The Last Sound Recording of Kauai, an Endangered Bird 32 Years Ago

Bilim Hayvanı

Bilim Hayvanı

Bilim yolunda koşulmaz, ağır ağır ilerlenir.

The Kauai ‘O’o bird, a species native to the Hawaiian Islands, was last seen in 1985. His voice was last heard in 1987. Birds of this type were quite common in the forests of Kauai in the early 20th century. With the introduction of non-regional animal species to the island for commercial purposes, the number of these fascinating-sounding species began to decline.
Photographer David Boynton, a native of the island of Kauai, managed to record the song of the male bird, the last member of the species, to find a mate.
Now imagine. You make a call, but no one will answer it forever. The last voice of your kind comes from you…

Here is that audio recording:

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