The World’s Highest Mountains: Breathtaking Heights

highest mountains in the world

As humanity, we have succeeded in stepping into almost every part of the world. What about peaks that are dazzling to even look at? For many years, humanity sought ways to climb mountains that seemed to be insurmountable. Many people lost their lives for this cause. The highest mountains in the world also serve as the tomb of many adventurers and scientists. In this content, we bring together the mountains known for their breathtaking height. If you are ready, let’s take a closer look at our list of the highest mountains in the world together.

The world’s highest mountains, truly breathtaking in their height:

  1. Mount Everest
  2. Mount K2 (Qogir or Godwin-Austen)
  3. Kangchenjunga Mountain
  4. Mount Lhotse
  5. Mount Makalu
  6. Mount Cho Oyu
  7. Mount Dhaulagiri I
  8. Manaslu Mountain
  9. Mount Nanga Parbat
  10. Mount Annapurna I

10) Mount Annapurna I – Annapurna/Himalaya

annapurna dağı

  • Height: 8,091 meters

Annapurna I , 10th in elevation. Although it ranks first, it ranks first in mortality rate and danger. The death rate of this mountain, which has six different peaks, is 40% on average. Annapurna is actually the name given to all 6 peaks. Annapurna I names the highest peak of this mountain range.

Other peaks of the Anapurna mountains are also over 7,000 meters. Apart from the highest mountains in the world, Annapurna I, which is also the deadliest mountain, also played the leading role in the great disaster in 2014.

Dozens of climbers were stranded in this terrible mountain of Nepal due to snowstorms and avalanches. 43 of these climbers lost their lives. Dozens of climbers who survived had lost their limbs due to frost.

9) Nanga Parbat Mountain – Nanga Parbat/Himalaya

nanga parbat

  • Height: 8,126 meters

Although there are higher mountains than itself, Nanga Parbat occupies a special place for its deadliness and difficulty. This mountain in Pakistan is also known as the “Killer Mountain”. Throughout history, many deaths have occurred due to both natural and unnatural causes.

The most famous of these is the terrorist attack that took place in 2013. Famous Turkish mountaineer Tunç Fındık tried to climb this mountain in 2013. However, as a result of the Taliban attack on the main camp, 11 people lost their lives and the climb remained unfinished.

Tunç Fındık escaped because he was in the other camp during the attack. Tunç Fındık would try to climb this mountain again in 2021. But due to the pandemic, the climb was postponed to 2022.

8) Manaslu Mountain – Manaslu/Himalaya

manaslu dünyanın en yüksek dağları

  • Height: 8,163 meters

Mount Manaslu is a relatively easy mountain to climb, located in the Nepalese part of the Himalayan Mountains. Despite being the eighth among the highest mountains in the world, Manaslu has not experienced many disasters. The name Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa.

It is translated into Turkish as “Mountain of Spirits”. The only disaster in Manaslu Mountain occurred in 1972. While the mountaineers were still around 6500 meters, an avalanche fell and 15 mountaineers lost their lives. Due to the ease of climbing, many tours are organized to Manaslu Mountain every year.

7) Mount Dhaulagiri I – Dhaulagiri/Himalaya

dhaulagiri dağı

  • Height: 8,167 meters

Dhaulagiri, another Himalayan mountain in Nepal, is actually a massif. Dhaulagiri I is the highest peak of this massif. At the same time, Dhaulagiri I is the highest peak in Nepal. Although the death rate is higher than Manaslu, Dhaulagiri I is also a relatively less dangerous mountain to climb.

The death rate of Dhaulagiri I is 16%. To date, 358 people have successfully climbed the Dhaulagiri I mountain and 58 people have lost their lives. They are only 34 kilometers away from the deadly mountain Annapurna I.

6) Mount Cho Oyu – Mahalangur/Himalaya

cho oyu dağı

  • Height: 8,188 meters

Cho Oyu , the easiest 8,000-meter mountain to climb, has been frequented by many climbers over the years. The easiest reason why Cho Oyu Mountain is “eight thousand” is that there is a glaciated pass called Nangpa La a few kilometers west of it. This pass is one of the main trade routes of Tibetans.

