35 Personal Development Books That Anyone Who Wants to Improve Theirself Should Read

Personal development books have maintained their popularity in the early 2000s for many years, and the changing world with the 2010s is undergoing a major transformation due to factors such as the digital generation. Some of them are still philosophically heavy books. Some of them are next generation works that can help us improve ourselves in this new world!
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Reading is a subject that we should give due importance no matter how old we are. Everyone has different tastes in reading. This content has been prepared under the name of Best Personal Development Books as a list that will truly improve you while reading.
The sequence of Personal Development Books not only gives you information, but also offers you new perspectives that you can apply in life. Whatever the subject you want to develop, we can say that it is imperative that you read from quality authors with a scientific background.

In this list, we also included the page numbers of the books, publishers, Google likes and Goodreads scores.

Personal Development Books | one

The Art of Winning Friends and Influencing People – Dale Carnegie

Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Google: 94%
Number of pages: 280
Publisher: Epsilon Publications
In Dale Carnegie ‘s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People , you will learn how to treat people in the social environment, how to establish and maintain solid friendships.
Carnegie fit his original vision into the book very well. He compiled this information very well based on his studies and produced a reader-friendly book.
“Actually, the expression on a person’s face was much more important than the clothes they wore.”
“Benjamin Franklin, known for his frankness and indiscretion in his youth, learned to use diplomacy in human relations and became so adept at this skill that they appointed him as America’s ambassador to France. What was the secret of his success? Franklin said, “I don’t speak ill of anyone, I always say they are the best known to all.” “Even a fool can criticize, blame, complain, and that’s how many fools behave. But it takes a solid personality and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”
There is also a content on CEOtudent about this, you can reach it by clicking on the title.

Personal Development Books | 2nd

The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert B. Chaldini

Goodreads Rating: 4.19
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 368
Publisher: Mediacat Books
This book, which stands at the bedside of most advertisers and marketers, is perfect for everyday life. Why are some people so good at persuasion, while others fail all the time? Cialdini answers these questions with scientific data and research.
After reading The Psychology of Persuasion , which is an incredible book that you can finish in one fell swoop despite its thickness, you will not only protect yourself from the “demons of persuasion” you encounter in your daily life, but you will also start a visible improvement in persuading the people around you.
“Where everyone thinks alike, no one thinks too much.”
“Psychological wings show that our feelings about something are formed seconds before we have thoughts about it. I think the message from the bottom of the heart is pure and simple emotion. So if we train ourselves to be mindful, we notice the emotion before we think. “Would I have made the same choice?” he should look for the first emotion he feels and pay attention to it. It will be a signal from the bottom of his heart and it will surface before he can deceive himself.”
This book also; It is also included as the second recommendation in the content called 15 Books That Those Who Are Interested In Advertising and Marketing Must Read .

Personal Development Books | 3

Focus: The Secret Key to Excellence – Daniel Goleman

Goodreads Rating: 3.53
Number of pages: 320
Publisher: Varlık Publications
How confident are you in your ability to focus and pay attention? Written by Daniel Goleman , this book shares the unseen side of the iceberg by telling us the importance of the unexpectedly important ability to focus.
This book, which will improve your ability to focus, will undoubtedly guarantee its place among the best personal development books for a long time.
“The intuitive mind is a divine gift, the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and forgets the gift.”
“Perception is also a kind of choice. Filtering information is mostly for the benefit of the individual. But the actual capacity of the brain to realize this makes the distortion of what is allowed and denied for “awareness” open to criticism. Thus, each person can direct the acceptance or rejection of their own sensory signals. Directing our attention has profound implications. As William James said, “My life is the life I am willing to deal with. And only the parts that I become aware of shape my mind.” And William James adds: “Without selective attention, life would be complete chaos.” For James, attention is an act of desire and will. So what is acceptable to pay attention to consciously? “It is a choice that decides what to do. For Freud, attention is shaped by forces in the unconscious mind. This is outside the reach of conscious choices.”

Personal Development Books | 4

Warrior (For a Meaningful and Enthusiastic Life) – Doğan Cüceloğlu

Goodreads Rating: 3.82
Google: 95%
Number of pages: 400
Publisher: Remzi Bookstore
The battle fought here is the battle for a meaningful and enthusiastic life. Doğan Cüceloğlu says that this war is actually a war fought by all of us. Because every individual has a deep desire somewhere in his heart. This is the war itself. Cüceloğlu says that in order to win this victory, one must have a strong struggle with the negativities within oneself.
“I think you’re looking for answers to questions you couldn’t ask without knowing what questions to ask.”
“Everyone in this country complains in chorus that the politician is dishonest. And I ask: Who is responsible for their dishonesty? Did these politicians descend from the sky to Ankara? Don’t we have a responsibility as voters? I said, ‘I want the curriculum to be modern and effective.’ There is no active support for those who take action.”

