What is Biology Department? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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Biology department is a four-year undergraduate department that aims to train scientists in the most general sense. Biology itself is a life science. It does not receive much attention in our country, but it is a department where many successes can be achieved if sufficient resources and attention are shown. If you are interested in science and various branches of science, we have compiled the questions that you would like to include in your preference list and that are curious about this department, which is available in many universities.

What is Biology Department?

biology department
Biology; It is the natural science that studies physical structures, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, including evolution and life. The aim of the program is to train scientists on the evolution of living things and their distribution on earth, anatomy and physiology. In our country, education of this department is given in 74 universities in total.

How many years is the Biology Department Education Period?

The duration of this department, which is taught in the Faculties of Arts and Sciences of universities, is 4 years. In universities with preparatory classes, this period increases to 5 years. Biology graduates are given the title of “biologist”.

What are the Biology Department Courses?

It is possible to list some of the courses in the department as follows:
● Genetics
● Biogeography
● Biodiversity and Origin
● Plant and Animal Systematics
● Animal Embryology
● Product Applications
● Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
● Applied Laboratory
Those who successfully complete the ECTS requirement can successfully graduate from this department.

What Do Biology Graduates Do?

Graduates who receive the title of biologist examine the structure of cells or tissues of living or dead plants, animals, and humans in various laboratories and the changes that occur in this structure as a result of various chemical effects.

How Much Salary Do Biology Graduates Get?

The amount of salary you receive will vary depending on the institution you work for. If you are a graduate of biology working in the government, you will receive the amount of the determined civil servant salary. If you work in the private sector, you will receive the amounts determined by the company you work for. We can say that the average price is between 4000-5000 TL.

What are the Challenges of the Biology Department?

In a comprehensive department such as biology, the excess of the courses you take may cause the information you will learn to be too much. This can be challenging at times. Another issue would be to put all this knowledge you’ve learned to use.

Who Can Be Successful in Biology?

It is important for people who want to study biology to be successful and curious observers in science classes. This is also an important trait, as working in laboratories requires great patience. There is no guarantee that you will be immediately successful in whatever you do. Since it is a section that requires memorization, people with a strong memory can achieve success more easily.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Biology Department?

As a branch of science, biology brings experiments and scientific studies with it. In addition to laboratory studies, it is a department that also finds its way in the field of education.
Graduates of the department can have jobs in the following sectors:
● Ministry of Health
● SSK Hospitals
● Faculty of Medicine
● In Hydrobiology Research Centers
● Ministries of Environment and Forestry
● In the Private Sector
● Greenhouse
● Pharmaceutical Industry
● Food Sector
● Education

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Biology Department?

Individuals who successfully complete their undergraduate degree have the opportunity to pursue a master’s/doctorate abroad. They can take these trainings from many universities in different parts of the world. After fulfilling the necessary requirements of universities, you can complete your education and start working. Some of these are as follows:
● Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
● University of Liverpool
● University of Ottawa
● The University of Sydney
You can find all other university departments here.

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