The Terrible and Sad Story of Edward Mordrake and the Demon Twin

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Claims about Edward Mordrake and his life, that he was born in the 19th century, was smart, young and handsome, and was an English nobleman with incredible musical abilities. It is also mentioned that Mordrake achieved extraordinary achievements at a very young age and was a figure of elegance. In addition to all these wonderful features that Edward Mordrake had, he had a flaw that his life has been the subject of movies and TV shows today. Edward Mordrake was said to have another face behind his handsome face.

Beautiful as a Dream, Scary as a Demon

edward mordrake

We can’t know if what has been said about Edward Mordrake is word for word true. Because we don’t even have any proof that Edward Mordrake is alive. Those who saw the alleged second face of Edward Mordrake described it as “beautiful as a dream, as terrifying as the devil”. It’s said that Mordrake’s second face always smiles cynically whenever Mordrake cries, and wears an unhappy expression whenever Mordrake smiles.

The Murmurs That Are Responsible For Sleepless Nights

It is said that this second evil face, which is located right behind Mordrake’s beautiful face, cannot reveal itself very well and stands behind the young man’s head like a mask. This face, seemingly inactive except for simple facial movements and meaningless muttering from its open mouth, was responsible for Mordrake’s sleepless nights with its murmurs.

Don’t Keep His Terrible Whispers In My Grave

It is said that the young man lost his mind when he was only 23 and ended his life. It is rumored that Edward Mordrake left a note behind after his death, in which he inherited the destruction of both his own face and his “demon’s” face, with the words “don’t let his dreadful whispers continue in my grave”. This note also contained the following words:

“No imagination can fathom the terrible temptations he has put before me.”

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine – A Collection of Bizarre Medical Cases

While this story of Edward Mordrake seems to have been confirmed by a case in 1896 in the “Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine – A Collection of Bizarre Medical Cases”  published by American doctors George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle, a compilation of unnatural medical cases, of Mordrake’s. We have no concrete evidence that he is alive.

Mordrake’s Case May Be Explained: Craniofacial Duplication or Diprosopus

Craniofacial duplication, also known as Diprosopus, is a very rare congenital disease that occurs as a result of abnormal proliferation of the head and face regions. All cases seen in this disease are considered as conjoined twins. While some babies born with this disease have only a few facial features (such as two noses and three eyes on one face), others may have two facial features in one head, such as Edward Mordrake’s case.

Bodies with this disease usually appear normal. Diprosopus constitutes the most common type of conjoined twins. Since the disease was first documented in the history of medicine in 1884, a total of 35 cases of Diprosopus have been seen worldwide.

Poor Edward

American singer, composer and actor Tom Waits, who was very impressed by Mordrake’s story, wrote the song “Poor Edward” inspired by this story and depicted the sad life of Edward Mordrake in the song’s music video.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Have you heard about Edward?
There’s another face in the back of his head
Was it a woman’s face or a young girl’s face?
They said destroying that face would kill it
So poor Edward was doomed

She could smile and cry
He was his evil twin
And he used to talk to her at night
Things that can only be heard in hell
But it was impossible to separate them
They were chained to life together

Finally the bells of her destiny rang
He went to one of the rooms
He hung himself and hin from the balcony bars
Some still believe he got rid of it
But I know that face very well
That he drove him to suicide 
I say you took poor Edward to hell

American Horror Story

The story of Edward Mordrake is told in the third and fourth episodes of the fourth season of American Horror Story, which is an American horror-drama television series and each season is a successful series with different characters, stories and places.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling, the author of the world-famous Harry Potter series, described Voldemort, who had the opportunity to cling to life thanks to Professor Quirrell, in the first book of the series, the Philosopher’s Stone, just like Edward Mordrake and his demon twin.

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