10 Useful Activities That Take Less Than 10 Minutes and Can Benefit You

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We usually perceive time in terms of hours, days, weeks, months and years. However, minutes are very important in our lives. If we have 10 minutes of extra time, we think that we can do nothing in this time and we waste our time completely. But instead of wasting your extra time with these 10 methods, which you will read below, you can use it to make a real difference in your life. I would also like to point out that; Consuming this content also takes less than 10 minutes. ☺

1) Increase your focus and productivity with the 50/10 rule.

The easiest way to improve yourself is to increase your productivity. So how can you increase your productivity in 10 minutes? First, concentrate fully on what you’re doing for 50 minutes. When 50 minutes is over, take a 10-minute break. This method, called the 50/10 rule, increases your productivity and concentration. 50 minutes is enough time to do work without interruption, and 10 minutes is enough break time to discharge. What you do during this 10-minute break is entirely up to you. But be ready for another 50 minutes when time is up.

2) Focus on positive thinking.

In fact, 10 minutes of seeing how good you are and being grateful for what you have will give you mental peace. It has been scientifically proven that this method is not only good for your soul, but also motivates you and helps you develop physically. Thinking about the positive things you have and the wonderful people in your life will give you a more positive outlook and open doors for new relationships. In addition, you can cope with stress in a much healthier way as your resistance and self-confidence will increase. Write down 3 positive things in your life on a piece of paper and see for yourself how your mood rises.

3) Learn a new word.

In primary and secondary school, most of us had a dictionary that we kept with us. However, as we got older, we stopped trying to improve our language skills and vocabulary. Solid vocabulary is not only a way to make you look smart, it’s also something that will allow you to express yourself comfortably. Language is the center of our communication skills and the key to success. You can communicate better by improving your language skills. With only your remaining minutes, you can have fun and improve your brain and communication skills by learning a new word every day.

4) Become a faster reader.

We all know that reading is an important way to gain knowledge. A large part of our day is spent reading; emails, news, reports… Despite the fact that we do a lot of reading, most people can read 200-250 words per minute; about two minutes per page. If we do a little math, we can say that it takes about 3 hours to finish a 100-page book. Well, wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to finish this book in 1 hour? It will only take you 10 minutes to practice speed reading .

5) Try microsleep.

Skip a big cup of coffee or high-calorie snacks and try something else to energize you. Moreover, it does not contain sugar! Find a quiet corner, close your eyes and take a nap for just a few minutes. This short-term sleep, which we call “nap” among the people, is called “micro sleep”. For more detailed information, you can take a look at this form of sleep that geniuses such as Salvador Dali and Einstein, artists, engineers, and people in professions that require creativity experience consciously.

6) Practice learning a new language.

How would you like to spend 10 minutes every day learning a new language? You may even be able to speak fluently within 6 months. With a little focus and hard work, 10 minutes a day will improve your communication skills in a different language. Apps like Duolingo are built on the ability to teach you a new language in just 5 minutes. I say that; If learning a new language is on your to-do list, you can achieve this goal by only using your remaining minutes during the day.

7) Do not drink your coffee alone.

Socializing is not only a great way to pass the time, but also very beneficial for your brain. Research shows that socializing helps us solve problems more easily. A 10-minute friendly chat will improve your cognitive performance. How about going out with a friend for your next coffee break?

8) Go outside.

Going outside and taking a short 10-minute walk will make your brain work better and increase your concentration. Walking makes it easier to beat depression, improves bone health, reduces stress, and helps you have a healthier heart. In the summer months, in addition to all these, it allows you to get the vitamin D your body needs.

9) Prepare yourself to be successful tomorrow.

The last 10 minutes of your deadline is great for setting yourself up to be more productive tomorrow. Before you leave, take a few minutes and check your to-do list. Is everything completed or are there tasks that you need to shift to the next day? Take note of what you’re working on and prioritize them for the next day. When your list is ready, email yourself and clear your desk. Request! You have finished today and have already started the next day.

10) Cliché but true: keep a diary.

Perfect for writing your diary 10 minutes before you go to bed! Simply write down what you did that day. Honestly, writing down what you accomplished or failed to achieve that day will help you finish that day in your head and be more ready for the next day. Although keeping a diary is cliché, you cannot predict the clarity it will bring to your mind without experiencing it. In addition, you can help your experiences improve you by thinking about what you can do differently.

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