Zombie TV Shows: 20 Zombie TV Shows You’ll Watch in One Breath


Zombie TV series are loved and watched all over the world. The zombie theme, which offers fantastic and suspense-filled worlds to the audience, is handled in different ways with new series every year. Zombie TV series , which are sometimes treated with horror, sometimes with drama, and sometimes with comedy, can achieve great success around the world. We have listed the unforgettable zombie series that have handled the zombie theme in the best way for you, according to their IMDb scores. Have fun watching!

1) Reality Z (2020- ) | IMDb: 5.4

We start our list of zombie series with the Reality Z series. Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, is invaded by zombies. Meanwhile, a group of people are in the studio for the television show Olympos. Other dangers await the group, which is trapped in the studio due to the zombie invasion. Ana Hartmann and Emilio de Mello star in the Brazilian series, which aired on Netflix.

2) Van Helsing (2016-2021) | IMDb: 6.2

Vanessa Helsing dreams of how the world will end one day. At first, he doesn’t give much meaning to his dream. But the situation changes when what they see begins to happen one by one. Vanessa Helsing is the only person who can stop the vampires who are preparing to invade the world, because of her superior powers from her blood. The US-made series began airing on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2016. Kelly Overton and Jonathan Scarfe took the lead roles in the series.

3) The Rain (2018-2020) | IMDb: 6.3

Much of Scandinavia is wiped out by a rain-borne virus. Two Danish brothers managed to survive by taking shelter in a cave. Two brothers leave the cave after 6 years to find their father, who is a scientist. On their journey, they also meet other people who managed to survive the great destruction. But the world is no longer as they left it. Alba August, Sonny Lindberg and Johannes Kuhnke star in the Danish drama written by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen and Christian Potalivo.

4) Black Summer (2019- ) | IMDb: 6.5

#4 of our zombie series list. It’s Black Summer during. During the zombie invasion, a mother and her little daughter start to run away, hiding from everyone. On his journey to protect his daughter from zombies, he encounters a small group of refugees. Then he will have to make drastic decisions. Karl Schaefer, creator of Black Summer. The cast of the series includes names such as Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary and Kelsey Flower.

5) Z Nation (2014-2018) | IMDb: 6.7

The virus, which spreads rapidly throughout the country, turns people into zombies. A group of people are trying to escape from this virus. They realize that one of them is not affected by the virus. Now their only hope is to develop a vaccine against the virus using the unaffected person. The cast of the series includes names such as Keith Allan, Kellita Smith, Anastasia Baranova.

6) Helix (2014-2015) | IMDb: 6.8

6 of our zombie series list. Helix is about a group of scientists doing research in the Arctic. An epidemic occurs at the research facility where scientists work. They begin to fight the virus that could destroy all humanity if it spreads to the world. The creator of the 2-season series is Ronald D. Moore, who is also the creator of the hit series Battlestar Galactica. The cast includes Billy Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky and Matt Long.

7) Fear The Walking Dead (2015- ) | IMDb: 6.9

Fear The Walking Dead emerged as a spin-off of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series. Set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, the series is about the struggle of people in another state against the zombie virus that has spread to the world. Starring Lennie James, Alicia Debnem Carey and Maggie Grace.

8) Zombie Detective (2020) | IMDb: 7.3

The South Korean drama tells the story of a private detective who becomes a zombie. He imitates the behavior of people in a village in order to live among people without revealing that he is a zombie. After correcting his speech and gait, he comes to the city and opens his own office as a private detective. The cast of the one-season drama includes Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Ju-hyun, and Kim Yohan.

9) Glitch (2015-2019) | IMDb: 7.3

9 of our zombie series list. during the Australian series Glitch. In a small town, 7 people who died at different times rise from their graves as if they had never died. A policeman and a doctor are faced with a great mystery over this unexplained situation. The cast of the series, which was created by Tony Ayres, includes names such as Patrick Brammal, Emma Booth, Genevieve O’Reilly.

