What is an Ectomorph Body Type? Advice for People with Ectomorph Body Type

ectomorph body type

The ectomorph body type is one of the body types that most need exercise. However, there are a lot of people wondering about it. Let’s talk about the ectomorph body type today. There are some basic points that must be known before starting any exercise or sport.

Along with basic points such as correct breathing, careful and correct nutrition, measured and correct warm-up movements, knowing the body type is also very important in order to determine which training, sports branch and diet type is suitable for the person.

If it is thought that there is not enough efficiency from the applied training, the reason is probably not choosing the appropriate movements for the body type. For this reason, the most ideal work program and diet should be applied by learning the body type.

When Are Body Types Classified?

The idea of classification of body types was first used by psychologist William Sheldon in the 1940s to reveal the relationship between our body type and our character.

Although the connection of body types with personality and character is not scientifically revealed; The scientific world also agrees with him that each of the endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph body types, which is the classification made by William Sheldon, should follow different steps in nutrition, exercise and supplement intake for a healthy life and properly functioning metabolism and systems.

Getting to know your body closely, understanding and responding to its needs, and developing a lifestyle suitable for these needs will help to have a healthier and fitter body.

Body types, which are basically divided into 3; ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Although this grouping is made according to body thickness, it also considers factors such as muscle gain or easy fat gain.
Body type, which is effective in determining which supplements should be taken as well as exercise, determining a sport branch and diet, can occur in different combinations in different people. Especially in men, it has been observed that two different body types are seen together rather than a single body type. In this content, we will examine the ectomorph body type and the nutrition and training that are suitable for it.

Ectomorph Body Type

ectomorph body type

The ectomorph, which is considered the weakest body type, has an appearance that is called “skinny” among the people. The ectomorph body type, with little width and thin shoulders, also consists of small joints and bones and lean muscles. The most unique and distinctive features of people with ectomorph body type are as follows:

  • They have a skeletal structure made up of small bones.
  • Muscle gain in this body type can be said to be quite difficult.
  • It has a flat chest area.
  • Although weak, the shoulders are small or short.
  • The muscles are not prominent as it is a lean muscle mass.
  • It has a fast metabolism so it cannot gain weight easily.

Since the most obvious problem of the ectomorph body type is not gaining weight or losing it very quickly even if it does, it always needs high calorie intake. The exercises he should do should include short but intense movements focused on large muscle areas. Since it is considered the weakest body type, it will need a lot of nutritional supplements used during bodybuilding. In this body type, fat breakdown also occurs very quickly, so they can comfortably go through the fat burning process necessary for sports. However, since muscle loss occurs quickly, they should eat before going to bed at night to prevent muscle loss.

Ectomorph Body Type Characteristics

If your body shape is far from being triangular or muscular, which is the body shape of swimmers, but is thin and long like that of a marathon runner, has a visibly low muscle and fat ratio, has a very bony and weak physique, and has trouble increasing muscle mass, If you are thin and tall like a marathon runner rather than triangular or muscular like a marathon runner, your muscle and fat ratio is quite low, you have more bones and a lean physique, you can never gain weight even if you eat the world, you have an ectomorph body type.

Although people with ectomorph body type are tall, they are distinguished from other body types by the fact that all their limbs are thin and long. These limbs are generally slender and long, from fingers to arms, from legs to facial features. The joints are small and the bones are quite thin. The chest and hip areas, where the fat tissue normally collects in the body, is small because the fat and muscle ratios are low. Although some ectomorphs are lean, they can also have a higher fat percentage than expected. Ectomorphs have a hard time building and maintaining muscle mass because their metabolism works much faster than other people.

How Should Ectomorph Body Type Individuals Eat ?

ektomorf beslenme

The metabolism of people with ectomorph body type usually works fast. This makes it difficult to gain weight, and they may seem to eat everything and not gain weight. However, as their muscle density is very low, their metabolic rate will decrease faster than other people.

For this reason, people with ectomorph body type are much more prone to turning what they eat into fat and storing this fat as they get older, compared to other people. With these in mind, an ectomorph should adopt a high-calorie diet program, prioritizing carbohydrates as the most ideal diet. Approximately 50-60% of the calories taken during the day should be carbohydrates, 25% fat and 25% fat.

In order for ectomorphs to meet their energy needs, they need to adopt a pattern of eating every 2 to 4 hours. Ectomorphs aiming to gain weight and increase muscle mass must add 500 more calories to their daily calorie intake. It is important for them to turn to hot drinks and foods that are easier to digest, instead of cold drinks and foods, and to focus on them.