Personal Development Books | 5

The Power of the Subconscious – Joseph Murphy

Goodreads Rating: 4.13
Google: 96%
Number of pages: 288
Publisher: Koridor Publishing
Your subconscious mind shapes your life without you realizing it. Your attitude towards events, your perspective, your reactions; it all depends on your subconscious. Written by Joseph Murphy , this book is about changing your thoughts, then changing yourself, and then changing your destiny through suggestion. It is a must read personal development book .
“What you believe, you live.”
“A magnetic piece of iron can lift twelve times its own weight. But if you take the magnetic property of that piece of iron, it cannot lift even a feather. Likewise, there are two types of people. The magnetized people are full of confidence and belief. They know that they are born to succeed and win. Others are not magnets. They are filled with fear and doubt. When faced with an opportunity, they think, “What if I fail? I might lose money. People will make fun of me.” If you discover and use the secret, you too can become magnetized.”

Personal Development Books | 6

The Art of Intelligent Living: Philosophical Aphorisms – Baltasar Gracián

Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Number of pages: 160
Publisher: Maya Book
This book is full of short but striking aphorisms. Even though it was written in a very old date, we can say that it is still up-to-date. The book, which tells about life-related advice in a simple language, is the kind that you can finish in one fell swoop. There are also some excerpts from this book. You can click on the title below to access it.
“Smart people are generally impatient, because the more knowledge one has, the more impatience with fools one becomes.”
“Esteem quickly accomplishes what the intellect slowly thinks about. Haste is the failure of fools because they don’t know the point and go off-putting. On the other hand, the wise fail because they delay taking action too long; foresight requires deliberation, and delayed action often takes quick decisions. Speed is the mother of good luck. He who leaves no work for tomorrow will always go further. Festine lente* is a kingly principle. Festina lente means ‘hurry slowly’.”

Personal Development Books | 7

Elephant Is A Lonely Animal In This Proboscised World – Ahmet Şerif İzgören

Goodreads Rating: 3.97
Google: 89%
Number of pages: 226
Publisher: Elma Publishing House
Written in a fun language, the book consists of short stories. Some are exemplary, some are thought provoking. The author has a rich content such as examples from his own experiences, effective quotes, a number of problems and solutions. The author tells the story of the interesting name of the book in the book. It is a book that has managed to get full points even from those who do not like personal development books.
“We say, ‘What are you laughing at like crazy,’ or in fact, 90% of people with psychological problems frown. If you have nothing on your mind, smile, everyone wonders, ‘What are you thinking?’ Smiling is a sign of intelligence.”
“Years ago, while working at the hospital, they brought a seriously ill girl. His only chance of survival was an emergency blood transfusion from his five-year-old brother. The little boy miraculously recovered from the same illness and his blood had immunity that destroyed the germs of that disease. The doctor explained the situation to the five-year-old boy and gave blood to his older sister. The little boy hesitated for a moment. Then he took a deep breath and said, “I will give my blood if he will be saved.” As the blood transfusion progressed, he was looking into his sister’s eyes and smiling. The girl’s cheeks were starting to turn color again, but the little boy’s face was fading. He also disappeared. He asked the doctor in a trembling voice: “Will I die immediately?” The little boy misunderstood the doctor, thought that he would die by giving all the blood in his body to his sister, but he gave his blood nevertheless.”

Personal Development Books | 8

Thoughts to Myself – Marcus Aurelius

Goodreads Rating: 4.23
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 165
Publisher: Alfa Publications
Although the book, which contains the notes of the legendary Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, is actually considered a philosophy book, it distinguishes itself from an ordinary philosophy book because it focuses on personal development in daily life. This important work of the Stoic philosopher is a must read.
“Truth should be written on your face, understood by your voice, shining in your eyes.”
“When you want your enjoyment to be fulfilled, think of the good qualities of the people around you. For example, think of one’s energy, another’s prudence, another’s generosity, another’s other trait. Nothing is as beautiful as the virtues of the people around us reflected in their character, especially if it all comes together. “

Personal Development Books | 9

Why Is Emotional Intelligence More Important Than IQ? – Daniel Goleman

Goodreads Rating: 4.01
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 420
Publisher: Varlık Publications
We’ve already praised Daniel Goleman. He talks about the importance of emotional intelligence in this book. It is an impressive book compiled and written by giving examples from real events, making comparisons with the ideas of famous philosophers, and making anatomy a part of it. It is an excellent personal development book .
“The first impulse comes from the heart, not the head.”
“Question: How could someone so highly intelligent be able to do such an irrational stupid thing? Answer: Academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life. The smartest people among us can be the slaves of passions they can’t control, impulses they can’t control; high IQ People with ‘can manage their private lives astonishingly poorly.

