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When we think of American food, fast food is the first thing that comes to mind, which is very true. Fast, fatty, processed food products are synonymous with American cuisine. American cuisine is hard to define.

Like the people who live there, the food of the United States is made up of many different cultures in all kinds of combinations. However, there are many dishes that can now be considered “American” even if their origins are not American.

This list doesn’t promise to give you the best American food, but you’ll find the most popular and the ones that come to mind first. Here are the 40 most popular American dishes…

American Food

40) Cobb Salad

american food

Cobb salad always ranks high among the world’s favorite salads. Cobb salad is traditionally made with four types of greens, fried chicken, boiled eggs, bacon, bleu cheese, tomatoes and avocado. Usually these ingredients are arranged in rows on a serving platter. It was named after the restaurant owner Robert Howard Cobb, who was said to mix all the ingredients left in the kitchen after not eating all day.

39) Jambalaya


Fun to say and fun to eat, Jambalaya is a rice-based dish from Louisiana. Jambalaya is a combination of seafood, chicken, meat products and vegetables (celery, peppers and onions). This rice-based dish is similar to paella in Spain. Jambalaya is Louisiana’s specialty dish and the most famous one is made with shrimp. Other ingredients can be adjusted according to taste. A wonderful and hearty pot dish…

38) Avocado Toast

american food

It is one of the first dishes that comes to mind when it comes to American food. 19 on the origins of avocado toast. There are a few unproven theories, including whether it originated in Los Angeles in the turn of the century or first in Australia. One thing is for sure, avocado toast has become increasingly popular in American cafés since the 1990s. Then, in early 2010, it became a trendy breakfast indulgence around the world.

The main ingredients of an avocado toast portion always include crunchy toast, olive oil, mashed avocado with spices. Adding protein, such as eggs or salmon, depends entirely on preferences. Overall, the dish is relatively healthy, quick and very popular with dieters.

37) Corn Bread

american food

Corn breads were first made a long time ago by Americans coming from Europe. Depending on the region, there are two main types of this treat. Northern or original cornbread offers different flavors and a spongy, cake-like texture depending on the ingredients. On the other hand, the Southern variety is less sweet and slightly drier. When you eat it, it crumbles and falls apart in your mouth. Use this cornbread to serve at a meal, as a savory, hearty dish or as a soft starter alongside a soup-based dish.

36) Mozzarella Sticks

american movies

Although the homeland of mozzarella cheese is Italy, the cheese stick or mozzarella stick dish originated in the USA. Mozzarella cheese is a fibrous cheese made from buffalo or cow’s milk. When exposed to high heat, the cheese will melt and take on a very attractive fluidity.

This iconic American appetizer was not common until mozzarella sticks were introduced to bowling alleys and bars in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Today cheese sticks are also sold in many fast food outlets and are used as snacks worldwide.

35) Corn Dog – Corn Coated Fried Sausage

Corn Dog

These fried food sticks are popular snacks, often sold at American fairs. You should definitely try these bars, which you can find in many bars in Turkey. These sticks appeared after the Germans came to America and brought their signature sausages. Corn dog is among the flavors consumed with mustard and ketchup. If you are looking for a slightly different taste, you can make it Korean style and sprinkle sugar on it.

34) Breakfast Sausage


This dish is more common in rural America because there are many ingredients available for hot dogs, such as ground beef. To make this dish, they use cheap minced meat and various spices. It is then cooked in the simple process of pan-frying. An ideal first meal for a busy day.

Today, this dish is often used for breakfast or brunch with sandwiches. The ingredients also become more varied when they include many types, such as poultry or beef, or even other vegetable proteins. Give it a try because there are many options for you!

33) Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak

This steak is named after its creator, James Henry Salisbury. Salisbury was a doctor and his main area of research was nutrition. After 30 years of work, he came up with the recipe for a beef burger in the 1800s as a high-protein meal suggestion. This minced meat was widely covered in the media and television programs at the time and spread throughout the country. Thanks to this widespread influence, today meatloaf has become a famous dish in the American diet.

