What is Software Engineering Department? What Do Graduates Do?

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Tercih 2021

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Software Engineering Department is a type of undergraduate degree mostly found in foundation universities in Turkey. The term “software engineer”, which was first mentioned at the NATO conference in Germany, has become a well-known concept since those years. In our country, software engineering, which was accepted as one of the sub-courses of the “computer engineering department” at first, has become a department on its own in recent years and has been separated from the computer engineering department. You can find all the details about the Software Engineering Department, which is shown as one of the important professions of the future, in the continuation of our article.

What is Software Engineering Department?

software engineering department
Software Engineering Department is a department where individuals are trained to create software suitable for end users by using software programming languages. This engineering branch, which plays an active role in the implementation of all software in the digital world and testing the working principles, was previously seen as a course of the computer engineering department. In today’s world, undergraduate education, which provides education as a separate department, was accepted as a profession for the first time in the world in the 1980s.

What is the Difference Between Software Engineering and Computer Engineering Department?

Although software engineering, which is taught as a course in the computer engineering department, seems to have common working areas, it actually has a lot of different aspects. Accordingly, the main difference that separates these two departments from each other is that the software engineering department concentrates more on areas such as software and coding. In summary, we can say that the number of courses on computers and hardware in the software engineering department is very few and superficial.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Software Engineering Department?

The software engineering department, which accepts students only from the numerical fields of the university exams, consists of a 4-year undergraduate education. In universities where the language of instruction is English, this period can be increased to 5 years. In addition, individuals who receive an education can also benefit from internship rights throughout their license.

Which Schools Have Software Engineering Departments in Turkey?

We can say that the software engineering department in Turkey is mostly located in foundation universities. Reputable foundation universities where the department is located are as follows:
● Atılım University,
● Altınbaş University,
● Ankara Science University,
● Çankaya University,
● Haliç University,
● Hasan Kalyoncu University,
● Istanbul Ayvansaray University,
● Istanbul Okan University,
● Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University,
● Istinye University,
● Nişantaşı University,
● Bahçeşehir University,
● Doğuş University,
● Beykent University,
● Işık University,
● Maltepe University,
● Istanbul Aydın University,
● Uskudar University,
● Beykoz University,
● Final International University,
● Ted University,
● Near East University (Cyprus),
● European University of Lefke (Cyprus),
● University of Kyrenia (Cyprus),
● Rauf Denktas University (Cyprus),
● Izmir University,
● Izmir University of Economics,
● Toros University,
● Yaşar University
● Ostim Technical University
Public universities with software engineering departments in Turkey are as follows:
● Firat University
● Karadeniz Technical University
● Bandırma On Yedi Eylül University
● Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
● Kirklareli University
● Malatya Turgut Ozal University
● Manisa Celal Bayar University
● Sakarya University
● Samsun University
● Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus)

What are the Software Engineering Department Courses?

The basic courses that students will take in the department during their 4-year undergraduate education are as follows:
● Algorithms and Programming
● Advanced Object Oriented Programming
● Discrete Computational Structures
● Programming Language Concepts
● Data Structures and Algorithms
● Computer Organization and Architecture
● Information and Data Analysis
● Algorithm Analysis
● Operating Systems
● Database Systems
● Computer Networks
● Data Mining and Transaction Methods
● Engineering Statistics
● Engineering Ethics and Safety
● Fundamentals of Software Engineering
● Human Computer Interaction
● Software Requirements Analysis
● Software Process and Project Management
● Software Design and Architecture
● Software Quality Assurance and Testing
● Project
● Graduation Project
Students are also responsible for courses such as mathematics, physics, history of revolution, English, and Turkish language. Departmental elective course rights are also available.

What Do Software Engineering Graduates Do?

The aim of the software engineering department is to train individuals who are competent in the production, development, and testing of software programs to be presented to the end-user using various programming languages. So, it can be stated clearly that the graduates of the software engineering department are engineers working in the IT departments of companies. These engineers are responsible for the software processes of all the programs within the company.

How Much Salary Do Software Engineering Graduates Get?

The salary scale of software engineers may differ according to the institution they work for and their work experience. The average salaries of software engineers in private and public employment are in the following range:
● 5,000 to 6,000 TL for a newcomer in the public sector,
● Minimum wage for newcomers in the private sector,
● 12.000 to 15.000 TL for experienced software developer in public sector,
● 10,000 to 20,000 TL for experienced software developers in the private sector.

What are the Challenges of the Software Engineering Department?

Since the software engineering department is a department that accepts students from the digital field, the most encountered difficulty during the undergraduate course is the weight of the digital courses. It will be a great advantage for the people who will choose the department to be good with numerical courses.

Who Can Succeed in Software Engineering?

As we mentioned above, interest in numerical courses is one of the important criteria for success in the department. However, individuals who have analytical thinking skills , love to solve problems, are interested in computer and programming languages, can adapt easily to innovations, and love to research are among those who can be successful both throughout their school life and in the sector.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Software Engineering Department?

The field of work of software engineers is extremely wide. If we look at the employment areas in general;
● All corporate companies,
● Banks,
● Hospitals,
● Schools,
● Insurance Companies,
● Telecommunications Companies
● Automobile Factories,
● Agencies,
● Media companies
● Software companies
All public and private companies with computers and hardware, such as software engineers, constitute the working areas of software engineers. Let’s also mention that the basic requirement for a software engineer position in the state is the KPSS exam.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Software Engineering Department?

People who want to study software engineering are extremely lucky in terms of abroad advantages. Individuals can apply to reputable universities in Europe and America for master’s degrees. It is also known that the software engineering departments of Işık University and İzmir University of Economics in Turkey carry out joint undergraduate studies with universities in the USA. On the other hand, the software engineering department of Fırat University runs a 2+2 international joint degree program with a school in Texas, USA. In summary, we can say that the foreign opportunities of the software engineering department are very open.

In Which Fields Can Software Engineering Graduates Specialize?

There are many areas that software engineers can specialize in. In general, they can specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, payment systems, web programming, image processing, algorithms, game software, machine learning, database, business analyst, test manager, project manager, software manager.

What is the Future of Software Engineering Department?

Undoubtedly, technology will shape our present and future. For this reason, it would not be wrong to talk about software wherever there is technology. Considering that artificial intelligence will serve humanity much more in the future, we can say that the need for software and coding will constantly increase. Moreover, software engineering, which has a very large place not only in the future, but also in the R&D of today’s companies and factories, has already taken its place among the professions with wide employment! ?
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