5 Effective Tips for Those Who Say ‘I Can’t Remember the Book I’ve Read’

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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They say that reading a book is a door to different worlds. Understanding these worlds, which are not limited to the number of pages and cannot be selected according to the covers, can be more difficult than we think. There is even one that is difficult to understand; The things we read fly out of our minds. So what can we do for this?

1) Words Fly, Writing Remains

Many names, from famous thinkers to politicians, make notes on the books and ensure the permanence of what is written. The phrase “underlining” may not sound foreign to you. If you want to underline that novels are not textbooks; Romeo’s declaration of love for Juliet must be beautiful enough to color, right?

2) From Book to Notebooks

It is a method suitable for those who do not want to write on it and who want my book not to get dirty. With a notebook you can keep with you while reading a book, you can write down the words you like and shape the characters, even if it’s Cin Ali.

You can keep many books together in a notebook, not just for a single book. When you open and read the notebooks, they will be a train ticket that takes you to the magical moment of the books.

3) The Place of Pages Not Lines Is Another

If a whole page, rather than a single word or sentence, has affected you deeply, you can make the pages specific with small post-its. Don’t be afraid of having more than one page, understanding and living a book can’t even compete with a few post-its.

4) Understandable by Traveling

Another factor that makes it easier for us to remember is where you are. Our mind determines elements that help us remember, one of them is the perception of “Space”.

It can be a cafe where you can buy your book and read, as well as a quiet library or by the window of your room. The place you read and the books identify with creating a different ambiance.

5) Some Notes Accompany

Music can be an escape route for most people. Another factor that purifies our soul in its simplest form and helps us to remember it easily is “music”. Music allows you to give a different meaning to the book. It broadens your perspective.
We say that tastes are indisputable, but scientific research should not be skipped. While Classical Music can make you sleepy, it can spice up a boring book.

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