List of Countries with the Largest Landmass: 10 Countries with the Largest Territories

Do you know which countries have a larger percentage of the world’s land area? When you think of the countries with the largest land area, a few places come to mind. But have you ever investigated which of these is bigger than the other?

We know that you are already sure of a few of the countries on the list. But you will be surprised to hear how much land some countries have. In this list, where countries are compared in terms of surface area, you will also find information about the cultural and demographic characteristics of the regions in the ranking.

In this list of 10 countries, we start from the last place and take a journey to the one with the largest surface area. Although this list sometimes appears in different orders, we have made an assessment based on the land area of each country. Here are the 10 countries with the largest surface area in the world!

List of Countries with the Largest Surface Area

10) Algeria (2,381,741 km²)

List of Countries with the Largest Surface Area

The Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria is 10th on the list of countries with the largest surface area in the world. is ranked. Known as the largest country on the African continent, Algeria has a population of around 44 million people despite its vast territory. Algeria, located in North Africa, has a coastline of 1,025 kilometers.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Algeria’s developed cities are clustered along the seashore. The main reason for this is the climate. While the Mediterranean climate prevails especially on the coast, inland areas have a desert climate. Indeed, the capital city of Algeria, from which the country takes its name, is located on the coastline, just like other developed cities. In this country where languages such as Arabic and French are spoken, English is also frequently used in education.

9) Kazakhstan (2,724,902 km²)


9th among the countries with the most land in the world. next in line is one of the independent Turkic states. Kazakhstan, whose capital is Astana, has only 19 million inhabitants despite its vast territory. Considering that Istanbul’s population exceeds 15 million, it is understandable how low the density of people is. In particular, the fact that a province in Turkey is comparable to a world-ranked province in terms of the size of its territory is a testament to this.

Known as the largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan is divided into 5 different regions. There are a total of 14 states in Kazakhstan’s regions, named North, South, Central, West and East. In this country where both Russian and Kazakh are accepted as official languages, the currency called Tenge is used. In addition, it is quite possible to understand many situations described in Kazakh using only Turkish, without the need to speak another language.

8) Argentina (2,780,400 km²)


Argentina, which captures hearts with its wonderful architecture and magnificent natural beauties, is 8th on the list of countries with the largest surface area in the world. in line. Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America, and its capital Buenos Aires is on many people’s list of cities to visit. With a population of approximately 46 million people, this country is a place that is often on the agenda with its economic crises as well as its beauties.

Culturally, Argentina is known for its soap operas, world-famous soccer players and tango dancing. We recommend that you prefer the fall and winter seasons when you want to visit this country, which hosts scorching temperatures especially in summer. This way you can enjoy Argentina in relatively cooler weather. Also, if you are planning to visit this country, it is useful to have dollars with you. This is extremely important for you to spend time unaffected by the country’s crisis.

7) India (3,287,260 km²)

Countries with the largest land area

Representative of a colorful culture, India is one of the 7 countries with the largest surface area. is making its entrance from the front row. Approximately 1 billion 500 million people live in India, which has made a name for itself with its spicy food, Bollywood movie industry, musicals and religious beliefs. India, which has a very crowded population, can always find a place in the list of the most populous countries in the world thanks to this feature.

India, which attracts the attention of the whole world with its festivals, has managed to take firm steps towards becoming the pioneer of technological developments. In this way, it is frequently on the agenda with its R&D facilities that shape the world. This large and populous country with a deep-rooted culture is dazzling with its religious buildings. Especially cities like Delhi and Mumbai are known for hosting millions of tourists all year round. In addition, Agra is a region that always welcomes many guests, especially because it is home to the Taj Mahal.

6) Australia (7,741,220 km²)


Australia, which has a much larger land area compared to India, which is at the bottom of the list, is ranked 6th among the countries with the largest surface area. in line. With more than twice the land area of its closest competitor, Australia has one of the largest borders in the world. It can be said that Australia, where approximately 26 million people live, is one of the countries that exhibit highly developed characteristics.

Despite being the center of the country in every respect, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. Sydney, which is far ahead in terms of both recognition and development, is the center of the country. But Canberra, the official center of the country, is an example of a city artificially built to function as a capital. Australia, the largest island nation in the world, speaks English and has a dollar-denominated economy. But the dollar here is country-specific. Their currency, called the Australian dollar, is highly valued.