Personal Development Books | 10

Everything Begins With You – Mümin Sekman

Goodreads Rating: 3.52
Google: 93%
Number of pages: 240
Publisher: Alfa Publications
“If others have done it, you can too. It all starts with you!” The book, which introduces itself with its motto, is a work that you can often come across in the lists of personal development books written in Turkish. The book gets to the root of failures, fears, and actually points out where the problem lies. It is the kind of work that you can use as a guide in your inner world.
“If you’re asked to sweep the streets, sweep the streets as Michelangelo wrote a painting, Beethoven wrote a song, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep so well that everyone will stop and say, ‘Here lives a very good garbage man.'”
“People are afraid of being loved because they don’t feel worthy of being loved.
He is afraid to think, because it will bring responsibility.
She is afraid to speak out because she is afraid of being criticized.
She is afraid to express her feelings because she is afraid of rejection.
Afraid of getting old, to know the value of youth.
He was afraid of being forgotten, becayse the world wouldnt give anything good.
And he’s afraid of dying because he didn’t live to the fullest.”

Personal Development Books | 11th

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Goodreads Rating: 4.16
Google: 87%
Number of pages: 244
Publisher: Mediacat Publications
Successful people have success stories. You find something in common in many of these success stories. The most well-known of them is that they are intelligent and ambitious. In Outliers, the author tells that the true story of success is very different from what we have heard. He says that in order to understand why these people are successful, it is necessary to concentrate on the details of their lives. This book explains the common aspects of the Beatles and Bill Gates, the reasons for the far eastern countries’ superior success in mathematics, and the unknown advantages of world-famous athletes.
“Practice isn’t something you do after you’ve gotten to a good point. It’s something you do to get you to a good point.”
“Because we personalize success so deeply, we miss out on opportunities to take others to the highest rung. We cause rules to hinder success. We condemn people to failure from the start. We overly admire those who succeed and overly disregard those who fail. We cling to the idea that it has a function and that the world we all grow up in and the rules we write as a society don’t matter.”

Personal Development Books | 12

The Ego Is Your Enemy – Ryan Holiday

Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Number of pages: 220
Publisher: Mediacat Books
Although the ego is often seen as a need, it is sometimes the biggest obstacle in front of people’s success. Aware of this, Ryan Holiday writes the book Ego Is Your Enemy to turn people away from a big mistake. After reading the book, I can guarantee that you will become a more development-oriented and calm person.
“Why is success so ephemeral? Because the ego shortens its lifespan. We stop learning and listening. We become victims of competition and of ourselves.”
“In his famous work, Ethics, Aristotle uses the analogy of a crooked piece of wood to describe human nature. An experienced carpenter applies gentle pressure in the opposite direction of the bend to straighten wood’s curvatures. And a thousand years later, Kant said: ‘Man’s corrupt material cannot be straightened. ‘”

Personal Development Books | 13

Sherlock Holmes’ Success Secrets – David Acord

Goodreads Rating: 3.53
Number of pages: 208
Publisher: Tefrika Publications
How is the famous detective Sherlock Holmes so successful? We can say that the reason for this is that he lived his own personal development with a great discipline. The book, which shows us what lessons we can learn about life from the character of Sherlock Holmes, the work of the unique genius of author Arthur Conan Doyle, and how we can improve ourselves by applying them in daily life, offers a non-tiring reading experience thanks to its not being too long.
“They could see the forest, but they were not aware that the forest is made up of individual trees…”
“Based on an analysis of the habits of extraordinary artists, neurologist Daniel Levitin has calculated that it takes approximately ten thousand hours of training to become a truly world-class artist, musician or athlete. He stressed that it applies to everyone, including those considered gifted. The Beatles, chess player Bobby Fisher, Bill Gates… All of them sacrificed almost similar time in their chosen field before reaching the mastery level.”

