What is Artificial Intelligence Engineering? What are the Study Areas?

It is getting harder and harder to follow technological changes and developments. Because with each passing day, another innovation is following the previous one with dizzying speed. As such, not only the tools we use or living standards, but also occupational groups evolve. Artificial intelligence engineering is just such a profession. The necessary step to take the next step in the developing and changing world order will be with the contribution of the engineers of this field. So what is artificial intelligence engineering? What do graduates do? In this content, we take a closer look at the answers to these questions together.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

what is artificial intelligence engineering

Artificial intelligence enables machines or systems to mimic human intelligence to perform tasks. In addition, they are systems that can recursively improve themselves according to the information they collect in this process. In fact, to put it briefly, it is to make machines think like humans.

When talking about artificial intelligence, it would be incomplete to consider this concept under a single heading. Because terms such as machine learning and deep learning are very inclusive of artificial intelligence.

What is Machine Learning ?

what is machine learning

Machine learning is algorithms that enable the machine to bring logical and rational outputs with the presented data. Let’s exemplify this short but semantically complex definition: An algorithm is written about the shopping data of customers in a store. This algorithm; It gives the output that customers who buy chips also buy Coke. As a result of this output, chips shelves and coke cabinets are brought closer to each other and an increase in sales is observed.

This example given was a pretty simple explanation to explain what the concept of machine learning is. Considering with today’s technology, it can easily be mentioned that there are algorithms and outputs that even the human mind will have difficulty in.

What is Deep Learning ?

what is artificial intelligence engineering

Machine learning and deep learning are fundamentally very similar concepts. We can compare the working principle of deep learning to neurons in our brain. We can give an example of this. It was machine learning for a machine to sort out which fruit it encountered after entering the “grape, banana, and apple” fruits into the algorithm. In deep learning, it creates the discrimination rules itself. In this way, he decides which fruit is a banana and which is an apple.

What is Artificial Intelligence Engineering? What Do Graduates Do?

What do artificial intelligence engineers do?

Artificial intelligence engineers program machines to work like the human brain. They are also the people who design machine learning algorithms. The working areas of artificial intelligence engineers seem to be mostly software companies in the current period. However, in accordance with the changing order and developing technology, it will be possible to see artificial intelligence engineers in many business areas.

They must first analyze human behavior, as they aim to mimic the behavior of machines to those of humans. After that, they examine the solution processes and turn them into an algorithm. They are also responsible for bringing this algorithm to a level that can be easily accessed by users. They provide coordination between data engineers and business managers. They also test their artificial intelligence models and try to ensure their continuity.

Which Chapter Should Be Read To Become An Artificial Intelligence Engineer? What Kind of Training Should Be Taken?

what is artificial intelligence engineering

To become an artificial intelligence engineer, education is taken at the engineering faculties of the same name. In addition, those who study computer engineering and software engineering can determine their field in this way and carry out their studies.

After graduating from the relevant departments of universities, you may need to participate in certificate programs in some areas to improve yourself. Among the trainings you need to attend to become an artificial intelligence engineer and improve yourself:

  • machine learning algorithms,
  • software production cycle,
  • Data entry setup,
  • Topics such as data mining and pattern matching are included.

What Will the Future Situation of Artificial Intelligence Engineering Be Like?

future of artificial intelligence

Issues such as machines thinking like humans and making decisions by learning on their own are often the subject of dystopias . Because this subject is very interesting and open to conspiracy theories. In the examples we gave above, what was taught to the machines was explained in a very simplistic way. But the most popular point in this field of artificial intelligence is the “Tesla” cars that can drive on their own. From here alone, it’s pretty clear where it comes from.

Currently, there are those who adopt their convenience and desire to improve. But on the other hand, there is a considerable number of people who think that this will bring the end of humanity. As a matter of fact, Stephen Hawking said: “Artificial intelligence will be the last invention of humanity!” he said.

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