32) Oyster Soup

Oyster Soup

It is known that pious people made clam chowder for the first time in 1620. It’s one of America’s delicacies. The idea to make this delicacy came to them when there was nothing to eat on the New England coast except a lot of fresh oysters. These people try to cook seafood in an iron pot rather than over a fire. The result is this wonderful soup. Today’s New England clam chowder is famous around the world for its toothsome flavors of salt pork, clams and creamy broth.

31) California Roll

California Roll

Sushi is a very famous Japanese dish, but this sushi roll originated at the Maneki restaurant in Vancouver, Canada. The dish is now one of the most famous sushi rolls in the US and Canada. Unlike traditional sushi, California rolls have only cucumber (cucumber), avocado, crab meat/crab stick in the filling. Meanwhile, the rice is wrapped with toasted sesame seeds or caviar/flying fish roe.

30) Cioppino

american food

Cioppino is a typical seafood soup of Italian origin from San Francisco, California. The name of this dish, which starts with a “C”, is inspired by the Italian term “ciuppin” from Liguria, referring to a traditional soup made with fish/seafood from a sea voyage.

This delicious American soup was brought to the continent in the 1800s by the Portuguese and Italians following the Gold Rush. The dish consists of lobster, crab, mussels, etc., cooked in a pot and then served as a hearty main course for a warm family gathering. served with products.

29) Stromboli


Stromboli originated in a restaurant called Romano’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria outside Philadelphia by Italian Americans Nazzareno Romano. The dish is named after the 1950 movie Stromboli, named after a volcanic island off the coast of Sicily.

This exotic rolled pizza is now considered the crossroads of American and Italian cuisines. A typical stromboli consists of pizza dough, various sliced Italian meats such as Salami, Pepperoni and a variety of delicious cheeses. It looks and tastes as good as it sounds.

28) Egg Benedict

american food

Egg benedict is a traditional breakfast (or brunch) dish, loved for the harmony of ingredients. People love it so much that every year they dedicate April 16 as National Eggs Benedict Day. Originating in the US around 1890, eggs benedict are poached eggs served with bacon, toast and hollandaise sauce; a sauce made from butter and egg yolks. The dish is effortless to make, but a successful eggs benedict dish requires the chef to be highly selective, resourceful and meticulous. This makes the dish taste great and unforgettable.

27) Tater Tots

Tater Tots

Tater tots originated in 1953 by Ore-Ida, a frozen food company. The two founders of the company come up with a new way to prepare a normal fried potato dish. They think of mashing the potatoes, combining them with spices and flour, grinding them into a fine paste and frying them in hot oil. This dish turns out surprisingly tasty and turns into a delicious American snack. So, if you are very familiar with French fries, give this unique dish a try.

26) Nasville Hot Chicken – Fried Chicken

american food

South Americans are not the ones who invented crispy fried chicken. Before them, crispy chicken dates back to the Scots and the ancient Romans. However, cooks in the American South have become so adept at preparing fried chicken that fried chicken is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of American food. West African slaves added various spices to crispy chicken and with Colonel Sanders, crispy chicken became popularized worldwide. Modern variations include crispy chicken sandwiches, bruncy chicken, sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken, Nasville’s fiery hot chicken.

25) Meatloaf – Meatballs


It is very difficult to say anything about the origin of meatballs. It has such a variety of recipes that it has been transformed into a different flavor in every culture. However, its uniquely American style first appeared in Fannie Farmer’s “Boston Cooking School Cookbook” in 1918. Since then, it has appeared in almost every American cookbook and on the table. 7 on Good Housekeeping, a ranking of Americans’ favorite foods in 2007. ranked first.

24) Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

When Philadelphian brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri decide to offer something new at the hot dog stand, they make the cheesesteak. The brothers opened a steak restaurant called Pat’s Ling of Steaks, which is still open today. Because cheesesteak has become so popular that it’s one of the first street foods that comes to mind when you think of American food.