Personal Development Books | 14

Think and Get Rich – Napoleon Hill

Goodreads Rating: 4.18
Google: 95%
Number of pages: 240
Publisher: Golden Books
Money is undoubtedly something we all need. We can say that we cannot live without money, although it is not at the center of our lives. In this book, Napoleon Hill explains how you can turn your mind into the mindset of a millionaire. He underlines that wealth is not about the work you do, but about your mentality. If you are wondering how millionaires think and how they motivate themselves, you will enjoy reading the book.
“Indecision is the root cause of failure.”
“Before success comes into a person’s life, it is certain that one will encounter temporary defeats and perhaps failures. When failure takes over a person, the easiest and most logical way seems to be to give up. That’s what most people do. (…) Avoid tripping when success is almost tangible. takes great pleasure in it.”

Personal Development Books | 15

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Goodreads Rating: 3.84
Google: 94%
Number of pages: 230
Publisher: Pegasus Publications
You remember this book. It was one of the best self-help books of all time. The author says these books have changed the lives of thousands of people. The book, which tells the story of successful lawyer Julian Mantle, who was successful in his career but could not close the big gap in his career, makes us question what is more important than life.
“Don’t take life so seriously that it makes you forget to laugh.”
“You can never hit a goal you can’t see. People spend their entire lives dreaming of living a happier, more fulfilling life in the pursuit of prosperity. But they fail to grasp the importance of spending ten minutes a month to meditate on their life purpose, the true meaning of their life, and write down their goals. Setting goals is a wonderful thing in your life.” Your world will become richer, a more pleasurable, magical place.”

Personal Development Books | 16

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Google: 90%
Number of pages: 216
Publisher: Artemis Publishing
The author talks about a secret. He says that if we aim to achieve what we want, reach our dreams, and become the person we want to be, we should know this secret. He claims that some of the most important people in history have also solved this mystery. And he says; “The secret is now revealed to the world.”
“The life you live now is a reflection of your past thoughts.”
“Your life is in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter where you are now, what you’ve been through so far; you can consciously start changing your thoughts, you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Any circumstance in your life can change.”

Personal Development Books | 17

Discourses – Epictetus

Goodreads Rating: 4.23
Google: 84%
Number of pages: 413
Publisher: Şule Publications
Considered one of the most important stoic philosophers, Epictetus’s book called Discourses is the kind that will completely change your perspective on life. Epictetus spent a certain part of his life as a slave, and lived without knowing what freedom was until a certain age. The time he passed from being a slave to his emancipation was realized thanks to a great will and vision. Epictetus beautifully reflects this willpower and vision in his speeches.
“We should not believe the majority who say that only the free should be educated, but the thinkers who say that only the educated are free.”
“Diogenes replied to a person who asked him to write a reference letter: If the person you go to and apply to is someone who can distinguish between good and bad, he will understand what kind of person you are when he sees you. However, if that person lacks this understanding, even if I write to him a thousand times. It won’t do any good.”

Personal Development Books | 18

Moral Letters – Seneca

Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Google: 86%
Number of pages: 500
Publisher: Jaguar Books
Seneca, another stoic philosopher, spent his time in exile writing letters, these letters are listed separately under many topics; some on death, some on wisdom, some on old age… The combination of these letters has revealed Seneca’s Moral Letters, which is read even after centuries. The book is like a guide, a bedside book that you can always open and read.
“Our Demetrius always said politely: ‘I equate the words of the ignorant with their guttural rumblings. They did it from above or from below, what difference does it make?’ “
“Don’t be unhappy before your time! The disasters that you think you are afraid of will never happen to you, or at least they have not happened until now. So some of our fears hurt us more than necessary, and some are not necessary at all. We create ourselves.”

Personal Development Books | 19

Mastery – Robert Greene

Goodreads Rating: 4.29
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 416
Publisher: Golden Books
kişisel gelişim kitapları - ustalık
Mastery tells you how to master a subject, how to go from novice to master in the learning process. Robert Greene breaks the book down into many chapters, detailing them all. After reading the book, you will begin to think more comprehensively about the subjects you are dealing with and you will be in a more patient mood in your learning process.
“You have to choose the workplaces and locations that provide the most learning opportunities. Applied knowledge is the best material and will pay you dividends for decades, better than a job that offers fewer learning opportunities and ostensibly pays a lot.”
“Remember when you enter a new environment that your task is to learn and absorb as much as you can. So try to get back to a child’s sense of inferiority, the sense that others know more than you and that you depend on them to complete your apprenticeship.”

