Nazım Hikmet Piraye: A Legendary Love Story

Nazım Hikmet Piraye love is one of the legendary loves. Although it does not end happily, his story and those written for the sake of this love have become wonderful masterpieces for our literary world. Nazım Hikmet Ran has a very fast love life. Although many women have passed through his life, none of them can replace Piraye. None of them can write dozens of poems in his name like Piraye. While expressing his love for Piraye in every environment, Nazım Hikmet describes her as follows in the letter he wrote to Piraye one day: “You are my closest person.” However, this letter is a farewell letter. A love story that starts with passionate love and ends with love…

Piraye becomes friends with Nazım’s sister Samiye and their story begins with Nazım.

nazim wisdom piraye

Piraye is in the process of divorce with her husband Vedat Örfi, who left her and her two children and fled to Paris. He returns to his mother’s house with his two children. In this process, she meets Nazım and a rapprochement begins between them. However, this situation is quite complicated for Piraye. Because his mind is always on his two little children. Moreover, Piraye’s family does not want to accept Nazım Hikmet, who expresses that he is a communist everywhere, as the groom. Nazım Hikmet’s family also does not approve of this relationship, since Piraye is married and has two children. However, these difficulties are not daunting for neither Piraye nor Nazım. Nazım writes the following lines in those days:

“My daughter, my mother, my wife, my brother


The sun is blowing on your head

golden eyed boy

My golden-eyed child;

crazy screaming

summer passed right under my nose,

I get a bunch of purple violets

I couldn’t bring

to you!

What the hell are we doing?

your friends opened up

We cut violet money!”

In 1932, they decided to live together and settled in a mansion.

nazim wisdom piraye

Despite the negative thoughts around them, they settle in a mansion together to live their love to the fullest. However, since neither of them can earn enough money, they have a lot of money problems at first. However, this lack of money cannot prevent their happiness. Piraye’s divorce with Vadet Örfi takes place on September 13 and life gets a little easier for the two of them.

The seizure of the book “Telegram from the Night” begins and Nazım is arrested.

nazim wisdom piraye

Many lawsuits are filed against Nazım Hikmet without hesitation. He is even asked to be tried with a death sentence. With the amnesty law enacted at that time, the sentence was reduced to 1 year. Nazım Hikmet, who was already in prison for more than a year and a half during the trial, is released with this amnesty. While in prison, he never neglects to write to Piraye. In a letter he writes:

“My love!

In his last letter:

‘My head aches, my heart is dazed! ‘ you say.

‘If they hang you, if I lose you;

you say;

‘I can’t live! ‘

Long live my wife,

My memory disperses like black smoke in the wind; you live my heart

redhead sister

takes a year at most

in the twentieth centuries

the pain of death.”

In 1935, Piraye and Nazım secretly married.

nazim and piraye

Coming out of prison, Nazım secretly married Piraye in 1935. Nazım Hikmet moves to Istanbul with Piraye. Here he begins to write for newspapers. Piraye’s children continue to school. While they lead a very happy life together, there are those who have a night time.

One night, Nazım is taken into custody by the police.

Nazım, who was taken into custody by the police on January 17, 1938, is taken to Ankara. Here he is tried by the Military Court of the Military Academy Command. Despite not having any proven crimes, he is sentenced to 15 years in prison for making communist propaganda.

For the love of Nazım Hikmet Piraye, a 15-year prison sentence cannot prevent it.


For exactly 12 years, he wrote dozens of letters to Nazım Piraye, and Piraye to Nazım. Expressing their longing for each other in letters, the two lovers hold on to life, dreaming of meeting as soon as possible.

Everything changes when Münevver Berk visits Nazım.

enlightened berk

In the days when Nazım Hikmet started a relationship with Piraye, he had a small rapprochement with his uncle’s daughter, Münevver Berk. However, this rapprochement is short lived. Immediately after, Münevver Berk married the successful painter Nurullah Berk. Münevver, who has a daughter from this marriage, goes to Bursa Prison to visit Nazım Hikmet. Seeing Münevver after a long time, a fire of love begins to burn in Nazım’s heart. With this love he writes the following lines:

“You are my bondage and my freedom,

You are my flesh burning like a naked summer night,

you are my hometown.

