25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

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kendi dünyasında

Dünyamda yer tutan gelişmeleri uzay boşluğuna bırakıyorum.

Author Darius Foroux put together what he said, “I wish I had known 10 years ago,” based on his own experiences. We are listening to him.
Considered one of the founders of Western philosophy, Socrates was once named the wisest man on earth by the Oracle of Delphi. When Socrates heard that the oracle had made such a comment, he thought that this statement was false. And he said:

“All I know is that I know nothing.”

How can the smartest, wisest man in the world know nothing? I first heard this paradoxical wisdom from my school teacher when I was 14 or 15 years old. This impressed me so much, I used this quote from Socrates as my learning strategy.
Saying “I don’t know anything” means to me this: you are an educated person, but you still don’t know anything. You can learn from everything and everyone.
What you’ll find below is a list of the most important things I’ve learned from other people and books. It took me a long time to learn some of these. But if I had to learn these on my own, believe me, it would have taken much longer.
We can learn things quickly, but often forget at the same rate. So sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we’ve learned.
Here are 25 of these reminders that others have taught me:
1) Struggle is good.
Never say “I can’t take it anymore”. Instead of “Come on!” say.
2) Don’t complain.
Complaining is the biggest waste of time. Either do something or shut up.
3) Spend time with the people you love.
This could be your family and best friends. If you don’t have a family, create one. Most people are temporary. The family is permanent.
4) Don’t start a relationship if you’re not in love.
I’ve done this more than once. You like someone and you think: “We can give it a shot.” Actually, that’s not such a good idea . You are either in love or you are not. Don’t fool yourself.
5) Exercise daily.
I couldn’t do that until recently. A healthy body is where you should start everything in life. Build a healthy and strong body!
6) Keep a diary.
No, keeping a diary is not something kids do. It helps you become a better thinker and writer. You might say, “I don’t want to be a writer.” So how many emails and texts do you send per day? In fact, everyone is a writer.
7) Be grateful.
Thank everyone and everything. “Thank you for this beautiful day”, “Thank you for your email”, “Thank you for being there”… etc.
8) Don’t care what people think.
Aren’t we all going to die eventually? Does it really matter what people think of you?
9) Take more risks.
Don t be coward.
10) Choose an industry, not a job.
If you want to be good at something, you have to spend years doing it. You can’t do that if you move from industry to industry. Pick an industry you love and start at the bottom. Finally you will find the perfect job for you.

11) Show the way.
When you find yourself in a situation where everyone is looking at each other, it’s time to take the lead. You begin to be the leader you decide to be a leader. There is no starting time or job position for this. Being a leader is just making a decision.
12) Money is not the most important thing.
You need to train yourself to ignore money and focus on providing value instead. Also, don’t become overly dependent on the items you have. Otherwise the item will be owned by you.
13) Be kind.
You could be a nicer person. Don’t insult people.
14) Learn every day.
You don’t have to read a book a day to learn every day. Learn from your mistakes. Be open to what people around you can teach you.
15) Rest before you get tired.
Even if you’re someone who loves your job, you still need to take time to rest. You are a human, not an Android, never forget that.

16) Judgment.
People aren’t stupid just because they’re making different choices than you. Also, you don’t know everything about people, so don’t judge them, help them.
17) Think of others.
Just be careful, that’s all. We all have families, bills to pay and our own problems.
18) Do things for nothing.
Don’t keep score. Just do something for the happiness of doing good.
19) The game has no end.
Don’t try to understand everything. Enjoy your journey.
20) Enjoy the little things.
I like cliches because they are true. Especially this item. Do you know why? Because everybody says they know it, but nobody does it. They’re just chasing after the big things.
21) Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Yes, you are an individual and people have to take you seriously, I get it. But at the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of ants chasing the same things. Cheer up…

22) Don’t blame people.
What’s the purpose? To punish them? Don’t do this to people. Also, don’t do it yourself. You are just a human too.
23) Create something.
Not to leave a legacy, but to be happy! Make music, write a book, build a table, anything. For yourself… You will feel good.
24) Never look back for too long.
The past is good for only one thing: learning.
25) Take action!
Don’t just sit there. Without movement, you cannot create results.
You may know too much. But like Socrates, you and I know nothing. That’s why we have to keep learning.

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