Personal Development Books | 20

The Power of Habits – Charles Duhigg

Goodreads Rating: 4.10
Google: 94%
Number of pages: 432
Publisher: Boyner Holding Publications
It is a book where you can discover how important the right habits are in the success of the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps or the CEO of Starbucks, one of the world-famous brands, from the studies of neuroscientists who delve deep into what lies behind our habits, both in our private and business life!
“Our whole life is but a pile of habits.”
“She has documented that most families who have dinner together produce children with better homework skills, better grades, greater emotional control and greater self-confidence. The habit of making the bed in the morning has been associated with higher productivity, an intense sense of well-being, and the ability to stick to a budget. A family That’s not to say that a good meal or a tidy bed leads to better grades or less extravagance. But these initial shifts somehow set off chain reactions that help establish other good habits as well.”

Personal Development Books | 21

The Art of Seduction – Robert Greene

Goodreads Rating: 4.06
Google: 91%
Number of pages: 701
Publisher: Golden Books
Greene’s The Art of Seduction begins an in-depth journey into human desires. Presenting human behavior to the reader in a cause-effect relationship with some evolutionary behaviors, Robert Greene explains in a fluent language how people like and how they are seduced.
“Primitive people worship idols made of wood and stone, while civilized people worship idols made of flesh and blood.”
“There is a way one can state one’s purpose. In doing so, one has to act coldly and contemptuously to the audience. So they realize that the person is not trying to please them. The main principle is to never favor those who have nothing to give us but have a lot to take from us in return. We can wait until they get on their knees and beg, even if it takes them a long time to do it.”

Personal Development Books | 22

Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi

Goodreads Rating: 3.86
Number of pages: 336
Publisher: Mediacat Books
It is a book about how being in close relationships with other individuals adds perspectives to our lives and how it enriches our lives in this sense. The book emphasizes that our life is actually the result of what you interact with through the book, society, culture (or anything else). It shows how much people actually affect our lives.
“Friendship comes from the quality of the time two people spend together, not the amount of time they spend together.”
“There is no such thing as a self-made human being. Each of us is made up of thousands of other human beings. Anyone who has done us a favor, said a word to encourage us, has taken their place among the people who make up our character, thoughts and success.”

Personal Development Books | 23

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 422
Publisher: Varlık Publications
kişisel gelişim kitapları - etkili insanların 7 alışkanlığı
Focusing on solving personal problems, work-related problems and family problems, the author displays a principle-centered approach. The book identifies the habits we need to acquire for an honest, trouble-free, peaceful and successful life. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People continue to change people’s lives with more than 15 million sales.
“Remember that learning and not doing is not really learning. Knowing and not doing is not knowing.”
“Where there is a problem, there is often an accusation. Society is fond of playing the victim role. “I wish my boss wasn’t such a controlling idiot… I wish I wasn’t born so poor… I wish I lived in a better place. I wish my father hadn’t passed on such an angry disposition to me… I wish my children weren’t so rebellious… I wish our department hadn’t messed around with orders all the time… I wish we hadn’t been in an industry that had regressed so much… I wish our employees were so sluggish
and if they were not unenthusiastic… I wish my wife was more understanding… I wish… I wish.”

Personal Development Books | 24

Strong Memory – Ahmet Yıldız

Goodreads Rating: 3.45
Number of pages: 415
Publisher: Alfa Publications
The book says that there is no such thing as a forgetful person, there are people who do not know how their memory works. In this context, he emphasizes that if we learn how our memory works, we can get maximum efficiency from it. The author focuses on skills such as recognizing our brain power, understanding its potential, successful memory support systems, memorizing what we read, and using the right and left brain actively.
“Don’t leave your brain blank and be lazy. You’ll make it dull.”
“A poet in the time of Yavuz Sultan Selim Han liked his newly written poem and wanted to read it to the sultan. Since the real artist was highly valued at that time, he was easily accepted by the sultan in a short time. Hasan Can and other officials were next to Sultan Selim Han. The poet himself read his poem, his voice trembling with excitement, finished it, and then looked at the sultan. Yavuz Sultan Selim Han, without hesitation, said: “But I know this poem.” Hearing this, the poet was surprised: How can it be, sir, I wrote this poem and it was the first time I wrote it. I’m studying here.” Sultan said, “I can read it once if you want,” and repeated the poem that the man had just read, without stuttering. While the poet was in astonishment, Hasan Can was thrown out; “I know this poem too, my sultan, if you give me a destur, I will read it too.” He also read the poem directly. Thus, the vizier and eight other people there read in turn. In the face of this situation, the poet was confused about what to do: “I don’t understand how it is, my sultan, but I really wrote this poem.” she tried to defend herself. Fortunately, they later told the truth and captured the man’s heart. They said that the sultan memorized what he heard in one go, and that they could memorize what Hasan Can heard in two and the others with increasing numbers. As a result, leaving Yavuz Sultan Selim Han out of this question as an exceptional ability: If everyone’s brain structure is similar, why can some people use it so effectively while others can’t?

