Hobbies: Pleasant Activities to Relieve Stress

Thanks to hobbies, it is possible to get away from stress. What hobbies can we feel better with? Here are the most enjoyable activities that make us happy.

Are Hobbies Good for Our Mental Health?

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The way to make the most efficient use of our remaining time is through hobbies. As cliché as it may sound, scientists agree with us. These fun activities that trigger the release of endorphins also relieve our stress. When we are busy with something we enjoy, our mind is focused only on that action. This is where the happiness hormone comes into play.

By balancing cortisol, our anxiety level decreases. In studies done by dividing people into groups, knitting etc. Work has also been shown to be beneficial for heart health. It seems that we can see some physical effects along with our mood. It is not possible for the anxiety in our minds not to reflect on the body. It is possible for us to feel much better by adopting habits that are known to be beneficial for our spiritual integrity.

The Most Fun Activities You Can Do At Home

evde yapabileceğiniz aktiviteler

There are many options that will be like medicine to our soul when we are at home. Moreover, none of them are tiring and quite enjoyable. Here are our hobby suggestions for anxiety and boredom:

1) Listening to Music: It is not said for nothing that “music is food for the soul”. You can make a great start to the day by turning on your favorite and most motivating song.

2) Playing Puzzles: During this game, which also improves concentration, your mind is freed from negative thoughts. It also improves problem solving ability and increases productivity.

3) Cooking: You can feel more peaceful while getting a delicious reward for your effort. Spending time in the kitchen brings a more balanced mood.

4) Spending Time with Pets: There is no doubt that our little friends are good for the energy of our home. Spending more time with our cat or dog strengthens our ability to feel love.

5) Dancing: We don’t need to go to an entertainment venue to dance. You can dance the way you want by adding the music you like to your list. With this method, which is also recommended by therapists, you can get away from unwanted thoughts.

6) Meditating: Meditation is very effective in transitioning to a phase of calmness. We constantly think about something during the day and our mind works actively. In a meditative state we do not think about anything and automatically relax.

7) Drawing: It is possible to discharge with this method, which contributes to the coordination of eyes and hands. Putting your mood on paper can feel as good as opening up to someone.

8) Exercise and Gymnastics: You can have a good time with yoga, pilates and other exercises you can do at home. If you want to release endorphins and stay in shape at the same time, you can remove your mat.

9) Taking Care of Flowers: The presence of plants helps us to stay more comfortable and calm. It not only cleans the air in your home, but also benefits your creativity.

10) Keeping a Journal: Another therapy method you can apply to yourself is writing. It is possible to feel lighter by putting your positive or negative ideas and emotions on paper.

11) Making Soap and Candle: A soap or candle made with a fragrant essence can create a pleasant atmosphere in your room. With recipes you can find on the Internet, you can improve your functionality.

12) Painting Objects: You can make a cabinet or table that you don’t like the color brand new. In this way, you can both get your favorite colors and experience pleasant moments.

13) Learning a Language: It is now much easier to learn a new language than it used to be. This is one of the positive aspects of the age of technology, where we can access the information we want. With this hobby that improves memory, our general culture level also increases.

14) Cross-stitch Knitting: This technique, which has become a very popular knitting type recently, can be good for your boredom. It is also an ideal choice to decorate a corner of your home.

15) Watching the Birds: Opening your window and watching the birds can be a small part of meditation.

16) Hula Hoop: If you want both hobby and sport together, our recommendation is hula hoop. With this exercise, which will also be beneficial for your abdominal muscles, your coordination will also improve.

17) Playing Chess: Chess is the choice of those who want an exciting activity. As it increases mental skills, it also positively affects focus.

18) Buying Dominoes: This imagination-boosting game is a minimal but enjoyable part of the fun. You can explore dominoes to add a nice nuance to your time.

19) Singing: Accompany yourself as soon as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music. Singing helps release endorphins and oxytocin.

20) Toy Making: This nostalgic hobby, which you can return to your childhood, is also quite fun. You can make a cute toy with the DIY videos you can find on the internet.

21) Repairing: Learn how to repair your broken home appliances. In this way, suitable conditions are created both to save money and to strengthen your technical knowledge.

22) Creating Your Own Music: If you don’t know how to play any musical instrument, don’t think you’re out of luck. You can take many courses with a free trial version from platforms such as Ableton, Logic, Lubase.

23) Podcasting: If you want to express your ideas, start podcasting. You can gather the people you love together and find an interesting concept and increase your followers over time.

24) Coloring Mandala: One of the hobbies that relaxes the mind is to paint a mandala. Mandala is a great option to relieve your stress. It is possible to calm your mind by diving into fine details while painting the drawing.

25) Making Pickles: We know that preparing a probiotic food at home is more beneficial for health. With pickle making, which is a pleasurable occupation, you can reap the rewards of your hard work.

Moreover, you have a wide choice up to fruit. If you wish, you can make pickles with strawberries, quince or even tangerines.

26) Getting Started with Origami: Being a part of Japanese culture, origami helps solve your focusing problems. With each piece of paper you fold, your dexterity increases.

