12 Hybrid Animals Born As A Result Of The Mating Of Two Different Animal Species

Bilim Hayvanı

Bilim Hayvanı

Bilim yolunda koşulmaz, ağır ağır ilerlenir.

You may have seen these hybrid animals in fairy tales and movies as if they were legends. But these creatures are real! Some of these hybrid animals are very cute and some are a little scary. Here are hybrid animals, the fruit of forbidden love between different species:

1) Liger

The father is the lion, the mother is the tiger. His name is Hercules.

2) Tigon

Father tiger, mother lion.

3) Zonkey

Zebra and donkey cross

4) Jaglion

Jaguar and lion combination

5) geep

Combination of goat and sheep
Here’s the baby version:

6) Coywolf

Combination of wolf and jackal.

7) Savannah Cat

Combination of domestic cat and wild cat.

8) Wholphin

Combination of dolphin and killer whale.

9) Hinny

Combination of a male donkey and a female horse.

10) Glass

Combination of llama and camel.

11) Dzo

As a result of the mating of Tibetan cattle and normal cows
hybrid animal.

12) Leopon

Combination of male leopard and female lion.

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