In touristic countries, people are exploiting animals for tourism without thinking, illegally. They forget that animals that have emotions also have alive. They often have not reached the food and water in the sizzling hot because of negligence. They do not care about the feelings of animals although they care about other people’s feelings. Furthermore, a lot of wild animals die in tight cramps that are held in illegal ways. This wildlife sector brings together many same diseases. People who are cruel do so only because of pretentiousness. they even share it in many social media accounts so that other people can also know about it. One of the most important solutions to this problem is to make people conscious. 

      One of the solutions to this problem is giving information about it. Even people who use animals for pleasure are enlightened. People should stop animals breeding with a presentation, a symposium or different ways.
     Another solution to this problem is stopping the exploitation of animals for tourism and animal breeding. Around the world animals trapped must be free and left to their homes, which are their homes. The animals forced to be imprisoned must be free and left to their home, nature.
     The last solution is to enact laws to stop the animal abuse of animals in the zoo by the government. Unfortunately, even if such laws are enforced, people who persecute many animals do not care about the laws and continue to do the same things for tourism. Moreover, they are trying to defend it under different names.
      This world does not belong to us alone. We share the universe we live in with animals at the same time. People are always thinking about their interests and damaging animals for their own sake. People have to be conscious first. This can be said to be the most important solution. Although some, if not all, of them, can stop abusing animals in this way. In spite of the fact that it is an effective solution, all solutions must be applied together. If all solutions are applied together, more effective and faster results are obtained. İf both government laws are enacted and people become conscious, and at the same time, if people stop behaving badly towards animals, the problem will be resolved more effectively. İn a nutshell, wild animals are alive and they have emotions, at the same time they are important for natural balance. So people should prevent the persecution of animals.
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