Red Room Characters and Unforgettable Stories

The Red Room series, produced by Onur Güvenatam and written by Banu Kiremitçi, is one of the series that has managed to become the greatest psychological drama in Turkish television history. The series, which is adapted from the book of Psychiatrist and Author Doctor Gülseren Budayioğlu, entitled “The Inside of the Madolyon”, is talked about not only with its real-life stories, but also with its characters. We don’t know if you guys are watching The Red Room, but for the curious. Red Room characters and we decided to examine the stories that are engraved in the memories. Just be careful, some episodes may contain spoilers. Happy reading… ?

Who are the Red Room Characters?

kırmızı oda karakterleri
The Red Room characters attracted as much attention as the show itself. Both the depth of the existing characters and the interestingness of the names and stories added to the series in each story brought the series to an even more successful point. So who are the Red Room characters? Let’s see together.

1) Doctor Manolya Yadigaroğlu

doktor manolya yadigaroğlu
The only constant character of the array that does not change. He also owns the Manolya Clinic and is married to him and Aydın Bey. In the clinic, she is known by the nickname “Doctor Lady”. He is a friendly and respected personality with years of experience in the field of psychiatry. Doctor Ms., who is very loved by her surroundings and especially by her clients, does not hesitate to cry and hug when appropriate with their stories. Who knows, maybe this close bond and contact with his clients makes him such a popular doctor. Binnur Kaya gives life to this character, whom we think is played by Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu, with her exquisite acting.

2) Clinical Manager Murat

kırmızı oda murat
Murat appears as a newly graduated doctor and business manager. How he managed to become a clinic manager at this young age is full of question marks. However, let’s add that the entire execution of the clinic continues successfully. Let’s also mention that this young and handsome manager was included in the series later and left after a few episodes. The name that gave life to the character of Murat was Halit Özgür Sarı.

3) Doctor Piraye Altun

doktor piraye altun
He is one of the young and beautiful doctors of the clinic. He has been through a marriage and divorced when he learned that he had been cheated on. He has twins from this marriage. Piraye, who had a difficult time during the deception and divorce phase, did not hesitate to pour out her heart to Doctor Hanım during this period. Later on, Piraye, who started to have a love affair with Doctor Deniz from the clinic, left the clinic together and settled in a small town with her children and Doctor Deniz. Tulin Özen gave life to Doctor Piraye with her magnificent performance.

4) Doctor Deniz Saner

doktor deniz saner
He is the successful child psychiatrist of the clinic. At the beginning of the series, we see him married just like Piraye. However, the disagreements between Doctor Deniz and his wife bring him to the point of divorce. During this period, he often had trouble with Piraye. Over time, these conversations will open the door for the two to like each other. Doctor Deniz is also Doctor Ayşe’s teacher from the university. The character of Deniz, whose wood carving is his biggest hobby, then leaves the clinic with Piraye. The name that plays Doctor Deniz is master actor Burak Sevinç.

5) Doctor Ayşe Shadow

doktor ayşe gölge
He is the most hardworking student of Doctor Deniz during his academic years. He is also in love with Doctor Deniz. However, he will realize later that this love cannot be reciprocated. Ayse, who is very jealous of Piraye because of Deniz’s closeness with Piraye, decides to leave the clinic. On the other hand, it should be noted that he also has a family drama. The sessions he had with Ms. Doctor helped him recover. Deciding to move to Ankara with his grandmother and grandfather, he leaves the series. The role is played by Meriç Aral, whom we know from many TV series and movies.

6) Secretary Tuna

sekreter tuna
The secretary of the clinic is a helpful, friendly and caring character. Patients always get their appointments from him. It cannot be said that the character of Tuna, whose only concern is to lose weight, can achieve this very well. Her role has been going on since the show’s broadcast date. But if he leaves one day, we will watch and see together. Gülçin Kültür Şahin is the name that gives life to the character of Tuna.

7) Cafe Attendant Aynur

kırmızı oda aynur
She is the cafe attendant of the clinic. He is responsible for both the catering and the cleaning of the clinic downstairs. We don’t see him in every episode. The character is played by Sezin Bozacı.

