Successful Photographer Shocked by Mystery and Discovered After Death: Vivian Maier

In this endless rush of the world, of course, there are human portraits that deserve a moment, a special time and immortality. The photographs we take are actually a reflection of ourselves, but they are also fragments of our lives. Vivian Maier is a successful photographer who preferred to reflect her life with the photographs she took, kept these photos as a secret as long as she lived and was discovered after her death. But his life story is not worth telling so briefly. So let’s get to know Vivian’s mysterious life more closely.

The real name behind the story is John Maloof. He looks at boxes full of old photo negatives he bought from an auction house.

In one of these boxes he begins to explore the shots Vivian took.

John is very impressed with these photos. Although he searches everywhere for the name on the box, he cannot find any information to keep.

But he still does not give up and starts to gain some knowledge, albeit slowly.

In the first place, she learns from her relatives that Vivian has been a nanny for a long time to make a living. But what most of them don’t know is that nobody knows that they are into photography.

While all these events are happening, Vivian dies.

Faced with the news of the mysterious photographer’s death, John begins to collect and publish all of Vivian’s photographs.

Everyone who looks at the photos that John has published is almost enchanted by the photos. As the feedback increases, Vivian’s name begins to be heard more and more.

Everyone realizes that Vivian is a great artist.

This is how Vivian Maier was discovered. With this mysterious story, he leaves behind his whole life, the people he sees and the places he goes, that he fits into his photographic frames.

In 2013, Vivian’s life was released by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel under the name “Finding Vivian Maier”. And it was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary film.

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