Personal Development Books | 25

I Have a Torpedo from the Universe – Aykut Oğut

Goodreads Rating: 3.80
Google: 97%
Number of pages: 318
Publisher: Doğan Novus Publications
In this book, Aykut Oğut tells about his own life, how he started under difficult conditions and how he turned into a successful person. The author, who believes in the power of empathy and deals with events in this axis, expresses how powerful concepts such as the universe and energy are at every opportunity.

“If you want everyone to approve of you, to like you, GOOD LUCK! Because there is no such thing!”

“What’s the difference between ordering online or ordering food at a restaurant and life? If you’ve never ordered anything online, I’m sure you’ve all ordered a meal at a restaurant once. Life works the same way. See Evren as your waiter. Whatever you order, it will be served. … After you order at the restaurant, you continue to chat with your friends happily because you know that your meal will come. You even say to your friend who says “what are you going to eat” at that time: “Crispy chicken salad”. Have you ever given a speech like this? Or did you witness it? -What did you order? -Crispy chicken salad.. I’m not sure if they’ll bring it. -Why huh? -Maybe I don’t deserve it. And look, I just told you what I want, it may be worth the evil eye. It may lose its energy. Also, you can get what you want. I have to work hard to make it, but I didn’t do anything to deserve this salad. -?????? -And I don’t know the chef in the kitchen m. Man, what if he doesn’t make it just to be annoying? Wait, let me talk to the waiter for a second. Go ask the waiter three times, stand by the chef if he is preparing the salad, call the manager of the restaurant to ask about your salad, go ask all the customers one by one, have they been able to eat the food they want so far? Call your mother, go to the chef again, make a vow to Telli Baba, join the worshops, get fortune-telling, ask the waiter again. Meditate. Then, when you are fired from the restaurant, turn to your friend next to you and; Say, “Look, I told you, it’s worth the evil eye,” say. Let the chef do his job, let the courier do his job, let the UNIVERSE do it. Whenever I tried to dictate to Evren, I failed, whenever I interfered with it, I failed. As the things I wanted did not come true, the things I did not want came true. Just say it once. This is the Big Universe, not stupid. Just believe that your order will be delivered to your door. The universe may not do it according to the plan you have in mind, according to its own mind, it carries you towards the goal in the most suitable way for you, but on the way, we are the ones who change energy by saying, “There is no moon, I don’t want this, look, I don’t want that” every now and then, because we are afraid of the course. The universe is making adjustments to our new energy each time.”

Personal Development Books | 26

power | 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Goodreads Rating: 4.06
Google: 93%
Number of pages: 701
Publisher: Golden Books
Have you ever wondered how one can gain power? Who are the strong and how do the strong become strong? Robert Greene also deals with the concepts of Power-Power in this book. It is a long book, but it leads to great changes in order to be an influential person in your social life.
“Patience will keep you from making stupid mistakes.”
“King Hiero one day, while talking to his enemies, they insult him that his mouth stinks. The good king then gets a little upset and scolds his wife as soon as she returns home. “Why didn’t you tell me about this problem before?” : “Sir, I thought all men smelled like this.” We learn more quickly of our sensuous, bodily and hideous flaws, not from our friends and acquaintances, but from our enemies.”
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Personal Development Books | 27

The Art of Mind Reading – Henrik Fexeus

Goodreads Rating: 3.45
Number of pages: 304
Publisher: Diogenes Publishing
Don’t think you can tell what people are thinking by doing magic. This book systematically explains how you can read people’s thoughts.
“Actions are thought to follow feelings, but in fact actions and feelings go together, and by dominating actions that are under the direct control of the will, we indirectly dominate our emotions that are not under the control of the will.”
“You will show that you are like him by adopting the way the other person communicates and making your expressions similar to theirs. Besides, people love people who remind them of themselves. Who do we love more than anyone else? Ourselves. Secondly, who do we love? People who look like us. “We like to spend time with people who like us and those who don’t. According to research, we also prefer to hire people who are like us. We choose as friends who make us comfortable when we are who we are. Who can make us more comfortable than people who look like us anyway?”

