What Does Freelance Mean? What Does Freelancer Mean? What is Freelance Work?

Mehmet Sait Işık

Mehmet Sait Işık


Freelance is a concept that we encounter frequently both in the business world and in the internet world lately. It is a working model that comes to the forefront with the remote working models after the pandemic and is especially preferred by young professionals. So what is Freelance? What does freelancer mean? Let’s look at the answers to these questions together.

What Does Freelance Mean? What is Freelance?

What does freelance mean?

Freelancing simply means freelancing. The word means “independent warrior” in English. In general, it means a person who works independently. Contrary to popular belief, this work and lifestyle is not intended to lie on its side. There is no one who pays a salary at the end of the month, and there is no one who waits at the beginning and interferes with what to do. This is the difference with a normal worker. There is still a lack of livelihood, but it offers the freedom to do the job he loves in the size he wants. Here is “what does it mean to work freelance?” This is exactly the answer to the question.

What Does Freelancer Mean? What is Freelancer?

What Does Freelancer Mean?
People who earn their living with the freelance working model are called freelancers. It is a frequently preferred business model, especially in areas such as graphic design studies, translators, design projects and software. For example, you have often heard the concept of freelance software. The person who works in this way earns his income not by salary, but by pricing his work or by hourly work. Working hours also vary according to the request of the person. The freelancer is only responsible for doing the client’s job. Insurance and other needs do not concern the customer. Freelancing is a way of working that some companies prefer periodically. Freelance workers are sought in case of excessive workload or when very high quality work is required. In this way, employees can work faster and smoothly. This creates an advantageous situation for customers.

What is Freelancer? What is Freelance Work?

As we have just mentioned, the concepts of freelance work and freelance are the Turkish equivalents of the words “freelance” and “freelancer”, respectively. Independent of the digital world and new technologies, the concept of self-employment is a type of work that has been operating traditionally in our country for many years and preferred by many people. These people are also called “self-employed”.

Advantages of Freelancing

“What is freelancing?” Before saying that, it is necessary to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. If the person we call freelancer uses communication channels correctly, he can create many advantages. The person working in this way has a more free working environment than salaried employees, as he does not rent his time and only earns money in proportion to the work he does. Since his work intensity and work preferences depend on his own will, he does not have to be accountable to anyone. Work pressure is also somewhat less than for an ordinary employee, as the working hours are set at his own will. On the other hand, since it is not affiliated with a workplace, it is free from pressure from employees and superiors. Options for laziness and overwork are always ahead.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

Freelancing looks very attractive in general. But there are also serious disadvantages. The most important problem is that there is no business continuity for those who work in this way. When he does not have a job, he should look for the job himself and think about issues such as bargaining. Therefore, there is no guarantee of a permanent income. Sometimes, while the work is busy, some periods may not earn money for days or months. On the other hand, if the people who work in this way have not made their social security entries with their own means, they are deprived of social security and retirement rights.

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