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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the pioneers of the romanticism movement in American literature and one of the first short story writers with his words and writings. Edgar Allan Poe also played an important role in the development of the detective novel genre. It is mostly famous for gothic, mystery and macabre stories. Edgar Allan Poe, who is considered one of the most important names in literature, has become one of the writers who left traces far beyond his time with his words. The Edgar Allan Poe words we have compiled are with you…

Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

Edgar Allan Poe quotes

“Believe only half of what you see, none of what you hear.”

“The scariest monsters are those that lurk in our souls.”

“Every great achievement the world has ever seen was first a dream. The biggest plane tree was a seed, the biggest bird was hidden in an egg.”

“I am more frightened by the consequences that will occur in the future, rather than the events themselves.”

“To be happy up to a point, you have to have suffered up to that point.”

“Those who dream all day are aware of what only those who dream in their sleep can miss.”

“The four conditions of happiness: living in the open air, loving someone, avoiding all kinds of passion, producing.”

“A lie travels the world while the truth is still putting on its boots.”

“Is it a dream within a dream, all we see and appear?”

“Think of that moment when you are just about to fall asleep. That last moment when you’re half awake before you’re fully immersed. Before you surrender to sleep, on that last line, you have strange dreams. But if you sleep at that time, you forget all these dreams. Here I am, crossing that last line, waking up and catching the strange dreams I had there. Some of my writings are these dreams anyway!”

“It occurred to me that a great poem must have a purpose. I asked myself what could be the universal pain that most upsets humanity? My answer was “death.”

“Dreamers are aware of many things that only night-dreamers miss.”

“Longing is bothering me, is there a cure for your love problem? … at that moment the raven voiced, he replied, ‘Never!’ said.”

“I was not like others since childhood, I did not see as others saw. I did not take my passions from a common spring, I did not take my sorrow from the same source. I couldn’t wake my heart in the same voice when I loved And everything I loved I loved alone.

Edgar Allan Poe quotes

“Even the most indifferent people have sensitive spots. There are things that even completely lost souls who make fun of life and death cannot make fun of.”

“A misplaced depth confuses thought, weakens it; Even the Shepherd’s Star can vanish from the sky if you look at one point with a constant, straight attention.”

“I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment.”

“Happiness is not in the knowledge itself, but in the process of acquiring knowledge.”

“It is a hallmark of the perversion of human nature to reject the obvious and present and prefer the far and uncertain.”

“They made the nasty but frequent mistake of confusing the unconventional with the incomprehensible. However, it is these unconventional things that help the thought move towards the truth.”

“Truth requires precision, passion is simplicity. Those who are truly passionate will understand me.”

“While the realities of the world seemed to me like dreams, and only dreams, the crazy ideas of the dreamland, on the other hand, became this very existence, not the food of my everyday existence.”

“The selfless and selfless love of animals pierces the heart of the person who has experienced the worthless friendship and threadbare fidelity of the human being.”

“He would see one or two points very clearly, but he would miss the whole in order to get it. It went too deep. The truth is not always at the bottom of a well.”

“It seemed so obvious that it was unique that it seemed disrespectful to question where that uniqueness came from.”

“The past is a pebble left in my shoe.”

“Then,” I muttered as I turned away, how sometimes reality can be stranger than imagination.

“The best way not to be seen is not to hide.”

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