It helps you to focus your attention on a certain point. Try giving origami a chance for a clearer mind.

27) Playing the Harmonica : If you find the guitar a bit of a cliché, you can include various alternatives. The harmonica can be an ideal option for you to differentiate yourself from those around you.

You can learn how to play by taking lessons from online videos. Thus, you are likely to see that there are no obstacles for you to have fun at home.

Useful Hobbies Against Stress to Do Outdoors


1) Walking: Walking is one of the best activities for your body while spending time in nature among your hobbies. Walking releases serotonin and we feel better. It balances our mind and positively affects our health. If you find a track or a walking path where you can be intertwined with nature, do not miss the opportunity.

2) Camping: Stepping on the ground always makes you feel more refreshed. Enjoy a nice rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city with the people you love.

3) Cycling : You can also ride a bike in the gym, but it may not replace the open air. By cycling, you can work many muscles in your body and maintain your weight.

4) Gardening: If you have a garden, start growing your favorite flowers. It will create a beautiful image and strengthen your sense of belonging.

5) Running: By running, we both develop our leg muscles and burn fat. In addition to these, it also helps us to relieve stress. If you’re just starting out, your run may be limited to short distances. When you make it a routine, you may find that this time is longer.

6) Parachuting: Although it may seem scary, another activity that you will enjoy in the company of an expert: skydiving. You can experience exciting moments with reliable equipment and suitable weather conditions. Enjoy watching the scenery from a bird’s eye view with this experience that will sweep you off your feet.

7) Participating in Marathons: You don’t have to be athletic for this. You feel a healthy sense of competition in marathon runs. At the same time, we can say that it is a logical method to increase your self-confidence.

8) Trekking: We agree that it is a challenging experience. You also have the opportunity to experience this adventure more easily, depending on the climbing area you choose.

9) Scuba Diving: This is one of the great ways to integrate with the sea. First of all, you have to be very careful as it is a sport open to dangers. Make sure that everything goes well in your diving attempt, which you should not go out without an instructor.

10) Bungee Jumping: An activity that some of us dread and some of us find fun. If you like adrenaline, you can set out for a safe jump.

Since it is an extreme workout, do not forget to tell the professional team about your physical illnesses.

Hobbies Contributing to Personal Development


1) Reading Books: Books are a great tool to see your point of view through someone else’s eyes. As you read, your vocabulary will also improve and you will express yourself better.

2) Sculpting: If you don’t think you have a talent for sculpting, don’t despair. You can even make small figures with the clay you supply. As you try, you will realize that your power of observation increases.

3) Meeting New People: We get the opportunity to discover other worlds by getting to know new people. We benefit from the experiences of other people to look at life from a wider perspective. When we see each individual as a story, we broaden our vision.

4) Enrolling in Martial Arts: You can feel safe with martial arts that aim at self-defense as well. Sign up for a combat sport that you find suitable for this hobby that will make your self-confidence shine.

5) Philosophy: Philosophy readings or philosophical discussions contribute to your personal development. Choose your friend to brainstorm with, start chatting on a topic you have determined.

6) Doing Breathing Exercises: Among the hobbies, it is one of the best for the body. One of the most neglected aspects of feeling good is the breathing technique. When we inhale the air with proper breathing, we allow our minds to find peace. Our breathing, which affects our mood, is open to learning. We can make this a routine by correcting our breathing technique. Thus, we take the first step of a hobby that we will renew afterwards.

7) Acting: There is no doubt that acting requires talent. Even if you don’t see yourself as a stage person, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t act. You can observe that this experience, which will increase your creativity and improvisation ability, also increases your power of expression.

8) Psychology Readings: Psychological information helps you better understand yourself and your environment. You can go deep into human nature with this hobby, which will also improve your empathy skills. If you want to start with a reliable source, it is recommended to start with books rather than the internet.

9) Visiting Exhibitions: Exhibitions have a great role in personal development. Over time, your ability to interpret will increase and your general culture will be enriched. Examining the concept beforehand will help you retain the information in your memory.

10) Reading a Dictionary: Although it is a little nostalgic option, it can give you a lot. It helps you gain the habit of reading books and expands your vocabulary. A small dictionary that you can keep at hand also strengthens your power of expression.

11) Taking Photos: If you want to call your muses, you can try taking photos. With this hobby, where you will keep your happy moments, you can gain a different perspective in every frame.

12) Watching Art Movies: You can choose art movies to raise your awareness to a higher level. Watching the natural flow of life allows you to be closer to reality.

13) Reading Personal Development Books : Books about personal development often get a bad rap. To make an efficient choice, you can start with an author whose pen you like.

14) Volunteering: One of the best choices among hobbies is to volunteer. You may want to volunteer at a nonprofit you trust. Helping strengthens your connection with life.

First of all, choosing goodness prepares a favorable environment for a more hopeful future. In this way, you will take the first steps on the way to reach inner peace.

You can support a needy person without any organization. The invaluable peace of mind that unconditionally lends a hand can be the best hobby.

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