What is Numerology? Do Numbers Have Hidden Meanings?



Numerology is a belief that asserts the existence of a divine and mystical relationship between a digit or number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical values of letters in words and names. It is often associated alongside astrology and similarly to the divination arts.
The term numerologist is used by those who believe in numerical patterns and make unrealistic scientific inferences from them, even if they do not practice traditional numerology. For example, in his 1997 book “Numerology: Or What Pythagoras Wrought,” mathematician Underwood Dudley used the term to discuss practitioners of the Elliott Wave principle of stock market analysis.

Numerology History

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras argues that the world was built precisely on the magical power of numbers. According to their doctrine, numbers contained the essence of everything in the natural and spiritual worlds. For those who followed the teachings of Pythagoras, the number one symbolized unity and therefore the Creator-God. The two represented the duality of good and evil and represented the devil.
Four, symbolizing balance, was considered the most sacred number by the Pythagoreans, and their most solemn oath was taken on the four. The Pythagoreans also used numbers to represent various planets and elements. For example, it represented five fires; six, earth; eight, air; twelve, water.
In addition to the teachings of Pythagoras, Cornelius Agrippa’s (1486–1535) work Occult Philosophy (1533) likely formed the basis for much of the numerological belief practiced in the Western world. Agrippa also emphasized the inherent powers of numbers. He even suggested certain numbers as tools to banish evil, encourage healing, and summon good-natured spirits. For example, the energy found in number five suggested that it could exorcise demons, creating an antidote to poisons.
Contemporary numerologists use various systems to generate assessments about an individual’s personality traits, behavioral patterns, and to describe the course of possible future events. Depending on the numerological system, the first and most important number is derived from the person’s date of birth and is determined by reducing the numbers for that date to a single digit.
But beyond these nine cycles there are two Major Numbers 11 and 22. These are never reduced to a single number. According to numerology, for each number there are certain meanings that have both positive and negative aspects. Interpretations of the number nine may differ according to individual numerologists.

In Cirlot’s “Dictionary of Symbols” , some basic meanings are given for each number:


The number one person is independent and they need to be independent as they tend to be oaks with lots of personalities. They must control and direct their bodies, minds and spirits to their highest efficiency. They should not accept any limitations but learn to cooperate without losing their individuality. The negative aspect of number one lies in the danger of emphasizing the needs of the self more than others.


Number two people naturally follow the lead of others. Those who have this number can be excellent diplomats, mediators. The number two is a perfect match because it is compatible with all other numbers. On the downside, number two tends to pull back.


They discover the joy of living with what they encounter throughout life. They tend to find their opportunities on the lighter side of life, roaming and socializing. They include three different personality types as they always seek expression through writing, speaking or art. One of the negative things for personality number three is to be superficial.


People with this number are builders, that is, those who start with a solid foundation and build something of lasting importance. “Four-legged” people serve patiently and confidently. They can achieve great success. They do the work at hand, trying to perfect the form of the task before them. The polar opposite for the four is alienation from others.


Five destinies must be prepared for frequent, unexpected change and variety. Those with the number five travel a lot, trying to understand all classes and circumstances of people. They are generally not racially biased. Five always seeks the new and progressive. Personalities number five must be guarded against self-indulgence.


Since six is the number of devoted, impersonal love, these people live quietly, joyfully, and fruitfully, applying the law of balance to adjust discordant conditions. People often come to six for financial or moral assistance. He is always ready to give it. Some people with the six life paths are musically gifted. For them, their true love is for home and the harmony therein. Negative for six is being cruel.


Seven is a cosmic number related to seven planets, seven days of the week, seven colors and seven notes in a musical. Opportunities are brought to seven without actively looking for them. Those with this number must use their mental abilities to investigate the deep mysteries and hidden truths of the universe. They are potential mystics; and with their hypersensitivity, the seven must be guarded against their tendency to want to withdraw from the larger society in which they find themselves.


Those who carry the number eight in their life path are practical people of the material world. They desire and achieve love, power, success. Eight is the number associated with large companies and organizations. This is a powerful number, and those who bear the responsibilities of the number eight can succumb to the negativity of being demanding individuals.


Nine is the number representing humanity. The number nine operates under the Law of Fulfillment and is – all inclusive – pluralistic. The negative aspect of the number nine personality is being egocentric.


A Master Number : This is the number of dreamers, visionaries who intuitively accept their ideals. Their destiny is to reveal something new and invigorating to the world. Number 11 is the messenger, spokesperson or broadcaster. The downside for revelationists is to be fanatical and judgmental in their beliefs.


A Master Number : This is the practical idealist concerned with the benefit and progress of humanity. 22 easily designs philanthropic plans and seeks to help the masses develop, expand and grow. Negative vibrations accumulating around 22 people may cause them to pursue their own interests.

Numerology and Names

According to the principles of numerology, the name of the person is very important as it relates to sound, it is a direct manifestation of vibration. It follows that since each letter of each alphabet has its own unique sound, each letter will have its own unique number.
The chart below shows how to achieve the number vibration with a given name as an example:
1 A J Q-S
2 B K T
3 C-C L U-U
4 D M V
5 TO N W
6 F O-O x
7 G-G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I-I R
C (3) + E (5) + O (6) + T (2) + U (3) + D (4) + E (5) + N (5) + T (2)
35 (3+5) = 8
Source: one

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