The Extraordinary Way of Thinking That Made Albert Einstein a Genius



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Theoretical physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf, a professor at Princeton University, explains in one of his articles how Einstein saw the world differently from other scientists.
Einstein was a true genius and as a scientist he sets an example for all of us. Even as a child, he had a very different way of thinking. Einstein’s imagination was very important. He was not a very good student, but he had a very original mindset. To me, Einstein had a magic touch. Somehow he did not accept the theories of his time and thought in a special way to himself.
His favorite reasoning as a scientist was thought experimentation. He explains this by describing the crucial moment when he discovered the General Theory of Relativity. He was watching workers on the roof of a building. He suddenly thought about what would happen if the workers fell, and realized that if the workers fell, they would no longer be able to feel gravity. He somehow deduced from this event and formed the General Theory of Relativity. He described that moment as the happiest moment of his life.
He then said something that puts me very personally at ease: Imagination is much more important than knowledge, because knowledge defines what we know. Imagination is everything we can know in the future.
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