23) Nachos


Nachos are a dish that originated in the small Mexican town of Piedras Negras in 1943 by restaurateur Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that it is one of the snacks on the list of American dishes. One day, Nacho had to make a quick snack for a group of US military wives who had come to town while the chef was away.

He fried tortillas with whatever he found in the kitchen and served them hot with grated cheese and jalapeño peppers. This is how the Nachos, a simple, delicious and vegetarian delicacy, turned out. The dish’s popularity quickly spread throughout Texas and the Southwestern US, eventually becoming a worldwide favorite. Nachos, as we know them today, are really a Tex Mex dish. It is especially indispensable with beer.

22) S’mores

american food

A combination of the words “some” and “more”, s’mores are so named because once you’ve had one, you always want a little more. S’mores were originally a popular treat among the Scouts and were known simply as graham cracker sandwiches.

They first appeared as “Some Mores” in Trampling and Trailing with the Girl Scouts in 1927. Usually cooked on skewers over a campfire, s’mores can also be cooked over charcoal at the end of a barbecue or even in the microwave. S’more flavor has become so popular that you can now find it everywhere from cereals to candy bars.

21) Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate Chip Cookies

american food

The word cookie is derived from the Dutch/Flemish term “Koekje” meaning a small round treat. We often hear of the accidental creation of the chocolate chip cookie, when the baker added forgotten chocolate chips to the cookie dough and hoped they would melt.

Ruth Wakefield, the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, says that’s not true. He says he developed this recipe to accompany the ice cream deliberately, not by accident, while he was running Toll House. This chocolate chip cookie is so famous that it has become one of the first desserts that comes to mind among the most popular American dishes and a staple in coffees.

20) Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles

Fried chicken and waffles In the early 1800s, many places in Philadelphia served fried catfish and waffles. Gradually, when catfish became scarce and only needed to be harvested seasonally, they started using fried chicken to replace this protein. In fact, this dish became the typical weekend breakfast of a German-American in Pennsylvania in the 1860s. This easy-to-consume duo 19. became an American fast food at the turn of the century. Today, waffles with fried chicken, a dish enjoyed by breakfast lovers, is transformed into a dish with maple syrup.

19) Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese

In America, you can see that people call this dish mac ‘n’ cheese more than its full name. This may be the easiest of American dishes to prepare… The first macaroni and cheese was brought to America by Thomas Jefferson. On a trip to Europe, Jefferson enjoyed a noodle dish and took notes.

Jefferson’s cousin Mary Randolph included a recipe for “macaroni and cheese” in her 1824 cookbook “The Virginia Housewife”. After this recipe, chefs start putting their own twist on macaroni and cheese. Whether eaten as a side dish or as a main course with meat or vegetables, mac and cheese is a favorite from toddlers to cooks.

18) Lobster Roll- Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

This dish was born in the New England region and the first restaurant to serve lobster rolls was “Perry’s in Milford” in 1929. It quickly spread to all coasts and became even more favored around the world. Now, as for the best lobster rolls, you should visit the state of Maine (USA) if you happen to be in the area. You can try a large portion of lobster roll with fresh lobster, rich butter, mayonnaise (and maybe some other sauces).

17) Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

american food

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic childhood treat for any American or a delightful snack for many adults. In fact, Americans celebrate April 2 every year as National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Regarding the origin of this dish, we first note that peanuts (cultivated and ground) 1. century in South America. Years later, 16. From the mid-century onwards, peanuts were brought to Europe and many large Asian countries.

In the mid-1890s, a doctor named John Harvey Kellogg applied for a patent for the production of peanut butter with salt (considered the ancestor of today’s peanut butter). Sometime after that, in 1901, Julia Davis Chandler published the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe in the Boston Cooking School Magazine. Thanks to its simplicity and flavor, this sandwich is one of the most popular American dishes.

16) Cream Cheese

cream cheese

Cream cheese was only invented in the United States in the 18th century. century in cookbooks. It was also loved by the Jewish culinary community living in New York at the time. As for its origin, the creamy, smooth-textured cheese appeared in Europe long before that.