Foods rich in quality carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice, potatoes, quinoa; Vegetables and fruits in the season, nuts and oil seeds containing healthy fats, in summary, almost all of the nutritionally rich and healthy foods should be included in their diet. This is very important in terms of quality weight gain and building muscle mass.

In addition to a healthy diet for weight gain and the formation of muscle mass, it is very important to train or exercise, and consuming fast-digestible carbohydrates about 30-60 minutes before sports hours will help them maintain their energy and show high performance during the training.

About 30-60 minutes after exercise, glycogen stores should be replenished quickly, repairing muscle fibers and promoting new muscle formation. In order to do this, it is very important to consume a food consisting of 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 10% healthy fats.

What Exercises Should People with Ectomorph Body Type Do?

ektomorf vücut tipi için egzersizler

People with ectomorph body type need an exercise program that is the opposite of people with endomorph body type due to their low fat ratio and fast working metabolism. Since their bones are long and thin and their metabolism is very fast, they have difficulty in increasing and maintaining their muscle mass and body weight.

In order to reduce energy use and support the conversion of nutrients into muscle mass, ectomorph people should do minimal cardiovascular training; they should focus on doing exercises in which they use weight and strength in their exercise routines.

People with ectomorph body type can perform better in cardio exercises that require endurance and continuity than other body types. This is why most ectomorphs prefer cardio exercises to strength training like lifting weights, and they prefer cycling, running, swimming, etc. they can do cardio exercises for a long time without showing any signs of fatigue.

However, in order to strengthen their muscles and build new muscle mass, it is recommended that they do cardio exercises only as much as they can meet their needs, at a minimum level, and to spare half an hour for cardio exercises, at most two days a week.

It is very important and essential for ectomorphs to do weight training with heavy weights every day of the week in order to build new muscle mass, increase their endurance and shape their bodies. The most important point of weight training should be to use as much weight as possible and to complete 3-5 sets of 8-12 repetitions for each muscle element in the body. In order to be durable and increase muscle mass, exercise groups that can be done with both body weight and weight equipment, CrossFit , functional training can be beneficial.

Although they are very advantageous in losing weight due to their fast working metabolism, ectomorphs also need to plan their nutrition and exercise regimens in accordance with their own needs for a healthy functioning metabolism. It would be beneficial to consult a doctor if there is still a problem in building muscle mass and increasing endurance, provided that the exercises that focus on the weight on a regular basis and the nutrition are followed in the recommended ways.

Highlights for the Ectomorph Body Type:


People with ectomorph body type should definitely not smoke. Since they have a narrow chest, it will be very harmful for them to reduce their lung capacity by using cigarettes. Muscle development will be destroyed, as many harms such as muscle building, fat burning, disrupting the metabolism can be counted. This will be more devastating in ectomorphs than in a normal body type person.


Just as everyone who builds muscle and trains needs these supplements, ectomorphs also need these supplements relatively more.
But of course, as with any supplement, it is of great importance to use it in moderation, regularly and of course under the control of a doctor. It should not be forgotten that these supplements are for support purposes, and it should be taken into account that the nutrition provided by natural means should be kept strong.

sports program

Since the ectomorph body type is weak in muscle strength, one should be very careful while doing sports programs. Too much training every day can cause injury and stop muscle development. Therefore, training should be short-term.

Warming up, training and stretching should not exceed 60 minutes together. Spending hours in the gym doesn’t just show you will have muscle mass, it can also cause worse muscle loss. To ensure that this short 60-minute workout is effective, it is necessary to work one muscle group each training day. The body can be divided into five limbs: chest, shoulder, leg, forearm and back. It will be much more rewarding than spending hours training hard for 60 minutes on a single area a day.

It may not do any harm to train in a row, since it is practiced on different regions every day. However, since the ectomorph body type has a slow-twitch structure, it would be more logical to work out every other day. This is something one can figure out according to their own body.

It can differ for everyone. Some benefit from working overtime, while others can benefit from working 5 days in a row and resting for 2 days. The training should be quite hard, when the sport is over, the area you work in should be on fire, so to speak. But this pain should be muscle pain, a doctor should be consulted for different pains.


The point that people with ectomorph body type should pay attention to most about nutrition is to get plenty of protein. While this is a valid point for anyone who does sports, it is much more important for ectomorphs. While people with other body types do not immediately see the harm of not taking protein, ectomorphs can.

