The World’s Most Read Book: What is the Subject of The Little Prince?

The Little Prince is the most read and best-bought book in the world. The Little Prince was published in 1945 and translated into 210 different languages. This work was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Who is the author of The Little Prince?

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in Lyon, France, on June 29, 1900. After studying architecture, he joined the French Air Force as a technician and was sent to Strasburg to train as a pilot. Later, the author, who went to America, wrote The Little Prince in a hotel room.

All drawings in watercolor are also the author’s own. It is thought that some events inspired the author in his own life to write the book. The author, a pilot, actually landed in the Sahara Desert in 1935. He is also covered by volcanoes where he lives, namely El Salvador.

What is the theme of The Little Prince?

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The work begins with the author’s plane crashing and making a forced landing in the Sahara Desert. After this forced landing, the writer encounters the Little Prince in this vast and desolate desert. The Little Prince asks the pilot to draw a sheep for him and to draw a box for the sheep. He even asks for a rope for his sheep. Because he may have to tie the sheep, he wants to be connected because he doesn’t want anything to happen to the coy flower, which he cares about. Then he starts asking questions to the pilot, and the pilot is surprised. He realizes that this little boy is from another planet.

The Little Prince lived on a planet named Asteroid B 612 with a coy and slightly moody flower, three volcanoes, one of which was extinct, and two active volcanoes, whose ashes he cleaned every morning, and baobabs that he had to constantly clean. He had to clean up the baobabs because if they were not cleaned in time, they could spread throughout the planet and puncture the Earth with their roots.

In fact, this planet named Asteroid B 612 is as small as a house. The pilot understood this as a result of a conversation with the Little Prince about the sunset. Because the Little Prince could watch the sunset forty-four times in one day.

As the pilot chatted with the Little Prince, he realized that he had a flower he left behind on the planet he came from and valued very much. The little Prince burst into tears when he spoke of this flower. He was very much angry with himself for not being able to accept him with all his flaws, thorns, coyness, spoilers, and whims and for abandoning that poor fellow abruptly.

On the first planet lived a noble king who sat on a glorious and noble throne. But the Little Prince got tired of this domineering-looking king, who was even smaller than his planet and gave orders to someone who came to see his world even though he lived on his own and left this planet. The Little Prince started his journey by visiting asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330, close to his world.

Next was the second planet. Here, a very arrogant person lived. This person saw himself as the most handsome, brilliant, and stylish being and wanted the Little Prince to admire him. He was pleading with the Little Prince. The Little Prince also found the existence on this planet strange and moved on.

Next was the third planet. Here, a drunken man lived, who constantly drank, because he was ashamed to drink. The little Prince found this man exciting and continued on his way.

Next was the fourth planet. A businessman lived here. This businessman had barely noticed the Little Prince. The only concern of this man, who was always calculating something, was to be rich.

He was saying that he had the stars, that he had discovered the stars himself, that he could buy them and put them in the bank. He has so engrossed in material things that the Little Prince found this man strange and pathetic and moved on.

The fifth planet was fascinating. It was smaller than any planet he had ever seen. There was only room for one street lamp and the attendant who lit it. The Little Prince was surprised because why would a streetlight and its attendant be needed on a planet without humans. The Little Prince thought that the man here was as interesting as on any other world, but at least his work had a purpose.

“The king, the smug man, the drunkard, the businessman, they all despised this man. However, I could only be friends with this man. At least he is busy with something other than himself. But the planet is so small that the two of us cannot live here.” thought the Little Prince and went on his way.

The Little Prince has arrived on the sixth planet. This place was quite large compared to the last planet. Here, a geographer who wrote books lived. This geographer didn’t seem to have much to do with science either. It was stuck between the molds. The little Prince asked which planet he could advise him to go to. “The world,” said the geographer. “It’s a very famous planet there.”
And the Little Prince set out again to come to Earth.

This is how the Little Prince came to Earth. He was shocked when he got here because everything he’s seen on other planets is here in the tens or even thousands. Thousands of lighthouses, thousands of business people, thousands of drunkards, thousands of scientists, and even tons of them. Not only these but foxes, snakes, trees, mountains, plains, volcanoes, flowers, rivers, and tons of everything he can see.

The Little Prince is a children’s book?

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Although The Little Prince is categorized as a children’s book, it is actually beyond the scope of the category where it is classified as it brings some criticisms to the lives of adults through the eyes of a small child, even much beyond.

In fact, the Little Prince reminds us how precious even the little things that happen to us in life or that we have are, our feelings, feelings that we forget and become dulled as we grow up. It is also rumored that the Little Prince also decried the many negatives that the Second World War left on society.

What is the main idea of The Little Prince?

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In the planets in the fairy tale, each planet actually symbolizes something different. The king’s planet has many desires, such as authority and prestige; the smug man’s planet is arrogance and contempt for others; the planet of the drunk is burnout and the consequent desire to forget everything; the businessman’s desire to own the planet material things; someone who does his job without even questioning his duty as the lighthouse’s planet; The geographer’s planet represents his point of view on science through an individual who has forgotten what science exists for, in fact, has nothing to do with science.

Who is the Turk in the book The Little Prince?

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In the book, the astronomer is a Turk who discovered the asteroid B-612, from which the Little Prince came. Upon his discovery, this astronomer was not taken into account because of the fez he wore and his clothes at an international astronomy congress he attended in 1909. The dictator in the Turkish astronomer’s country forced his people to dress like European people, and the Turkish astronomer dressed like European people and attended the congress again.

Thus, the paragraph stating that the astronomer’s discovery was accepted has led to many discussions in Turkey. This paragraph noted that a reference was made to the dress and clothing revolution in Turkey, and Atatürk was criticized. In Turkish translations, these paragraphs have been edited in different ways in the text. For this reason, The Little Prince was removed from the category of 100 Essential Works that students should read in 2005 but was added again thanks to the revisions made later.

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