9 Tips Every Woman Should Heed From Successful Businessperson Deborah Liu

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Dilara Avlupınar

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22 September 2021

All women face certain problems at various stages of their lives. Deborah Liu, who is now the CEO of Ancestry, started her career at Paypal and worked at Facebook for 12 years, is also a person who has faced many difficulties in her career journey and has managed to cope with them, albeit the hard way. He shares his experiences from his own life to help us on our career path.

1) Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing you can give yourself.

You are actually much stronger than you think. Take the tasks assigned to you and believe that you will learn how to do it. Remember, you are given a mission, not to watch you fail. People want your help because they see the potential in you.

2) They may be saying things just because you’re a woman, but that doesn’t make anything right.

You may have heard a lot by now. When you receive devastating criticism, the first thing you should do is consider whether they would have said the same thing if a man had been in your place.

3) Listen to feedback but make the choice yourself.

We often get feedback on something we’ve done and try to shape what we’re doing based on them. But after all these changes, you lose what made you you. Choose who you want to be and how you want to be known, and act accordingly.

4) Guilt and worry drag you down.

Free yourself. Worry and guilt are burdens that women carry for nothing and reduce your productivity. These twin emotions often cause you to have negative thoughts about what has happened or will happen. Rather than regret it, you should decide what to do differently next time.

5) Seek cooperation, not confirmation.

Too often, female leaders worry about being liked, which makes it very difficult for them to make an impact on people. If you see that something is wrong but don’t say anything because you’re afraid they’ll think you’re not cooperative/supportive, you’re on the wrong track. It doesn’t matter if people approve of you or not. The most important thing is to cooperate and show understanding.

6) Take your stand against sexist attitudes and change them.

Studies show that mothers find work harder and pay less often than women without children. Legends such as women with children suffering from insomnia and not being able to deal with their work are left behind. Feel free to show yourself and your family to your coworkers. No woman, with or without children, is less dedicated to work than another. Let’s change these stereotypes.

7) You must not give up.

Studies show that women resign more than men. The reason for this can be shown as the sexist approaches at work or the difficulty of both housework and working life when there is no one to support you. Don’t give up and try. You will find the support you are looking for.

8) Learn to ask directly.

Don’t be afraid to be judged or get a no answer. And feel free to ask your questions for these fears. Because not asking(a) something can mean missing an opportunity to move forward.

9) Find your own community.

While reviewing Google’s top performing teams, Laszlo Bock, who works at Google, says: “The most important feature of high-performing teams is not who their leader is or how many people are on the team, but the team members’ feeling of psychological safety.” You should find a company that you think you can take risks for your career and that you feel comfortable in.

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