here.
The control of feelings and thoughts as a result of suggestions sent to the subconscious is now a reality accepted by everyone.
We can increase the self-confidence, which we often need in our daily lives, with the suggestions we send to our subconscious. When you feel insecure, 3 of the most frequently used and equally interesting suggestions that will help you regain your self-confidence in a short time:

1) Do the superhero pose.

At a TEDx event in 2012, body language expert and Harvard professor Amy Cuddyi said that posing as a superhero boosts self-confidence; He says the reason for this is that this pose is subconsciously identified with power and confidence. Making this positive suggestion is very simple:

1) Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart.
2) Put your hands on your waist.
3) Stretch your chest.
4) Keep your head up.
5) Wait 30 seconds.

2) Talk to yourself.

Jack Ensign Addington, author of “100% Power of Thought,” says:

“The subconscious cannot understand negative sentences, give yourself orders with positive sentences.”

The fact that the suggestive messages sent to the subconscious are positive has a very important place in convincing your brain. E.g;

“I can do it, I have all the skills and capacity to do it. Now is the time to show it.”

Your subconscious mind does not question your capacities and abilities, frankly, it does not care much. It simply takes the messages and translates them into feelings or thoughts. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for you to send him positive messages to increase your self-confidence.
Writing positive messages on paper, making your phone wallpaper, or sending an e-mail to yourself, in short, will keep your subconscious mind vigorous in this regard and will ensure the continuity of the suggestion.

3) Enter the eye contact competition.

Every living thing that has eyes in nature makes eye contact and the first duel is between eyes. Eye contact means superiority and this issue is more important than you think. (You can refer to a more detailed foreign source on this subject.)
Every person in the social circle makes eye contact, the contact that starts in some way ends with a person’s eyes. Averting your eyes from the person with whom you make eye contact gives a feeling of superiority; It weakens your self-confidence.
Therefore, keeping your eyes on the opposite side as much as possible during eye contact will increase your self-confidence. The one who maintains eye contact holds the upper hand.
Of course, the point here is not that you stare at people, but that you do not succumb to eye contact with the person you come across.
If you’re afraid of being misunderstood: YouTube has videos made specifically for eye contact. You can improve yourself by watching these videos.

“What the conscious mind believes, the unconscious mind accepts and acts accordingly.” Joseph Murphy

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