The first ascent to the mountain was made by an Austrian team in 1954. The first Turkish mountaineer to climb Cho Oyu Mountain was Nasuh Mahruki in 1997. Uğur Uluocak in 1999 and Tunç Fındık in 2005 successfully climbed this mountain.

5) Mount Makalu – Mahalangur/Himalaya

makalu dünyanın en yüksek dağları

  • Height: 8,485 meters

Another 8,000-strong Makalu , neighboring Everest, has a slightly more difficult climbing route than Everest’s other neighbors. Especially many of the first attempts to climb the mountain ended in death. In 1955, French climbers Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy succeeded in climbing Makalu Mountain.

These two found a route that had not been tried before, and they were successful in this way. Later, thanks to this route, many climbers were able to climb Mount Makalu. In 2010, Tunç Fındık successfully reached the summit of Makalu Mountain.

4) Mount Lhotse – Mahalangur/Himalaya

lhotse dağı

  • Height: 8,516 meters

Lhotse Mountain , which is literally adjacent to Everest with its summit connection, is one of the easiest mountains among the eight thousand. Lhotse has the smallest topographical protrusion among the eight thousandths. For this reason, it is often misnamed as the southern outcrop of the Everest massif.

But the south face of Mount Lhotse is one of the steepest slopes in the world. For the first time in 1956, Swiss mountaineers Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss managed to climb Lhotse Mountain. Due to the favorable terrain of the mountain, there are hostels, charging stations and camping areas at many altitudes today.

3) Mount Kangchenjunga – Kangchenjunga/Himalaya

kanchenjunga dağı

  • Height: 8,586 meters

Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world and ranked first in terms of risk and difficulty. This mountain, which is said to be difficult and risky even compared to Mount K2, was considered the highest mountain in the world until the height of Everest was discovered.

British climbers George Brand and Joe Brown first climbed Kangchenjunga Mountain in 1955. Before George Brand and Joe Brown, no one had been able to climb this mountain for 50 years.

The fact that the mountain is very steep and unbalanced wind changes make this mountain a very risky climb. In 2011, Bronze Nut managed to climb Kangchenjunga Mountain.

2) Mount K2 (Qogir or Godwin Austen) – Baltoro/Karakoram

k2 dağı dünyanın en yüksek dağları

  • Height: 8,611 meters

Mount K2 , the mountain of the Karakoram Mountains on the Pakistan-China border, is the second highest mountain in the world after Everest. However, when the climbing difficulty and conditions are taken into consideration, K2 Mountain ranks first. One out of every four people who tried to climb Mount K2 died.

That’s why K2 is also referred to as the “Cruel Mountain”. Of all the mountains above 8,000 meters in the world, the most challenging is Mount K2. The reason for this is that the mountain is extremely steep and has many points that require professional skills.

In addition, constantly falling rocks and avalanches add extra difficulty to the climb. The first Turkish mountaineer to climb K2 Mountain was Nasuh Mahruki in 2001. The K2 Disaster, which took place in 2008 and resulted in the deaths of 11 mountaineers, was the subject of the 2012 movie The Summit .

1) Mount Everest – Mahalangur/Himalaya

everest highest mountains in the world

  • Height: 8,848 meters

When it comes to the highest mountains in the world, the first thing that comes to mind is Mount Everest . Everest, which has been the subject of movies, songs and books, and has become the tomb of hundreds of mountaineers; Since it is the highest peak, it becomes the route of dozens of climbers every year. English Edmund Hillary and his team first climbed Everest, known as the Tibetan Chomolungma, in 1953. The first Turkish mountaineer to climb Mount Everest was Nasuh Mahruki, with his successful ascent in 1995. Everest, which has hosted countless disasters, caused the death of 309 people as of 2021 and continues to be. There are many movies about the Everest disasters. One of the most well-known of these films is Everest , which was shot in 2015. The film chronicles the struggle for survival on Everest of two expedition groups led by Rob Hall and Scott Fischer.

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