You have green halos in your hazel eyes,

you are great, beautiful and victorious

and you are my longing, which is inaccessible as it is reached…”

Nazım writes a farewell letter to his great love and sets sail for a new love.

nazim wisdom piraye

Nazim Hikmet’s farewell letter to Piraye:


We need to cut our relationship between husband and wife, which is one of the relations between us, but which does not actually exist for a long time, and which is understood to not exist for many years, our relationship between men and women. I understood the necessity of this after long judgments and tortured conversations with my soul. And I am writing right now that this relationship must be cut off so that I do not lie to you even for one more day. You are still my closest person. You are my best friend and friend. Your children are my children. I believe nothing will change on this side of us. But our husband and wife can no longer continue. We need to cut this connection, which is only one of our ties. With this letter I sent you, I will have made my application to the necessary places to break our relationship between husband and wife.

Despite all that’s going on, I know we’ll remain two close people. When I’m in trouble, I’ll be in jail, I’ll be outside, I will run to you again. You will run to me like that. I owe you the best years of my life, the best works. They are yours spiritually and materially. For now, we have blessed God. I’m not even saying forgive me. Despite everything, I am sure that you are the person who will understand me more than anyone else. I kiss your hands.’

Nazim hikmet

Painful days begin for Piraye.

nazim wisdom piraye

Piraye, who is waiting for the day Nazım will be released from prison with her two children in Istanbul, is devastated by the letter received. After this letter, Piraye wants to divorce Nazım as soon as possible. He is sure that there is another woman in Nazım’s life and works hard to find that woman. However, he cannot get full information. While Piraye is in this process, Nazım does his best to get Münevver to leave her husband. Her hope is to be released with an amnesty and marry Münevver.

Nazim’s hopes fall into the water.

I need you

Amnesty does not come and Nazım continues to stay in prison. Realizing that Nazım will not be able to get out of prison in a short time, Münevver gives up on divorcing his wife. Nazım loses both Münevver and his pen pal Piraye, with whom he had a loveless love for years. Then he starts writing to Piraye again:

“Pirayem is my red-haired sister,

I stabbed you in the back. My hands are stained with your blood, a drop of which is worth all the blood in my veins. No human being on earth has ever done any harm to any human being that I did to you. Despite all this, come. What the hell am I supposed to do if I’m brazen and mean enough to say “Come” to you. But come. Come for the head of our son, Memet, so that I may have the opportunity to be a worthy father for the rest of my life. I don’t know how to look at your face. When I meet you, maybe I will collapse at your feet. Maybe I’ll just try to face him with the courage of a traitor who handed over his flag to the enemy. Maybe I’ll just sit and stare at your shoes without saying a word. But come. If my life was my own, I would have preferred to die long ago. I so hate my own individuality, my physiology, the insane side of my head. But I have to live. Come not to forgive me, but to keep me alive for our son, daughter and good honorable people like them, and don’t leave me alone again. I’ll kiss your skirts.”

Piraye will never forgive Nazım.

nazim wisdom piraye

Piraye does not respond to Nazım Hikmet’s letters. Thereupon, he starts to write letters to Nazım Piraye’s son Mehmet, trying to get news from Piraye. In his letters, he writes that he will commit suicide if Piraye does not come to visit him. Piraye, who cannot stand so much insistence, goes to visit with her children, but cannot forgive Nazım.

Piraye sees Nazim and Münevver.


The health condition of Nazım, who has started a hunger strike, is getting worse day by day. He is then taken to the hospital. In this process, he begins to meet with Nazım Münevver, who has the thought that he will be released from prison with amnesty. Piraye goes to visit Nazım. However, the sight he will encounter deeply hurts him. Seeing Nazım together with Münevver, the woman he fell in love with, Piraye leaves the hospital. After that day, Nazım could not see Piraye again.

Nazım leaves the prison with Münevver.

verse and intellectual

When Nazım is released from prison, he has not yet divorced Piraye. Divorce takes place and Münevver gives birth to a son. Nazım gives his son the name of Mehmet, the son of Piraye. Piraye never talks about Nazım Hikmet. He keeps everything they experience inside him until he dies.

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