8) Çaycı Hüseyin

kırmızı oda hüseyin
He is the person responsible for the tea business of the clinic. It is known for its stuttering. Hüseyin, who understands technology very well, is also closely related to music. Hüseyin, who cannot attend the guitar course due to financial difficulties, will start taking music lessons with the help of Secretary Tuna. The name that gives life to the character is Baran Can Aslan.

Red Room Stories

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So far, we have examined the main characters. Now let’s remember the most popular characters and their stories in the series.

1) The Heartbreaking Story of Alya

kırmızı oda alya
Connecting the audience to the screen with her story, Alya is perhaps the most talked about character of the Red Room. Her struggle with lovelessness, which started from her childhood, has transformed Alya into a self-hating, self-hating, vicious girl. Especially the dialogues of Alya, who was never loved by her mother and who was beaten to death by her mother in her childhood, are also quite striking.
Alya is a child who cannot be angry with her mother for whatever she does and finds her prettier than everyone else. But at the same time, the mother character is her worst nightmare. You will witness how this vicious girl will get better in time, and “Can such a family become such a mother?” A sad story is waiting for you. You will almost lose yourself in the story of Alya, who lives in poverty and lovelessness in wealth.

2) Rebirth of Cypress Imprisoned in the House

kırmızı oda selvi
Selvi’s story, which appeared on the screen at the same time as Alya, is also quite impressive. Selvi, who lives in the village and is the eldest daughter of a family of 5, went to a rich family as a bride with her father’s bride price. The family thinks that her daughter saved their life, but for Selvi, the nightmare begins right here.
Selvi, who started to live in the city, will face the cruelty of her husband and will be imprisoned in the house for 30 years. Selvi, who wants to witness the birth of her grandchild, takes a step and waits for the days when she will go out with the help of Doctor Hanım. In this story, you will be a part of Selvi’s long-term violence by her husband and relatives, and you will witness her rebirth.

3) The Story of the Rape Victim Dove

kırmızı oda kumru
Kumru’s experiences are one of the rare stories that managed to lock the whole of Turkey on the screen. Dove, who was raped by her stepfather as a child and accused of lying by her mother, is heartbreaking. Dove, who was sent to her grandmother at the request of her stepfather, has reached the age of marriage, but the rape incident, which she did not tell anyone, took her virginity from her.
Even though all the truths are revealed in her marriage, Kumru cannot tell about the rape she experienced. And it comes to the sand. Later, Kumru and her lover Yavuz will come to Istanbul to establish a new life for themselves. However, fate does not let the Kumru down here either. Yavuz sells Kumru for his gambling debt and uses her for one-night stands. You will not be able to control your tears as the dove pours out the pain it has kept inside for years.

4) The Bead That Talks With Its Loneliness

kırmızı oda boncuk
Another of the most talked about characters of the Red Room was the character of Bead. We got to know him with his famous grandfathers, and as we delved deeper into his story, we realized how lonely a character he really was. Bead grew up in an extremely poor family. He also has an older sister. The bead is given to a young man named Sadık when he reaches the age of marriage. Sadık works as a laborer in the Netherlands and will take Boncuk with him after he gets married. For Bead, everything begins in the 7 years she will spend in the Netherlands.
Sadık forbids Boncuk to go out, make friends and even learn a language, except for grocery shopping. With the influence of the traumas she experienced in her childhood, Boncuk becomes more and more lonely and makes imaginary friends with the people she calls saint grandfathers. Allegedly, the grandfathers will give the Boncuk to someone else because they do not like Sadık. This increasing self-talk of Boncuk makes Sadık worried and they find themselves at Doctor’s door in Istanbul. While Bead is recovering with the help of Ms. Doctor; He will learn to love and show his love to the faithful Bead.
The Red Room series comes to the screens on TV8 channel every Friday and continues to tell new stories. If you are interested in what we have to say about the series, we recommend you to give it a chance.

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