5) Brazil (8,515,770 km²)

Countries with the largest land area

Brazil, located in South America, ranks 5th on the list of countries with the largest land area. in line. This country, which arouses everyone’s curiosity with its carnivals, is also remembered for its Amazon forests. Home to many of the most interesting regions of the world, Brazil’s surface area is so large that a total of 5 climates can be seen in this country. This country, which has a predominantly tropical climate, is among the regions that have always managed to keep the interest of tourists alive with its delicious food.

Brazil, which will allow you to experience Latin culture at its most vibrant, is a favorite especially for coffee lovers. In addition, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, known worldwide as the “City of God”, is in all its splendor. With 214.3 million inhabitants, the number of people in this country increases considerably during carnival time. If you want to visit this country that everyone is curious about with its entertainment that lasts until the morning, Brazil is always ready to welcome you.

4) United States of America (9,525,067 km²)

Countries with the largest land area

The United States of America, which can also be called the country of the best, is one of the first places in terms of surface area. The population of the United States, which is among the top 5 countries with the most land in the world, is approximately 332 million. As everyone knows, English is spoken in this region, which is among the most populous countries in the world with its population. Spanish is also a very widely used second language.

The United States of America, which can be considered the center of technology, is also an extremely rich country in terms of natural resources. Considering its level of development, this region is one of the countries that many dream of living in, making it a favorite for everyone. America, a country bordering the oceans, is a country that contains beautiful symbols of urbanization. Thanks to this, the United States has become one of the “best” countries in many ways.

3) People’s Republic of China (9,600,013 km²)

Countries with the largest land area

3rd largest in the world The People’s Republic of China, with its land area, is one of the most curious countries with its culture. With a population of around 1.4 billion, the Chinese people are the most populous people in the world. China, which pushes the peaks with its vast surface area and crowded population, also draws attention with its different culture. One of the most popular tourism destinations in Asia, China has many historical buildings as well as natural beauties worth seeing.

China is one of the world leaders thanks to its advanced technology, and a country that is growing stronger economically. This region, which is among the most curious countries in terms of every feature it has, is a unique place. Thanks to all these features, the already crowded population of China, which is flooded with visitors from all over the world, increases many times more with the guests!

2) Canada (9,879,750 km²)

Countries with the largest land area

Considered one of the most livable countries in the world in terms of prosperity and security, Canada’s surface area is ranked 2nd in the ranking. to be a big enough room. Despite its vast territory, the population of Canada, whose capital is Ottawa, is only around 38 million. In this beautiful country of natural beauty and vast expanses of greenery, the vast majority of people live in cities. Canada, which offers a very prosperous life thanks to its advanced technology, is also a pleasant travel route.

Since the general climate of the country is cold, those who are overwhelmed by the heat turn their routes to Canada on vacation. With its rich vegetation, majestic mountains and many places to visit, Canada is a paradise on earth. English and French are recognized as official languages in this highly prosperous country. In addition, the Northern Lights, which are unique in the world, are among the magnificent beauties you can see when you visit this country.

1) Russian Federation (17,098,250 km²)

Russian Federation

1 in the ranking of the countries with the largest land area. Russia is next in line. The country’s borders are so vast that almost one-eighth of the world belongs to Russia. At this point, it is worth noting that there are 208 countries around the world recognized by the United Nations. Russia occupies one-eighth of the globe, with the remaining 207 countries sharing the remaining territory. Home to more than 150 ethnicities, parts of Russia are located in Asia, while the rest are spread across Europe.

Despite being located in such a vast geography, this country with a population of around 143 million has a cold climate. At this point, it is possible to say that population density is unevenly distributed across the country. The main reason for this is that only about 30% of the country’s territory is urbanized due to climatic and geographical conditions. Moreover, Russia’s territory is so vast that the country has borders stretching across 11 time zones.

BONUS: Where does Turkey rank in terms of land area?


Compared to other countries in the world, Turkey’s land area is 37. is ranked. According to the World Population Review, Turkey’s surface area is 783,562 km². In fact, when compared to its population, it can be seen quite easily how low the density of some of the countries just listed is.

According to the latest research, Turkey’s population will exceed 85 million by 2023! When the number of people in Russia’s 17 million square kilometers is compared to Turkey, it is quite obvious how much the difference is.

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