Personal Development Books | 28

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Goodreads Rating: 4.09
Google: 92%
Number of pages: 160
Publisher: Aritan Publishing House
The Start With Why series, which consists of two books, is shaped by Simon Sinek’s claim that the biggest thing you need to be successful in any subject is to have a reason. Simon Sinek underlines the importance of “finding why” with evidence. This book, which contains tactics that you can easily apply in both professional and daily life, says that the main factor in the success of even Apple, the world’s giant technology brand, is to find a “why”.
“Why is no one trying to win both the mind and the heart?”
“It is possible to get people to take action for one cause or another. Some motivate people to sell their ideas. Sometimes they do this to gain support and votes. Others are to get people to work harder and more productively or just follow the rules. “They encourage them to take action. Motivating people isn’t a very difficult thing. It always depends on an external factor. The fear of fulfilling their desires or being punished often creates the behaviors we expect of them. Great leaders are those who can inspire people to take action.”

Personal Development Books | 29

Ikigai – Francesc Miralles & Hector Garcia

Goodreads Rating: 3.58
Google: 91%
Number of pages: 176
Publisher: Indigo Book
Ikigai, one of the best-selling books around the world, talks about a Japanese philosophy. Ikigai is a Japanese word that we can define as “the purpose of getting out of bed in the morning”. The book, which describes this concept and philosophy, which has no equivalent in other languages, is a complete guide. Believing that everyone has an ikigai, the author helps you discover your life purpose and dedicate yourself to your passions.
“We must never forget that everything we have and everyone we love will perish one day. This is something we should always keep in mind but not become pessimistic. Being aware of the impermanence should not make us sad, it should help us love the moment and those around us.”
“There is a tension between what is good for the person and what they want to do. Because everyone, especially the elderly, wants to do what they always do. But the brain, which has developed ingrained habits, no longer needs to think. Things are very fast and sufficiently on autopilot, often very superior. “This creates a tendency to cling to routines. The only way to break it is to fiddle the brain with new information.”

Personal Development Books | 30

God Always Wears Disguise – Laurent Gounelle

Goodreads Rating: 3.99
Google: 93%
Number of pages: 448
Publisher: Pegasus Publications
This book is not directly like the classic self-help books. More like a classic psychological novel. But what makes it on this list is that it’s more than just a novel. The book takes you on journeys in your own life with the story it contains. It makes you question your communication with people in your daily life. ‘Where did I go wrong?’ The points you mentioned allow you to catch up one by one. While you are reading the book, you look at it as if you are the hero of the story.
“If you want to stay young for the rest of your life, keep improving, learning, exploring, and don’t shut yourself up in habits that dull your soul or in the numbing comfort of things you already know how to do!”
“When we face the test, we often react with anger or despair; we rightly reject what feels unfair to us. But anger deafens, despair blinds. We miss the opportunity to grow. In this case, hard blows and defeats ensue. It is not fate that falls upon us, it conveys its message. It’s life trying to renew it.”

Personal Development Books | 31

How to Live a Life? (Suggestions for Right Choices in Life) – İlber Ortaylı

Goodreads Rating: 3.93
Google: 95%
Number of pages: 288
Publisher: Chronic Book
Our famous historian Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı tries to explain that life consists of choices and how the right choices can change our lives. In this book, he shares the obstacles we encounter in life, how we can overcome them, how we can spend the irreparable time more efficiently, and the tips for a happy, enjoyable and meaningful life. It contains lots of advice, meaningful advice, and tactics you can implement instantly. The book, which is more of a conversational style, is a valuable work for young people who do not want to miss out on life. One of the best-selling personal development books of recent times.
“What you have experienced is reflected on your face. A person’s face can be read like a book. Even if your expression is empty, it is noticed that you have not experienced anything. It is possible to get rid of it; live away from the monotony, travel, see, explore, take care of others, read, love. Make them full so that they leave the traces. Let it be reflected on your face. Do not let your face remain expressionless.”
“When you come together with a person who will open a new door to your brain and add value to you, you learn something; you think about something; you start to look at a new place. Your thought gains a new dimension, a different perspective is added to your life. That dimension can sometimes be wrong, to the detriment. no, this is wrong, it will be corrected in time. Moreover, even that wrong is better than wandering around. People who improve your language, impression, experience and manners; change your view of the world are important. Try to get together with them; then you will go elsewhere, You don’t have to stay still.”

