I Did a Ketogenic Diet for 1 Month: What Did I Experience? What were the results?

I have never believed in ideal weight patterns. Because the ideal weight of the people in front of me did not suit me. 8. I was always referred to as the “short, skinny” girl until the first grade, and then “Oh your belly is out, did you gain weight?” I was exposed to their reactions. Either way, I loved myself very much. When my weight started bothering me, I started doing research on diets and came across the ketogenic diet. In this content, I talked about my own experiences.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

It is based on a diet with high-fat foods and adequate protein. Carbohydrate foods are almost never consumed in this diet. It is also used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer and epilepsy diseases. When there is no external carbohydrate input into the body, the body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. When the body is in a state of ketosis, it is more successful at burning fat. It provides energy from fat, not carbohydrates.

Ketogenic Diet 1. Week

In the first days, I felt very tired. Especially 1. and On the 2nd day I had an intense headache. However On the 3rd day, my headache was completely gone. I had a hard time choosing food. I was looking at the amount of carbohydrates in every food I took and trying to calculate it. I had a little trouble getting enough calories. When I started the diet, I weighed 61 kilos when I got on the scale. Afterwards, instead of being weighed regularly, I took my waist measurement. The first week was 71 cm.

Ketogenic Diet 2. Week:

When I started the 2nd week, I felt more vigorous and energetic. My eating pattern was slowly settled. I started to learn how many carbohydrates in each food. I’ve been able to get enough calories for my body. As I felt better, I relaxed my body by doing yoga alongside diet. In the first 2 weeks, I wanted foods containing carbohydrates constantly. My waist size has decreased from 71 cm to 69 cm.

Ketogenic Diet 3. Week

When I started the 3rd week, my body was completely used to this diet. I started to feel much healthier. My sleep was more productive. Thanks to the diet I supported with yoga, my stomach was getting smaller day by day and I felt very little hunger. 3. At the end of the week, my waist size was 67 cm.

Ketogenic Diet 4. Week:

Week 4 was the last week of the diet for me. I reached the dimensions I wanted. I was going to ensure that I do not gain weight by supporting it with yoga. However, my body had gotten so used to this diet that it didn’t want to eat any carbohydrates anymore. My waist was 65 cm. 4. When I got on the scale at the end of the week, I came across a number I hadn’t seen in the last 8 years. I ended my diet with 54 kilos.

I mentioned that the ketogenic diet is used in the treatment of diseases. While improving your body, it provides you with an extremely healthy body. After a certain time after finishing the diet, my eating pattern broke down again. However, my body was so healthy that I did not experience rapid weight gain.
You don’t have to do this diet for a long time. You can decide for yourself when to start and when to end with the changes taking place in your body. I noticed that I started to gain weight slowly in the past weeks and I stopped the weight gain by doing a ketogenic diet for only 1 week.
However, it is useful to remind this: This rapid change in me may occur in someone else in a longer term. When you remove harmful foods from your life without giving up, you will definitely get results.
You can find more detailed information about the Ketogenic Diet in this content:
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One final note: Remember that no one else has a say in your body but yourself. That body is yours and don’t be afraid to live as you are happy. Don’t listen to comments made by person A. As Tarkan said, “Don’t be someone else, be yourself, you’re much more beautiful like that.”

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