10) The Last Ship (2014-2018) | IMDb: 7.5

A ship belonging to an American military crew goes to the poles for a 4-month mission. The crew and captain, who initially thought that the task was a study of birds, later realized that this was not the truth. During their tenure, a virus destroyed eighty percent of the world. Their mission is to stop the epidemic by finding the first form of the virus in the poles. The series is produced by Michael Bay and stars Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin.

11) Dead Set (2008) | IMDb: 7.6

A group of people are in a Big Brother contest inside a house. While they were in the competition, the zombie virus swept the whole world. Everyone has turned into zombies except themselves. However, those in the competition house are not aware of this. Warren Brown, Shelley Conn and Adam Deacon are among the cast of the series.

12) Bite Me (2010-2012) | IMDb: 7.7

The zombie disaster has swept the world. Three players, who find themselves in the middle of disaster, try to survive by fighting zombies. They will do their best to save the world. Yousef Abu-Taleb, Ryan Welsh and Justin Giddings are in the lead roles in Bite Me, one of the zombie series that has been left on the coast.

13) Death Valley (2011) | IMDb: 7.8

The San Fernando Valley has been taken over by zombies, werewolves, vampires and other evil creatures. To combat them, humans form the Immortal Mission Team. Although the series lasted only one season, it was highly appreciated. The cast includes names such as Bryan Callen, Charlie Sanders and Bryce Johnson.

14) iZombie (2015-2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Liv is a medical student who has turned into a zombie. He gets a job in forensics, giving his food access to brains. In this way, he will be able to protect his humanity. However, Liv realizes that the memories of the owners of the brains she ate are swirling inside her head. By turning this into an advantage, he begins to help solve unsolved murder cases. The series stars Rose Mclver, Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli.

15) Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Living and living a good life in Los Angeles, Joel and Sheila are the best real estate agents in their area. One day, Sheila begins to eat nothing but human meat after contracting the virus. After this incident, Joel and Sheila will have a completely different life. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant share the lead roles in the Santa Clarita Diet series, which tells the zombie story with comedy.

16) In The Flesh (2013-2014) | IMDb: 8.0

In The Flesh focuses on 4 years after a suppressed zombie invasion. During the invasion, volunteers killed or imprisoned the vast majority of zombies. Some zombies were able to be restored to their former state thanks to the cure found. Kieren Walker, one of the returnees, returns to his family 4 years after his death. But no one expected to see him. The series stars Luke Newberry in the lead role.

17) The Returned (2012-2015) | IMDb: 8.1

The 17th of our zombie series list. Meanwhile, there’s The Returned, based on the French-made Les Revenants. Relatives of people in a small town who died years ago mysteriously come back to life. The lives of the people in the town turn upside down when people who are not even aware that they are dead return. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sophie Lowe, and Kevin Alejandro.

18) The Walking Dead (2010- ) | IMDb: 8.2

The Walking Dead is one of the first TV series that comes to mind when it comes to the zombie series. The series, which has locked its audience on the screen for a long time, has already become a legend, although it has not made the final yet. In the series, which is adapted from the comic book series, zombies that can only be killed by shooting are all over the place. People bitten by zombies also turn into zombies. A group of survivors fight the zombies together. The series stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen and Jon Bernthal.

19) Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015-2018) | IMDb: 8.4

Ash Williams tries to escape from his past in the series adapted from the motion picture. Although he tries to live out of sight in a trailer, the devil follows him. Ash Williams, who managed to escape for 30 years, faces evil again when he least expects it. Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago and Dana De Lorenzo star in the 3-season series.

20) Kingdom (2019- ) | IMDb: 8.4

At the end of our zombie series list, there is the South Korean series Kingdom. A kingdom in Korea is struggling with poverty and hunger. However, over time it becomes clear that this is not the only problem. A zombie virus is rapidly spreading across the entire kingdom. The prince must contend with the zombie virus that has taken over most of his dynasty. The critically acclaimed drama stars Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Kim Sung-kyu.

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