70-Year-Old Eco-Friendly Person Cleaning 52 Beaches in 1 Year: Pat Smith



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A 70-year-old grandmother, known by the nickname “Action Nan”, spent the first weeks of 2019 visiting dozens of beaches across England to clean up. “Cleaning 52 beaches was my 2018 goal, and it’s finally over,” said Pat Smith, who is also the founder of environmental community Final Straw Cornwall. he said and added: “I will not stop because our beaches need me.”

Over the days, Smith created an online diary describing the condition of the beaches he visited, the garbage he collected, and his frustrations. “It’s very disappointing when I cleaned the same beach last week and found it in worse condition this week.”

Smith, who continues to clean, sometimes with friends, sometimes with volunteers, as the cleanup effort spread: “I cleaned up Harlyn Beach with 20 or more volunteers. The beach was pretty clean, except for microplastics on the shore and a pair of beach shorts adorning a large rock.”

Smith tried to present us with the big picture of the pollution problem as the beach clean campaign progressed, writing: “I’m beginning to feel that beach cleaning and garbage collection is a much bigger issue than it needs to be addressed by politicians.”

“A closed-loop system programmed to ensure that single-use plastics are recyclable and never waste. We must all wake up to the fact that we only have one precious planet and each of us must take responsibility to take care of it.”

This beautiful person does not intend to abandon his visits to the beautiful shores that are under threat. We congratulate Pat Smith, who continues to run after this responsibility that has no expiration date in his mind, for his determination.

“This rubbish is used by all of us and it is shocking to see them polluting our beautiful beaches. Please try to be more considerate. I am trying to protect our living planet for my children and grandchildren, and I will continue to do everything I can to achieve that.”

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