Desalination, which is widely used to get water, makes our life easier. It is clearly said that desalination is a process of removing salt from seawater to make it convenient for human consumption and industrial use. According to Hitachi Zoosen, there are many plants to apply the system, due to usefulness. Due to the fact that electrical energy is used for this process, these plants require electrical energy. Moreover, The Pacific Institute specified that 44% of typical costs for desalination plants is electrical energy. The Business Dictionary argues that one of the most frequently used desalination methods is reverse osmosis that works with the principle of a filter with small openings which allows to water to pass. There are a number of stages, which are outlined below to follow in removing salt from seawater. It is not difficult to get drinkable water if the process of seawater desalination which starts with from releasing seawater, ends with reaching to the consumers is followed correctly.

Firstly, seawater is released into the intake system in which water flows particles from seawater. Seawater is then filtered to take away finer particles as waste products move through waste outlet pipes. At the next stage, filtered water passes through reverse osmosis membranes that doesn’t allow salt molecules to pass through it while averting salts. Finally, water treatment is applied to meet health regulations and potable water is pumped to consumers in order to use water in the tap. In addition to this, Arab Water Sources argues that there is an attempt to make the desalination process less energy compact and eco-friendly. That means we should also regulate.

The steps outlined above require efficacious and consummate implementation for the removal of salt from seawater. Desalination which is a process to get potable water is a kind of water supply systems. The Ecologist expressions that the waste product from the desalination process especially brine process includes salt too much and as a consequence marine life is killed. For this reason, waste products should be controlled in order to prevent damages.
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