Many different types of protein should be consumed during the day. Mainly, it should be eggs, chicken breast, veal, fish (omega 3). Since the excess of red meat will be harmful to the body, it will be sufficient to eat it 2 times a week.

An ectomorph needs to gain weight. But this weight should be gained by consuming plenty of protein and “quality” carbohydrates. The weight gained with fast food and junk food products such as chips, biscuits, white bread, chocolate, etc. will cause you to be much weaker and to meet with fat in the belly area. After the training (within 1 hour), a meal rich in protein and quality carbohydrates should be consumed.


The body starts to adapt as a response during the training and starts to build muscle after the training, thinking that it needs to be stronger. While other body types perform this process very quickly and efficiently, an ectomorph person does it more slowly and inefficiently.

This is the main reason why muscle gain is difficult. Removing this difference with other body types will be possible with the right rest. It includes resting nutrition and supplements. The body has to take the right nutrients and aids in order to build muscle at the most accurate level.

At this point, sleep is also very important. Those with a poor sleep pattern should not expect to be successful either. An ectomorph should not re-use the same muscle area before 72 hours. For example, chest or arm should not be worked every other day. Working the same muscle area over and over will stop muscle development.

The Importance of Leg Exercises for Ectomorph Body Type

The leg is the most important weapon of an ectomorph, so it is very, very important. Half of the total muscle in an ectomorph’s body is in their legs. The leg is the region that uses the growth hormone secreted when the muscle is worked the most.

By improving the leg muscles, it can regulate the entire metabolism and hormonal balance, it will help the rib cage to grow and develop, and it will also ensure the faster development of the muscles worked in other areas, and increase the endurance very significantly. The 2 most indispensable and important leg movements will be squat and deadlift.

Squat and deadlift are the most important causes of hand, knee and spine injuries because they are done so wrong. If done correctly, the risk of injury will be eliminated. It may be healthy to do it weightlessly at first and let the brain memorize the movements. The muscles that ectomorphs develop the fastest are leg muscles. In this muscle area, the difference can become visible in a very short time.

Injury Status

The body type most susceptible to injury due to bone and joint structures is the ectomorph body type. Since the joints are very weak, one should be very careful while exercising. In the first place, rather than gaining muscle mass, it is important to do the right movement in a measured way, to determine the limits of the joints, to accustom the body to training. If hard training is done at once, it can cause muscle and fiber tears, which can destroy the motivation of the person. In order to prevent injury, joint strengthening supplements can be used under the supervision of a doctor.

not be hungry

A person with an ectomorph body type should never go hungry. Being hungry for a long time and skipping meals will cause epic muscle loss. You can lose the muscle mass you gained in 1 year by skipping meals in this way in 1 month. The harder it is for ectomorphs to gain muscle, the easier it is to lose. Even if muscle work is stopped with a balanced and regular diet, the amount of muscle will not decrease that much. Maintaining the gained muscle mass depends on not being hungry for a long time and regular nutrition.

Be patient

Getting tired even at the lowest weights at first can cause you to give up when others are working with very high weights. Ectomorph people begin to think that they were not created for sports and this order after a while.

However, if you are patient, it will result in the clothes you wear on you as you want, when you perform the work you put in physical effort, you will not get tired as much as before, and most importantly, it will result in gaining self-confidence. If you work in a regular and motivated way, you will start to work with high weights like other people for a while. Therefore, patience is also a very important factor.


After the slightest physical activity, it will be seen that the problems of extreme fatigue, joint and muscle injury in a sudden movement will disappear. If you are experiencing back and neck pain, these will also end.
– The risk of heart attack will be greatly reduced.
– The blood circulation will become healthy as it should be.
– It will continue to gain weight more difficult than other people. But this time because of the excess muscle mass.
– Happiness: It is a scientifically proven fact that doing sports releases the hormone of happiness.
– The correct diet, safe weight lifting, moderate and correct exercise learned while determining this order will ensure a healthier life in daily life.


Although the development varies a lot since it depends a lot on the genetics you have, finding the right training, nutrition quality, sleep pattern, the best thing for ectomorphs is that they will gain muscle very quickly as they have not had muscle mass before. But quitting will cause them to return to their former state at the same speed.
Here, the reverse point is after 3 months. In the first 3 months, you should still see yourself as an ectomorph, after 3 months you should work harder and harder.

Key Points for Ectomorph Body Type Development:

– Nutrition
– Short workouts
– good rest
– Quickly meet protein and carbohydrate loss after training
– Non-smoking life
– Legs
– Patience

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