Personal Development Books | 32

The Dexterous Art of Ignorance (An Intuitive Approach to Living the Good Life) – Mark Manson

Goodreads Rating: 3.96
Google: 94%
Number of pages: 200
Publisher: Boutique Publications
One of the rising personal development writers of recent times, Mark Manson is one of the most successful bloggers in the USA. Manson, who has more than two million followers, has brought together these valuable writings from the blog in his long-time Best Seller The Art of Not Giving Up. Although the book seems to be about not worrying about things because of its title, the author emphasizes that we should spend our energy on the right things, efforts that will add meaning to our lives. The author, who says that being happy all the time and looking happy is far from the real happiness in life, tells us important things on the way to real happiness.
“While it is said to be ‘seeing things on the bright side’, the truth is that life sucks sometimes and the healthiest thing you can do is admit it.”
“Just as one gains stronger bones and muscles through physical pain, so does one gain emotional resilience, a stronger sense of self, more compassion, and a generally happier life through emotional pain. We experience our most radical changes at the end of our worst periods. But when we are in intense pain, we review our values and question why they can’t make us happy.”

Personal Development Books | 33

Only Fools Sleep 8 Hours – Erdal Demirkıran

Goodreads Rating: 3.16
Google: 85%
Number of pages: 273
Publisher: Kashna Book Tree Publications
The book that came out with an assertive name, although it seems like it was written in a harsh language, it is not really like that. The message that is wanted to be given is that life is too important to spend so much time on sleep and how valuable time actually is. The book presents this message to us through narrative. He explains what sleep actually is and its place in our lives with scientific details. Erdal Demirkıran also mentions that people should have targets that keep them awake. The rich descriptions in the story have transformed this book into a mosaic of emotions and expressions.
“No sane person would spend a third of their life on a pillow.”
“You know? You were born a genius. Like all geniuses, there was nothing impossible for you, until that day… You were building a sand castle in the park with your father. At that time, a plane was passing over the park. You showed the plane and said, “Daddy You said, “Buy it for me!” You were 5 years old. Your father laughed. He said, “Come, baby, I’ll buy you a waffle!” You insisted, “No, I want a plane!” You didn’t mean it. To you, that flying thing belonged to someone’s father, and your father could have taken it too. Nothing was impossible for you, but it was impossible for your father. Because years ago, when he went to the park with his father, his father bought him a nap instead of a plane. That’s it, my friend yet You were 5 years old when they taught you the impossible.

Personal Development Books | 33

Training of Will – Jules Payot

Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Google: 86%
Number of pages: 200
Publisher: Ediz Publishing House
Julet Payot talks about the existence and details of character education in the first pages of the book. He states that although the foundations of the concept called character are innate, a person can change his own character with a qualified and high-quality education. However, for those who aim for success, he explains that training the will and training the will is the most important factor on the way to the goals of the individual. It is a successful book especially for those who have problems in self-discipline, and those who cannot take the first steps despite being committed to their goals!
“The lazy man cannot enjoy a well-deserved rest. Because, as Pascal said, it is good to warm up when you are cold, and rest when you are tired.”
“It has to be active all the time and everywhere. There is no such thing as a special time in this regard. It is necessary to use every time. Being active, getting out of bed in the morning and cleaning it diligently and vigorously, sitting at the desk resolutely without allowing external factors that try to tempt us.” being engaged in our work, reading carefully, not passively, constantly making effort. Being active is also taking a walk to recharge your energy of thought. Dealing with things that drain your energy and things that discourage you is a complete waste of time. Being busy with things like chatting with smart friends even in your spare time We can be active even while eating. We can reduce the workload of the stomach by chewing our food enough. The most miserable state of the teenager is when he is inactive and wastes his time. He spends hours in the bathroom, the morning passes by yawning, he buries his head in a book, he moves slowly. Neither working nor wants to deal with something. Decide where to be It’s like he didn’t. Nor does he intend to wait for an opportunity to take action. However, seizing opportunities requires vigilance.”

Personal Development Books | 35

Fuck It – John C. Parkin

Goodreads Rating: 3.39
Google: 79%
Number of pages: 200
Publisher: Arunas Publishing
The book is like a western adapted approach to the spiritual attitudes of eastern culture such as letting go, giving up and discovering true peace and freedom by realizing that some things are not really that important. It reveals how the details, anxieties and people that should not be in your life affect your life negatively. Although this book was a Best Seller for a long time thanks to its image and successful PR efforts, it was not seriously liked by a large audience.
“Everything we care about and is important to us has the potential to hurt.”
“When we say fuck it, which we usually say when things don’t work out, we realize that the things that matter to us don’t really matter at all. So, no matter how important something happened to us, we stop taking it so seriously that we no longer take it seriously. The important ones require seriousness. The unimportant ones are the homeland of lightness and laughter.”

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