There are records of this cheese appearing in England from 1583 and later in France in 1651. It wasn’t until 1754 that the secret and recipe for making this cheese was written down, published and spread around the world. However, it is also known as one of the flavors that come to mind when it comes to American cuisine. To enhance the taste of cream cheese, it is recommended to use it fresh or on crackers, bread, bagels or mixed with yogurt.

15) New York Cheesecake

american food

Cheesecake is a very popular dessert in many countries. Even more interestingly, there are many different types of cheesecake around the world. This New York-style cheesecake is an iconic American dessert. New York cheesecake contains plenty of heavy cream, cream cheese (a must) and sour cream. It is estimated that the first official recipe was published under Junior’s name.

Nowadays, a typical New York cheesecake often has a different flavor than the classic one, as New Yorkers will serve it with fresh fruit. In the US, they love this cheesemaking product so much that they celebrate July 30 as National Cheesecake Day.

14) Onion Rings

onion rings

One of the most popular American fried foods is onion rings. The oldest recipe for these onion rings was published in John Molland’s 1802 cookbook. But John is not the creator of this recipe and it is not known how it came about. The main idea of this fried treat is to fry the dough-covered onion rings until crispy and golden, which is extremely creative. After the processing steps, the onion smell is mild, so children also like to eat this fast food.

Now you can easily find these rings in a fast-food restaurant in the US, UK, Ireland and even Asia. It is a very common and popular snack in Turkey.

13) Pancake


Pancakes are considered one of the best-known American light breakfast dishes because they are so simple to make and eat. There are various ways to try many flavors by eating pancakes. First, you can try pairing it with fillings ranging from savory (sausage, bacon) to sweet (fruit jam, fruit, maple syrup, honey) or enjoy it with a cup of strong tea and a glass of milk and cider. You can customize this delicacy as you wish and flavor it with fruits, vegetables and various jams.

12) Surf And Turf

american food

Surf and turf, which you often hear about on MasterChef, is a main dish consisting of seafood and red meat. This is a common dish in British/Irish restaurants in North America. The word “surf” means wave; surf refers to seafood, especially lobster or small shrimp, which can be grilled, buttered or fried. “Turf” is the thick layer of ground near the ground, or the layer of grass on the ground, which means beef (as cows eat grass). It’s a very creative name that rhymes with each other.

Originally considered a fancy dish, it became popular among middle-class Americans in the 1960s and 1970s. Nowadays, it appears on the menu of luxury restaurants or on invitation tables and special occasions.

11) Popcorn – Corn Pops


When popcorn was first sold in movie theaters nearly 100 years ago, it actually helped revive the business that was teetering as the country entered the Great Depression. For many Americans, popcorn triggers happy memories of going to the movies alone, waiting in line to watch a new movie with friends and family. According to a study compiled by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, long before Pop Secret boxes lined grocery store shelves, corn began as a wild grass called teosinte in southwestern Mexico.

Maize was probably grown as a domesticated crop around 9,000 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2012 that archaeologists uncovered the first evidence of popcorn in Peru: 6,700-year-old corn cobs decorated with fluffy kernels.

10) Hot Dog – Hot Dog

american food

Although the hot dog originated in Frankfurt, Germany, hot dogs are now considered an American dish, with each region having its own version. Although this hot dog does not actually have such a great flavor, it has managed to find its place in the world thanks to its ease of eating and the great advertising work carried out by the country.

9) Chicken and Waffles

american food

With chicken and waffles having burst onto the culinary scene in the last decade, it’s easy to assume that this is a relatively new flavor. But the list of American food would be incomplete without this delicacy. In fact, the dish dates back to the 1600s. First served with boiled chicken and gravy by the Pennsylvania Dutch, chicken and waffles have since evolved into the fried chicken and maple syrup dish that breakfast lovers enjoy today.

8) Key Lime Pie

american food

Another pie on the list of American dishes is the key lime pie with a creamy custard flavored with the zest and juice of a solid citrus lemon. When you think of lemon juice, don’t think of the classic yellow lemon juice. Lime adds a stronger smell and taste to the dessert. The surprising thing about these lemon pies is that they are more “American” than apple pies.

