Learning German: A Guide to Learning a New Language

Do you know what you need to do to learn German? German ranks high among the most spoken languages in the world. Although it may seem difficult to learn German, it is not as difficult as you might think. It is actually quite easy to learn German by following a simple and disciplined program.

They say a language is a person. Learning a new language can open many new doors in your life. Especially if you want to learn German, it will definitely increase your possibilities in Turkey and abroad. So, how to learn German?

Steps to Follow to Learn German

1) Start simple.

learning German

You can use many online and offline resources to learn German. If you are starting from scratch and have no knowledge of German, the first thing to do is to get a solid resource that you will enjoy following. If you follow the resource you have acquired in a disciplined way by creating a good time plan for yourself, you can actually make more progress than you can imagine in a very short time.

2) Integrate German into your life.

learning German

As it is known, the best way to learn a language is to live it. How Does? Start integrating language into areas of your life. Your simplest and first step might be to change your phone’s language to German. You can try to consume the content you consume in German, and you can turn on German subtitles or dubbing in the TV series you watch. Remember, the more language is in your life, the faster your brain will adapt and surprise you.

3) Do not be afraid!

do not be afraid

You heard right. Do not be afraid of German, on the contrary, make German your closest. One of the biggest factors that pull us back while learning a language is our shyness and shame. These feelings will actually slow us down by preventing us from making bold moves.

People learn from their mistakes. Don’t be one of those who avoid making sentences for fear of using the wrong word and abstain. Let your mind wander freely and help you learn German.

4) Be a good student.

learning German

We know that the Germans are famous for their discipline. In the same way, German requires strict discipline. If you really want to learn German, you have to be disciplined and stick to your grades. Language is ungrateful, hard to learn, easy to forget. Therefore, your progress will accelerate your German learning by keeping tight notes, preparing a small vocabulary notebook to carry with you, and setting a quota of 10 words that you need to memorize every day.

5) Love German.

learning German

It is very difficult for a person to do something he does not like, but when he likes it, it is very easy to learn and put into practice. Yes, love German. Try to construct the sentences you make while walking on the road in German, and try to remember the German words of the words you see around you. In order to assimilate the words you wrote in your vocabulary notebook, try to make various German sentences with those words throughout the day.

6) Go to the German course.


There are also courses where you can get very productive training from the first to the last level to learn German. By attending these courses, you can examine the education methods and meet German teachers. If you need a quick education in a short time or if you want to learn German for work, the courses will be very productive for you.

You can follow the resources of the courses and participate in the level determination exams. Within the possibilities offered by the courses, you can study with a class that matches your level, speak German with your classmates, join study groups or conversation groups.

7) Try apps.

learning German

If you are one of those who say that the courses are not for me, there are many options online that can help you. The applications you download to your phone will also help you learn German and create a suitable roadmap for you. In particular, you can join virtual environments where you can improve your German vocabulary and even talk to people of different nationalities from all over the world.

Don’t worry, learning German well is not as difficult as you might think. By setting a strict study schedule and following the method that works for you, you can speak German in a much shorter time than you currently think.



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