Erlik Han: God of Evil in Turkish Mythology

22 September 2021


erlik han

Erlik Han He is the god of evil in Turkish and Altaic mythology. He is the ruler of the underground, dead spirit world. The word “erlik” is a modified form of the word “erklig” meaning mighty. According to the Altaians, it means strong and strong.

Erlik Han in Turkish mythology is the son of Kara Han, the nephew of Yer Tengri and the grandson of Kayra Han. It lives underground and illuminates the underworld with the dark light of the sun-like thing it creates. Erlik Han has an underground palace made of iron and clay. It has a silver throne at its door.

Erlik has nine sons and nine daughters. The Nine sons, known as the Black Boys, are, together with their names, as follows: Kömür Han, Badış Han, Yabaş Han, Temir Han, Uçar Han, Kerey Han, Karaş Han, Matır Han and Şingay Han. Erlik Han’s daughters are known as Black Girls, and they seduce cams during their ceremonies, causing them to fail. Erlik’s daughter is known as Ana Kiştey and Erke Solton.

Depiction of Erlik Khan in Mythology:

erlik hanın tasviri

In Turkish myths and Mongolized tales, Erklik is depicted as riding a black bull. In the folk songs of the Altays, call (i.e. wine) is called the drink of Erlik. He helped the mythological god Ülgen in the creation of the world. However, he kept some of the land in his mouth with the desire to create a place of his own during his mission to excavate. As Ülgen said “Ettim Pyuttı” to create the land over the endless waters, the inside of Erlik’s mouth became incontinent and it is believed that the landforms on the world were formed like this.


Erlik Han is ignorant and destructive; It is against peace, order and peace. He lives in eternal darkness. In Altai shamanship, he comes as the head of the underground spirits. It is believed that it brings diseases and disasters to humans and animals. He takes the souls that do not sacrifice to him underground and makes him his slave. These spirits are called “körmös”. All evil spirits are under his control.

Erlik is compared to a terrible old man in the depictions. He has black eyes and eyebrows, and a beard that grows to his knees. His hair is black and curly. Erlik Han’s chin is like a hammer, his horns are like tree roots, and different monsters emerge from his body. Throws the mount on black.

türk mitolojisi

For Erlik Khan in a Shaman prayer:

“The black steed he rides is not made of black beaver skin, a belt does not reach his waist. Eyelid span, black mustache, black beard. The bucket is made by the person’s chest, the chalice is by the withered skull, the sword is by green iron, the shoulder blades are by flat iron, the bridle is by black silk, the whip is by the black cohosh…”

Evil spirits, led by Erlik, bring all kinds of evil to people. It is thought that the god Erlik, the god of evil, was created by Ülgen and lives in a place above hell.

The narratives about Erlik generally belong to the creation of the world and the creation of the first man. Ülgen and Maydere, who are waiting to give their soul to people, give the task of protecting people in this process to Erlik Han, and Erlik Han deceives people with their promises and blows the soul into him. When the work of giving soul to people was carried out by Erlik Han, Ülgen first thought of destroying people, thinking that people were contaminated. However, he did not.

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