7) Buffalo Wings

american food

As the name suggests, it is not hard to guess that it is a dish that originated in Buffalo, New York. But where its origins lie is still a matter of debate. Once discarded as an unwanted piece of meat or used as a stock, chicken wings are now considered a delicacy in their own right.

6) Fried Fish

american food

Fish and chips is a traditional British fast food called fish and chips. It consists of a fish fillet coated in breadcrumbs, fried in oil and then served with French fries. In the US, this dish is also sold as “fish and chips” in Northern New York and Wisconsin, and “fish and chips” elsewhere. The difference between the American and British versions of these fries is that in American English, “chips” means thin slices of fried potato. For this reason, this dish is often served with American-style French fries.

5) Barbecue


From Kansas City to the Carolinas to the dry plains of Texas, Americans say that few things sum up a good summer like American barbecue. Barbecue, colloquially known as barbecue, usually refers to a flavor or event. But barbecue is actually all about the cooking method. On the barbecue, the meat is closer to the fire and gets it directly. In a barbecue, the meat is far from the fire and receives it indirectly. The word barbecue comes from the Spanish word barbacoa, which in the Oxford Dictionary means “a frame of sticks placed on poles”. The most famous variant is Texas barbecue, where slices of juicy beef are slowly smoked…

4) Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue Ribs

Ribs or pieces of pork are marinated in spices and then smoked over hot coals for hours or even days. The long cooking process gives the dish a rich and deep flavor. Paired with coleslaw and greens to reduce the feeling of greasiness. This grilled dish is thought to have originated in the eastern colonies (Virginia and North Carolina).

By the way, barbecue ribs 19. and a little later in the century it started to be served. The first person known to sell food was John Mills, who sold his ribs in the 1920s. The meat is coated with various spices and salt (dry rub) or brushed with sauces (wet style) throughout the entire cooking process. While “dry” meat is usually served without sauce, people put extra sauce on cooked “wet” meat.

3) Pizza (Chicago-style Pizza)

Chicago-style Pizza

It’s not hard to imagine what you think when you see pizza on a list of American foods. However, this is not your typical Italian pizza, but a pizza with a few different names, such as Chicago-style, Detroit-style and New York-style. Pizza is a fast food product that is often debated about which style is best, with different flavors and appearances in different parts of America.

Legend has it that in 1943, a man named Ike Sewell opened Uno’s Pizzeria in Chicago to turn pizza from a snack into a meal. The goal is to make a pizza that is as satisfying as possible. The pizza is deep-dusted and piled on top of each other, adding meat, cheese, tomato pieces and authentic Italian seasoning to a long buttery hard crust. That’s Chicago pizza!

2) Apple Pie

Apple Pie

You might be surprised to see apple pie at the top of this list. But there is no other option that you can see at the top of American food lists. Most known and loved in the United States, you probably remember seeing this cake often in American movies.

If not eaten, they are used for decorative purposes, and if eaten, they are offered or given to children with a glass of warm milk. There is even a famous expression: “American as apple pie.” Apple pie may not have originated in America, as it is believed to have been brought by European immigrants. But its place in American cuisine is pretty solid…

1) Cheseburgers


The history of cheeseburgers and hamburgers, a delicacy loved by almost everyone without exception among American food. 4. It is estimated that it dates back to the first century. The hamburger is supposed to have originated when the Mongols found a way to preserve and tenderize meat. According to another hypothesis, a young chef working at The Rite Spot in the 1920s accidentally burned a meat patty and added some cheese so that he could use the meat and not throw it away. This is exactly the story of the hamburger in California.

However, the officially accepted date is 1935. The old hamburgers did not have two separate round buns, but one big piece of meat between two slices of bread. Then in 1935, at the Denver Humpty Dumpty restaurant, Louis Ballast started putting cheese between the fillings before grilling the hamburgers and it became a trend to this day.




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